Quote1This place is pretty swell, huh? Seems like one big happy family.Quote2
--Dottie Underwood

Quote1Return to your room please."
"Is that pistol an automatic? I want that.
--Otto Mink and Dottie Underwood

Quote1Wow, you sounded just like Captain America just now."
"That's no bad thing.
--Dottie Underwood and Peggy Carter

Quote1Russia has been training young women to be undercover operatives.Quote2
--Peggy Carter to Edwin Jarvis

Quote1Miss, for your own safety stand back!"
"Oh gosh mister can you help? I think my friend Peggy must have fainted.
--Daniel Sousa and Dottie Underwood

Quote1Shall we proceed to the next phase?"
"Not yet, it has been in storage for quite some time, we must test it."
"But they know about us now!"
"They will soon be far too busy to concentrate on us."
"Do you think it will work?"
"I have great faith in Mr. Stark's inventions.
--Dottie Underwood and Doctor Faustus

Quote1I used to be so jealous of girls like you. I would have done anything to walk like you, to talk like you. But now... I can be anybody I want.Quote2
--Dottie Underwood to Peggy Carter

Quote1Oh, I've got a great idea! Maybe I'll be an SSR Agent next! What do you think of that?! I thought you'd be better...Quote2
--Dottie Underwood to Peggy Carter

Quote1You don't remember me, do you?"
"Should I?"
"You and I spent a nice weekend together not too long ago...
--Dottie Underwood and Howard Stark

Quote1Though it pains me to say it, Miss Underwood is a phenomenal dancer.Quote2
--Edwin Jarvis

Quote1What are you doing here?"
"Aw, Peggy, I'll always be in your head.
--Peggy Carter and Dottie Underwood in Carter's dream
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