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Earth-0228 is an alternate timeline created by me as an alternate future from that of Earth-TRN064.


In a world where Bastion succeeded in killing Charles Xavier, nothing has been the same since.

Magneto avenged his long-time friend and rival, tearing Bastion apart from the inside out. But in the aftermath of the conflict, the mansion was left destroyed in the wake of the conflict and Magneto disappeared once the smoke cleared. Leaving a void in the X-men and Brotherhood, both teams found themselves falling apart aside from a few members maintaining their respective dreams.The Brotherhood all but moved to the underground, bidding their time while the X-men moved to the West Coast, settling in San Francisco. But, the repercussions of the trouble caused by Bastion sent waves across the world long after his death.

Anti-mutant sentiment continues to plague the world, perhaps on a greater scale than ever before. Groups have popped up to oppose the support of mutant sympathy, most prominently the Purifiers who have gained strength in numbers and power along with increasingly more advanced technology. Their sights have turned towards San Francisco as of late to the growing numbers of mutants taking sanctuary here due to a recent pact made between the X-men and MRD, making skirmishes between the two sides quite common place.

With tensions rising, San Francisco has become the next ground zero for the future of mutant and human relations. And this future may be put on the shoulders of the next generation...




  • Cameron Hodge
  • John Sublime
  • "The Benefactor"
  • Purifier Members
    • Grunts
    • Enforcers
      • Joseph Luca
    • Cleansers
    • U-Men
      • Naeda Petrakis
      • Kade Kilgore
      • Tanya Trask


  • Luis Reyes (MRD)
  • Eve Luca-Trask


  • Universe is inspired by the game X-Men Destiny, with a similar setting and premise but planned to have a different approach to its plot.
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