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Real Name
Dimitri Rasputin
Current Alias

Steel Curtain






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Unusual Features
Due to his Mutant powers, Dimitri generally appears larger than other people and has bigger muscle proportions, metallic body.


Marital Status

Adventurer, X-Man, student, artist, technician

High school dropout, extended education after the formation of the X-Mansion and the X-Men via Magneto

A teenage Mutant from Russia who possesses the power to transform his body into a form of metal at the age of 5.



Quote1.png I was an outcast, even before discovering my powers. When I discovered my powers, I felt that the world stopped. I felt empty. Until Erik came, and gave me hope. Now, I believe that my powers can be used for good, and I'm not one of a kind. I'm a Mutant, and I'm proud. Quote2.png
-- Colossus

The Ironclad

Much of Dimitri's past was unknown. However, he was known to arrive in the United States when his parents went there to recover themselves from financial problems. Dimitri was said to be the only child his parents had (although there were some indications that he actually got a sibling). His parents rejoiced at Dimitri's birth. However, unknown to them, like what Arnim Zola said, every human got a hidden "power gene" that can be triggered through great stress/pain. Dimitri was something of what Arnim Zola said. However, he's different. The gene he carried was different, and he was categorized as a "Mutant". And as any Mutants, their genetic powers will appear at random times. In Dimitri's case, when he's 5 years old. While Dimitri was still a baby, his Mutant powers didn't surface. But, at the age of 5, suddenly, the "X-Gene" triggered, at night, when he was crying of "great pain", and when his parents found him, his whole skin was metal. Dimitri was kept secret by his parents, of his powers, and it partially succeeded.

However, Dimitri's powers were discovered when he's 16 years old, in high-school, where suddenly his powers "triggered" unexpectedly when he tried to defend his friend from bullies. That time, he didn't know that it's not a "random power trigger", but the fact that he hasn't controlled his powers quite well yet. With this, the school's principal panicked, and that his theory of "unregulated super-powered beings" roaming around the world (the Avengers are an example of "regulated superhumans"). Stryker quickly expelled Dimitri, and it left Dimitri hopeless. On the other hand, Stryker, using his former genius mind, worked with "an old friend" (Arnim Zola) to decipher what exactly Dimitri is. Because of this, Dimitri was indirectly responsible for the formation of the Sentinels.

Joining the X-Men

Dimitri however, was unexpectedly filled with hope after a man approached him. This man would later be identified as Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto), a fellow but older Mutant. He offered him a place in his "school", where people like him can train their powers. Erik however, was actually "mad" that time, becoming stressed out that he said that "the first guy he found that time was called a Mutant". Fortunately, he was right, and Dimitri was the first person Erik met that day. At first, Dimitri seems startled, and Erik's still mad. However, when Erik saw what Dimitri can do, he became surprised, and recruited him to his school. Dimitri became the first Mutant Magneto recruited into the school, followed by others. Initially, Dimitri's recruitment was followed by "Wasp", then "Whirlwind". But then, other Mutants followed, and were taught how to control their powers, and provided with general schooling by Magneto himself in general subjects. Eventually, Magneto then formed the X-Men, consisting of Dimitri, as well as a "Mutant Justice Team". Dimitri was then codenamed "Colossus".

Powers and Abilities


  • Transformation: Dimitri is a Mutant. His Mutant nature bestows him with the power of transforming his skin into a near-impenetrable type of metal, allowing him to gain superhuman physical attributes. With his metal skin, Dimitri is highly resistant towards various types of damage and can overpower fully grown men. He's also resistant towards extreme temperatures. The type of metal involved in Colossus' Mutant power is still unknown. Although the metal skin makes him heavier, he still retains his mobility, which is why Dimitri sometimes train himself by doing sprints, so he can be both "strong and fast".
    • Superhuman Strength: In metal form, Dimitri possesses superhuman strength. His strength has been noted to be around a 50-ton class, and can be developed even more in the future, as he grows older. He has demonstrated his might by knocking out a large bully in his school, and destroyed his nose with one punch, throwing a tractor with one hand with ease, smashing concrete to pieces, and others. He has been said to be the strongest of Magneto's X-Men.
    • Superhuman Durability: As of his metal skin, Dimitri can survive massive trauma. He's able to survive being shot by .50 caliber bullets, being crashed by a bullet train at high speed with no considerable damage, take claw swipes from the Lizard (which can penetrate steel with ease), and being struck down by other beings with similar strength.
    • Superhuman Stamina: In his metal form, Dimitri's body fatigue toxin production is reduced and he can exert himself in physical activities longer than a normal human. He has been demonstrated this superhuman stamina by running around the X-Mansion for around 6 hours with any signs of fatigue, as Magneto wants to see if he got big stamina that time, as well as speed.


Dimitri's an accomplished combatant, utilizing street fighting and several martial arts to make a full use of his superhuman strength. He's also an accomplished and competent technician, seemingly being able to fix the X-Men's transport, the X-Jet with expertise.

Strength level

Colossus has a strength range between 50-75 tons.


While Dimitri was nigh-unstoppable, physically, in his metal form, if he does not wear his uniform, or in metal form, he will not possess superhuman physical attributes, leaving him vulnerable. His skin, while very durable, is also actually able to be "shattered". Colossus can "heal" the shattered metal skin, but it might take some time.



  • X-Men Uniform: Dimitri wore a special uniform designed by Magneto himself, to give him enhanced strength even if he's not in his metal form. It was noted to be an "exclusive thing" for him, as the other X-Men members got their uniforms from Magneto as well, but theirs did not give them "enhancements". Lizard himself only wore a piece of lab coat.

Transportation: The X-Jet.
Weapons: None known.


Colossus was 17 years old by the time he joined the X-Men.


  • Colossus isn't an atheist in this universe. He was stated to be a Christian.
  • This Colossus' design was based on an alternate universe version of Colossus in the real Marvel Comics multiverse, named "Pavel Rasputin", who came from a timeline where he took the place of "Colossus", and was the grandson of the Piotr Rasputin Colossus.
  • Colossus' siblings were largely unknown. It's questionable if he had "Magik" as his sister like in the mainstream comics' Colossus, or Mikhail Rasputin as his older brother.
  • In the mainstream comics, Colossus usually performed his "fastball special" with Wolverine. However, in this universe, he performs the "fastball special" with either Whirlwind or Lizard.
  • Colossus was the only X-Man who bore the "X" logo on the team. He was the only one to be given such badge because he's the first one to join the X-Men (technically, Magneto's school). Although the other X-Men were later given the "X" badge, albeit as some sort of "removable pins" instead of permanent part of their costumes.
  • Colossus' metal skin was able to be manipulated by Magneto. However, it's only to the extent that he can threw Colossus away with his powers.
  • This version of Colossus was shown to also be a competent technician, not just an artist.

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