Official Reality Number: Earth-004

Aliases: Destroyed Reality, Black Void

Status: Existing


During WWII, Japan launched an attack on Hong Kong, Guam, Manila and Singapore. However, very few survived. They warned America but before they could finish the warning, they were killed by assassins. America then heard part of the warning and launched an attack on Japan before they could attack Pearl harbor.

Stephen Strange learned more powerful spells and after the Ancient One died, Stephen became the new Ancient One. He taught multiple students but only some of them became stronger than him.

When the Marquis of Death Attacked, he basically turned the universe into multiple singularities and black holes.


Formerly: Anthony Stark (Iron Destroyer), Stephen Strange (Ancient One), Peter Benjamin parker (Dark Arachnid), Neleozu Helmes, Natasha Romanova (Agent 1-13), Bruce Banner (Brawn), Clea, Dormammu, Umar, Celia, etc.

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