Dimensional Projector
Dimensional Projector.jpg
 Official Name Dimensional Projector
 Alias Dimensional Fabricator
Stasis Projector
 Universe Earth-4545454
 Lead Designer Dr. Egghead
 Additional Designers
 Place of Creation
 Place of Destruction
 Current Owner Spider-Man
 Previous Owners Dr. Eggman
First Appearance

The Dimensional Projector (also called the Dimensional Fabricator or the Stasis Projector) is a highly advanced technological tool created by Dr. Egghead. Virtually a multi-purposes tool, it was originally made to interact with the dimensions to enable cross-dimensional travel forming dimensional portals. According to the schematics found by Spider-Man, it's also a fabricator, able to materialized virtually anything if the required materials are obtained. It's also able to project a Stasis Field, a field that virtually halts time within the field.

First created by Dr. Eggheadto use as a cross-dimensional travelling tool in order to gain the dimensional energies to have his Dimensional Accelerator Cannon powered, it backfired after a skirmish with Spider-Man, causing a space-time rift and flinging Spider-Man along with the Projector into a possibly another reality. After Spider-Man entered this new reality, the Projector is critically damaged and currently unusable.

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