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Real Name
Douglas Rios
Current Alias

Doug X, Rio X




Victor Rios (Warlord, father), Unnamed mother, Juan Rios (grandfather, deceased), Eva Rios (grandmother, deceased), Tyson Rios (Crimson Shadow, uncle), Naomi Collins-Rios (aunt, deceased) Ricardo Rios (Misery, cousin), Elliot Rios (Weapon Omega, cousin)


Base Of Operations






Marital Status

Adventurer, student

High school graduate

Douglas was born a Mutant due to his father's genetic alterations. He inherited his god-like powers from his mother.

Place of Birth

I. Bradley

First appearance



Douglas was born in Asgard to a human father and a mother who was a god of all the earthly beauty. When he was a young boy, he was unaware of his extraordinary gifts until his mother had told him. She had warned him that his father, Warlord, was a shape shifting, spell casting being. He had no real human form since the alterations to his genetic code. Douglas had been living in Asgard to his teen years, this is when he had to fulfill his true purpose as a hero. He had to go down to earth to stop the destruction of it from his father. Warlord was free from the Negative Zone and he was going to take absolute control of earth. Douglas was ready to fight, but couldn't because his powers wouldn't be able to stand against his father's in their developing state. His mother had bestowed upon him a special Asgardian armor that would enhance his powers to their peak so that he can defeat his father. The battle against his father had nearly destroyed the Asgardian armor. The only thing he had left was the Vibranium shield that was a last gift from his mother. When Warlord was going to give his final attack, a concussive explosion beam, to destroy his son, it had backfired. Douglas had used his shield to withstand the blast and in turn it had killed Warlord. That day Douglas had taken an Asgardian oath to use his powers for good and never for evil.
Captain X 001

Early Career

He knew that from know on he would have to keep the world safe from super powered beings like Warlord. He struggled at first to think of a strong super heroic like name. Before he had time to think about this he had his hands full with the Sinister Six. They had destroyed half of New York and had captured Spider-Man in their fortress. Douglas flew down from Asgard to free the fallen hero. At first he had some trouble with the numbers, but managed to hold his own. He had successfully defeated them and set Spider-Man free. Many years later, after defending the world from villains he had come to the name that he shall reside by. Thus Captain X was born. Captain X had a tough upcoming battle at hand. His mother and the other elder gods had warned him that the planet destroyer Galactus was coming to consume earth. This was a task that Captain X couldn't handle by himself. He was told to go and find his cousin Captain Universe for help to fight against the mighty Galactus. Upon Galactus' arrival Captain X and Captain Universe were ready for battle, and they were in for the fight of their lives. The planet destroyer was an admirable opponent. They had managed to catch Galactus off guard and destroyed his machines that fed him energy. Captain Universe was teleported out of the way by Captain X. In order to end Galactus's reign and ensure the safety of every planet in the universe, he sacrificed himself with a blast that had destroyed Galactus and himself.

Resurrection as a God

Asguardian Armour

Many years had passed since the death of Captain X, and the elder gods of Asgard had taken his actions into consideration. Although Captain X was only half a god he would be bestowed with the full class of a god. The elder gods had the power to bring Captain X back and they did. Captain X was no longer a human, but a god among gods. He had earned the right to be called an elder god and he was the new protector of the earth. He would need a new suit that would show his newfound power. In order to make his whereabouts known he had joined the Mighty Avengers. Fighting side by side with his distant cousin Ares, he was ready to protect the Earth. Warlord wasn't killed in the first battle against Captain X, he was only severely wounded by the blast. He had returned and wanted Captain X to die. He knew that he had to bear this burden himself so he told the Mighty Avengers to stand down. In the battle against Warlord they were equally at match, even though he was a full god he still found some difficulty against his father. In the final battle he had beaten back attack after attack from Warlord. He had used his Omega Blast; which he used to defeat Galactus. Now that he was a full god he could withstand the effects so that he wouldn't die from such a blast. He had hit Warlord with a full edge attack from the blast and in a flash Warlord was obliterated. He had set the world free from his father's rule, and his task was complete. Captain X had returned to Asgard to watch over the Earth, so that he would be ready for the next battle to come.

The Great Battle

While in Asgard, Captain X saw that Crimson Shadow and Weapon Omega were fighting Misery. Captain X knew that Warlord and Onslaught were going to help Misery and that Tyson and Elliot would be killed if he didn't intervene. Doug went to Earth and arrived at the same time as Warlord. Crimson Shadow was attacked by Onslaught, Captain X went after Warlord, and Weapon Omega attacked Misery. During the Great Battle, Onslaught created a field of energy that was unstable. Everyone got pulled in and the field imploded on them. Everyone was severely injured and unconscious. Soon after, S.H.I.E.L.D. arrived and took everybody. Doug was taken to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s infirmary. On his way to the helicarrier he awoke and left to return to Asgard.

The Invasion

While watching Earth one day, Doug sensed a disturbance on Asgard as it was about to be invaded. The Invaders were the Kronans, they were on Asgard to get their revenge on Thor. Thor was no longer on Asgard, but the Kronans still had a way of making him pay. They declared war on Asgard. Wave after wave of their men came to Asgard during the battle. Many were being wounded and nearly died until Doug came to their rescue. Captain X managed to hold his own against the invaders, but their forces wouldn't stop coming. Doug feared for the lives of his fellow Asgardians and he knew that he would need more help.

Doug looked to Earth and saw his uncle fighting Apocalypse. He flew to Earth to intervene but when he got their he saw Tyson sacrifice himself. Doug went to where to Tyson landed and he was near death. Doug used his shield to restart Tyson's healing factor. His efforts worked and he picked up Tyson and flew to Asgard. By the time they got back Tyson was fully regenerated. Doug clothed Tyson in some armor and told him about the invasion. Tyson agreed to help and they were off to defend Asgard.

The battle raged on and both sides were not giving up. Tyson and Captain X burst through the enemy defenses, crippling their numbers. Their efforts were useless as the Kronans' numbers continuously increased. Soon enough they overwhelmed the Asgardians and captured Tyson. Captain X moved the Asgardian forces to a safe location so they could have to heal and prepare for another attack. The Asgardians watched as the Kronans closed in. Captain X had to buy the others some time to get ready, so he went to the battlefield alone. As they were closing in, Captain X attacked sending hundreds of them flying into the air. His first priority was to lead the Kronans away from his fellow Asgardians. Captain X stood his ground and the whole army started to pile up against his shield. Then he started to take a few steps forward and he was pushing the entire Kronan army back. They could do nothing to stop this. With one push, Captain X managed to knock back the Kronans for at least two miles. Captain X called for his forces and stood by him and waited for the Kronans to return. They waited, but nothing happened. The Kronans were turning back and leaving the battlefield. The Asgardians could see ships leaving in the sky. Then they saw Tyson coming back with a group of Kronans in his arms. Tyson dropped them at the Asgardians' feet and said that they still wanted to fight. They all thanked Tyson for what he had done and Captain X took him back to New York City. Once Captain X returned he told his forces to do what they pleased and they fought and defeated the Kronan group. The only thing left for Captain X and the Asgardians to do, was to rebuild the destroyed parts of Asgard.

Powers and Abilities


  • Super Strength: Captain X can lift (press) 100 tons
  • Invulnerability: Captain X can withstand extreme temperatures. He is also immune to his father's magic attacks
  • Advanced Longevity: Captain X has retarded aging, so he ages slower than the average human
  • Flight: Captain X can fly at 950 mph


  • Captain X is an expert hand to hand combatant.

Strength level

  • Captain X is capable of lifting (pressing) 100 tons


  • None



  • Asgardian armor


  • None

Weapons: Asgardian Shield:

  • Resurrection: While channeling his power through his shield, Captain X is able to resurrect someone who has died honorably in battle.


  • Captain X is half human and half god


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