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Storm Panther

Real Name
Dumisani T'Challa Munroe
Current Alias
Storm Panther

Little Panther, Storm God, Panther Prince



Young Avengers, New Avengers Squad; Wakanda

T'Challa (Father), Ororo Munroe (Mother), T'Chaka (Grandfather, deceased), Shuri (Paternal Aunt), Munroe Family Tree


Base Of Operations
Avengers Academy, Los Angeles, California; Formerly Wakanda





Unusual Features
Eyes turn a bioluminescent white when using powers, eyes feline-like, slightly pointed ears, Vibranium tribal tattoos


Marital Status

Prince, Warrior, Superhero

High School, some college level

Mutant with enhanced physiology granted to him by the Panther Goddess

Place of Birth


First appearance




Dumisani was born to T'Challa and Ororo Munroe, making him the prince and heir to Wakanda and giving him the potential to become the next Black Panther. As the prince of Wakanda, Dumisani was raised here his entire life following the time his parents both retired from their heroic careers but still retained contact with their old friends and allies. From a young age though Dumisani was taught that the world was not entirely full of wickedness and evil, that outside their technologically advanced city there were others like them full of a warrior's spirit and determination to protect what they loved. Thus, he grew up on the stories of his parents and their exploits often involving the Avengers and the X-men.

From a young age Dumisani already had his heart set on someday going beyond Wakanda and continuing his father's understanding of the ever changing outside world. But as the son of royalty he never had much time to dwell on the goal as he was soon immersed in preparing for the day he would have to take the throne beginning at a very young age. He was taught their extensive history, his duties as the prince and future king, old and new traditions, and also began training in Wakanda's many fighting techniques. Serving as his tutor and instructor, Shuri made it her goal to ensure Dumisani was well informed and well trained, often serving as his secondary mentor when his father or mother could not when their own duties had them busy running Wakanda. But, his parents did not neglect to be part of their son's life as it was T'Challa who taught Dumisani most about the Black Panther and his mother introducing him to the Kenyan culture of her village she once lived and still visited.

Not much to surprise to anyone either Dumisani also showed to be an incredibly quick learner, showing his father's genius-level intellect early on and made use of it to study what books Wakanda had available and learning the technology of Wakanda mostly on his own. Yet, like most children Dumisani became curious to some things, and at the age of ten he made use of his training in stealth to sneak into the chamber of the Black Panther. But once he did he was quickly noticed by Bastet, the goddess taking an interest in the young Prince and without warning she directed some of her power from T'Challa into the prince and gave him an additional power to him to the point his physical appearance changed to more feline-like.

Unfortunately, the power overwhelmed the young prince's body and sent him into an indefinite coma following the incident and also triggered his x-gene. Unfortunately, after he was found, Dumisani was put to rest in his room where he remained for the next three years until he suddenly awoke at his own accord without explanation or reason. But awaking so suddenly triggered him to let off bolts of lightning and required his mother to help him calm down, which more so when he figured out what had happened after he snuck into the chamber. Though it became clear that Dumisani's destiny lied in becoming the next Black Panther he still faced punishment for the incident by his father while on a personal level Dumisani was left with greater determination than ever to pick up where he had left off.

Leaving Home

Within three years time, Dumisani was able to make up for the lost time and then some with his training and teachings. He made use of his greater-than-normal knowledge to better familiarize himself with Wakanda's technology, learning to hack, and elevating his skills in fighting. When he was sixteen, he got the news from his parents of the new Avengers Academy fixing to open, something that peaked his curiosity and something he spoke with them about. Though his aunt was yet again against the notion of one of their family leaving Wakanda, Dumisani himself insisted on being a representative of his country and the Black Panther.

After being given the blessing from his parents, Dumisani left Wakanda for Los Angeles, California and arrived to the academy already enrolled. From that first day Dumisani has decided to take a mantle for both his parents as Storm Panther to honor both of his parents and due to the nature of his abilities.

Powers and Abilities


  • Panther Physiology:Due to his father's connection to the Panther Goddess and now himself, Dumisani has been granted physiology equal to that of a true black panther. Many of those attributes include the following:
    • Superhuman Strength:Dumisani has strength far beyond the natural human limits, especially in the legs that allows him to jump at great heights. So far, he has shown to be able to lift 1 ton even.
    • Superhuman Stamina:Dumisani can last for far longer then the finest human athlete, being able to last for several hours at a time before fatigue toxins build up in his body and begin to hinder him.
    • Superhuman Agility:Dumisani's balance, coordination, and reflexes are beyond the levels of the finest human athlete. This allows him to react far more quickly and perform feats most humans would take years to do with training. Many have stated his agility is equal to that of a cat.
    • Superhuman Endurance:Dumisani can go far longer then most humans without food, water, or rest, and he has said himself he likely could hold his breathe for long periods of time before he would risk passing out.
    • Superhuman Durability:Dumisani's body can take much more impact force and punishment then most humans, his body's bone and tissue being denser and stronger then normal. He can take several blows without gaining any bruises and could easily survive a fall from some of the tallest trees in Wakanda without breaking bones.
    • Superhuman Speed:Dumisani can move at speeds faster then the average human, being able to move at little over 40 miles per hour on two feet and sometimes on all fours 50 mph.
    • Keen Senses:His senses are so acute that he can hear and smell things from little over 2 mils away, even being able to smell the faintest of scents if they are only a few days old. His taste is also acute enough the could taste the many different ingredients in a certain dish or taste the change in them, and also to help "taste" a scent. His touch is also sensitive enough he can feel the slightest change in wind and or the many different textures in a structure or object. He can also see with greater clarity then a normal human, noticing even the smallest of things and also being able to see clearly in the dark.
    • Accelerated Healing:Dumisani's healing is faster then a normal human's but not exactly regenerative. His healing cells work faster to the point minor wounds take hours to heal and broken bones can take a short few weeks compared to months it would need for normal healing rates.
    • Sixth Sense:Dumisani has that kind of "sixth sense" that seems to allow him to sense the change in the atmosphere or area around him. It is also used to alert him of danger,normally which is on a subconscious reaction when something feels off.
  • Electrokinesis:A power inherited from his mother, Dumisani can control all forms of lightning and electricity, enabling him to perform many feats. He can even store them in his body or generate it from his own psychic control. It has been stated by Dumisani, his aunt Shuri, and many of Wakanda that he is nearly as powerful as his mother in using this power, which is deeply affected by his emotional state or he can easily overcharge his body. Thus he was given vibranium tattoos as a way to help further be a medium for his power which the properties of the vibranium help regulate these energies.
    • Concussive Blasts:Dumisani can concentrate lightning into destructive blasts that resemble balls or orbs of lightning or a concentrated beam. These are strong enough to go through most materials, even weak metals and a steel sheet.
      • Lightning Bolts:A more concentrated form of his concussive blasts that resemble lightning bolts one might see streak down from the sky. Usually they are concentrated from his hands but can be sent out from different areas of his body.
    • Lightning Absorption:Dumisani can't only generate his own lightning but can also absorb lightning from storms, electrical surges from electronics, or electrical fields from the air around him and store inside himself for later use.
    • Lightning Constructs:By solidifying the electrical energy of lightning he can create solid constructs for himself. This ranges from creating various weapons, tools, and other things when he needs them.
    • Force Fields:Dumisani can create force fields of electrical energy which can withstand powerful energy and elemental attacks,and to some extent physical projectiles or weaken them. These force fields are created in various shapes and densities, depending upon the situation.
    • Volatile Constructs:Small lightning orbs are created from Dumisani, which are no bigger then pebbles. By throwing them or rolling around the target they let off small explosions that can leave whelts and bruises, and if hit enough stun the enemy.
    • Eletrokinetic Combat:By generating an electrical aura around his body Dumisani can enhance his physical prowess, making his blows harder and his movements faster then they are. It also grants him enhanced jumping capabilities and prevents him from really being touched by physical means, unless someone has insulation and then they get a nasty shock that can render them unconscious or even dead.
    • Electrical Channeling:Not only can Dumisani absorb and store lightning or other electrical abilities but he can also channel this energy and redirect it back to where it came from or into another source. Thus this leaves him immune to just about all electrical-based powers.
    • Lightning Shockwave:When Dumisani's powers get to the point his body cannot handle much more he must release it in a violent wave of electrical discharge, resulting in all that lightning and other sources of electric energy being released at once. This is like an outward wave of lightning shooting out in all directions for about ten feet and can result in almost instant death for those who cannot withstand it.


  • Master Martial Artist:Since a young age Dumisani was trained extensively in armed and unarmed combat, especially those of Wakandan styles and Kenyan styles of fighting. In the long run, he is considered a master combatant despite not really knowing any fighting styles outside of Wakanda and Kenya.
  • Weapon Master: Dumisani is also skilled in the use of bladed and blunt weapons, having been trained to use the Vibranium based weapons of his people and regular conventional weapons.
    • He also has shown some decent skill with firearms.
  • Genius-level Intellect:Much like his father Dumisani has genius-level intellect, showing he is a quick learner and is well into college despite only being 17 in age. He also seems to know quite a bit about various types of technology and has shown some skills as a decent hacker.

Strength level

Dumisani has greater strength then a teenager his age and height who engages in intensive exercise. He can lift little over 1 ton even.


  • Despite his increased prowess thanks to a connection to the Panther Goddess he is still susceptible to facing a serious disease or fatal injury that can kill him.
  • At the moment Dumisani has little control of his Electrokinesis, leading him to have to have Vibranium tattoos in order to help regulate the energy he absorbs and uses.
  • The young prince much prefers close quarters combat as opposed to distance fighting, thus he tends to rely far more on close combat and weapons he can use in this style.



  • Vibranium Microweave Mesh Suit:A suit with vibranium properties allowing him to almost go relatively unharmed by bullets, which when hitting the mesh just fall down after being stopped. It also prevents him from being stabbed except along the seams of the suit and where his body is not covered by it.
  • Anti-Metal Claw Gauntlets:Metal gauntlets made from antarctic vibranium that were made for Dumisani to affect things one a molecular level, allowing him to easily destroy most objects with his razor sharp claws. They are much more durable and visible then his father's claws and also show energy along the underside of the blade to do far more damage.
  • Energy Deflection Shield:On either side of his belt Dumisani can activate mini-shield generators that project a kind of energy shield around his body, allowing him to stop energy- and element-based attacks while giving him some protection from physical harm. He can also expand these shields to cover several other people which is a Phase 2 part of the shield.

Transportation: Wakandan Sky Cycle, SHIELD vehicles
Weapons: Anti-Metal Claw Gauntlets, Vibranium daggers that can be molded into other weapons


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  • Dumisani's name means "Honoroable" or "Thunderous", being a kind of play on his powers.
  • His powers are loosely based on that of Azari from Next Avengers but on a more powerful scale.
  • Dumisani also has a mutation seen in just about all species known as heptachromia.

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