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Detroit Steel

Real Name
Doug Jones III
Current Alias
Detroit Steel





Base Of Operations
Avengers Bunker





Marital Status


Place of Birth



Quote1.png This armor's fitted with the latest in military weapons. Oh, my mistake. I make the weapons by myself. I built it from scratch with my own hands, and I know just what to do with this huge-ass hunk of steel. People need protection, and justice. Seems like I'm into that concept. Quote2.png
-- Detroit Steel

Doug Jones III, also known as Detroit Steel, is a superhero donning a large armored suit, fitted with a lot of weapons and advanced technology. Doug's daughter, Virginia, is also a superhero, under the nickname of Rescue. Doug was motivated to become a superhero after witnessing that a lot of people exploit military weapons and technology for their own evil uses. Doug's a genius as well since his childhood, and using his genius-level intellect, built the armor from scratch. At one point, he married a woman and got a daughter named Virginia, who, as said, also becomes a superhero. Doug then defended people from injustice and evil, and the abuse of weapons. Doug found himself in a bigger role after the Director of HATE, Dirk Anger, recruited him into his Avengers program, becoming one of the earliest members of the superhuman team along with his daughter. Along with the Avengers, they became a peace-keeping team and defenders of the world. He first appeared in Avengers: World on Fire Volume 1 Issue 1.

The Spark of Steel

Doug was born in Detroit (hence his superhero name, Detroit Steel) to two parents who had drastically different occupations. His father was a former Coast Guard member, while his mother's a waitress. Since he was a kid, Doug somehow exhibited a genius-level intelligence. He won several science competitions, ranked 1 in most of his education career in schools, and made his first circuit component in grade six. His parents always advised Doug to start a good family, and use his intellect for good. Not just that, Doug's parents also told him stories about his grandfather, who was said to be a legendary WWII fighter, as well as pilot.

During his adulthood, Doug, following his grandfather and father's footsteps, joined the military. However, Doug joined the Navy. Doug quitted the Navy after he met a woman, and married her. The woman's name was kept secret by Doug, as she died in a "tragic way" (later, it's revealed that she died after got crashed by a bullet train due to an incident). The woman however, gave birth to Virginia Jones, who becomes the superhero "Rescue" in the future.

Detroit Steel (and Rescue)

At one point, Doug witnessed something that'll charge his "inner hero". Doug saw a terrorist attack in his town, and he (allegedly) witnessed that they're using "state of the art tech and weapons that the US don't even possess". Remembering his military experience, he knew that things got out of hand in the US as "smugglers may offer terrorist WMDs that can sh*t the hell out of the US". As such, Doug decided to make something to teach terrorist that not only they possess advanced weapons. In secret, Doug made a powered armor (Detroit Steel), taking half-a-year in construction. After the construction's finished, Doug then hit a terrorist hideout "so hard that it turned everything around the area into ashes". After that, Doug's armor became a sensation around the states. But, at that time, his identity wasn't known in the armor. The first person to know his identity is his daughter, Virginia, who deemed her father crazy.

Doug revealed his identity publicly when he's interviewed by journalists, after preventing yet another terrorist attack. While the public didn't really know who's Doug, the Navy did know Doug, as once Doug worked in the Navy. Due to his acts, Doug was given the medal of honor. In the following months, Doug got a sidekick, no other than his daughter, Virginia, donning a lighter armor named "Rescue". Apparently, Doug and his daughter's acts were noticed by Dirk Anger, the Director of HATE. But that's before he thinks of recruiting them to the Avengers.

Avengers: World on Fire

One day, Detroit Steel battled the supervillain, Abomination (who he claimed to be the first supervillain he fought), along with his daughter. After defeating Abomination, Detroit encountered HATE's director, Dirk Anger. He accidentally threw Abomination to Dirk, who in turn, lifted Abomination and threw him "to Scotland", revealing his strength. Due to that, Dirk got angry and caused an earthquake. Detroit calmed him down.

Later that night, Doug and his daughter were invited by Dirk to a dinner. At the dinner, Doug and his daughter were introduced to HATE, Dirk himself, and the "Avengers Initiative". Dirk was told that he and his daughter were chosen to be the first candidates for the Initiative (although in truth, John Walker was the first member). After hearing that, Doug and his daughter said that they must see the conditions first. When the dinner finished, Doug and his daughter returned home while considering Dirk's offer.

Powers and Abilities


Doug possesses no super-human powers. His superhuman powers are derived from his "Detroit Steel" armor.


Doug's an accomplished combatant, inventor, engineer, and a decent marksman.

Strength level

Class 90. With the Detroit Steel armor, Doug's able to lift up to 90 tons.


None known.



  • Detroit Steel Armor: The armor grants him near-invulnerability, superhuman strength and durability. His superhuman strength has

    The armor in flight

    been known to grant him the power to lift up to 90 tons. It's also got built-in weapons, such as a chain gun that has interchangeable ammo setting, between normal rounds and super-heated rounds. The super-heated rounds are known to be very powerful, being said to be able to "pierce solid titanium in seconds". However, the rounds are proven to be useless against the magically-enhanced Cain Marcus (Juggernaut), who takes no damage from the rounds. Detroit Steel armor also got built-in thrusters and self-sustenance systems, as well as a giant chainsaw.

Transportation: The DS armor.
Weapons: The DS armor.


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  • Doug takes the place of Iron Man in Earth-4045's Avengers, compared to the mainstream Iron Man.
    • In the comics, Doug instead was an enemy of Iron Man himself.
  • Doug initially believed that he's unstoppable to "bad guys", as his armor was so strong in his early career times that it's deemed invincible. But then, after his fight with Juggernaut, he knew that his armor's far from the most durable thing on Earth.
Quote1.pngThis huge hunk of steel. I thought that it's gonna be the strongest weapon the military has ever seen. Until that mythical son of a gun appeared.Quote2.png
--Detroit Steel

  • Doug claims that once, during his military-service time, he's obese and nearly got discharged because he's

    Doug's "football helmet"

    "too weak". Currently, Doug possesses an athletic build.
  • During his fight with the Juggernaut, Juggernaut crushed Detroit Steel's armored head, revealing Doug's head, which apparently is outfitted with a "football helmet". Currently, the helmet has no known functionalities other than "hardening Doug's head from blows".
  • Although he's genius in terms of intelligence, he's known to be more combat-oriented in the Avengers than being a scientist or so.
  • The story told by Doug's parents about his grandfather was a reference towards Doug Jones, who, in the mainstream comics, was known as "Jap Buster". In this universe, Doug's grandfather was known as the first Doug Jones, but not with his "Jap Buster" nickname.

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