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Speed Demon

Real Name
Devin Annable
Current Alias
Speed Demon



X-Men, Champions

Austin Annable (brother), Harley Annable (brother)


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Marital Status

X-Men Trainee

High School


Place of Birth

GammaSenninGokuRocks, Fusedtwilight

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Need for Speed

Devin's parents knew their youngest would grow up to be a speed demon. He was born when his mother suddenly went into labor. With no time to go to the hospital Devin's father had to aid her in delivering him in their home.

When Devin first learned how to walk, his family had their work cut out for them. Devin was always running around, chasing after his brothers or the family pets. When he wasn't doing that, he was climbing furniture or the grandfather clock. He could be a handful, but his family doted on him.

Growing up, Devin felt a strong connection to powered individuals that were super-fast. He especially idolized the mutant Quicksilver. Speed was Devin's passion. He dreamed of one day growing up and becoming the world's fastest man. But fate can often throw us a curveball.

Grounded for Life

At the age of seven, Devin as diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. He was forced to use a wheel chair, and developed a severe speech impediment. This was a hellish fate for someone like him. His family naturally gave him their full support. Whenever he got antsy or too energetic (which was often) his brother Austin would carry him around the house or run outside while Devin rode on his back. His other brother Harley (who was born mute) could understand Devin's pain. And to help him communicate better, he taught him sign language and Morse code.

The next three years were torture for Devin, and every night he would pray to get his legs back. Ironically enough, he would get his wish.

Mutant Brothers

When Devin was ten, both he and his brothers became mutants, though no one would realize Devin's mutation until a little later. His older brother Austin grew to be almost eight feet tall, also gaining superhuman strength and minor healing abilities. Harley developed enhanced senses, grew a bit stronger and developed telekinetic and empathic powers. Devin gave them the names Tank and Sign. Since they didn't develop any noticeable mutations, their parents simply passed Austin's growth off as a hormone deficiency. Devin still loved his brothers, but could not help but feel a little bitter that they got powers and he did not.

When Devin's speech began to improve, the family decided to go to the county fair to celebrate. No one knew it was a result of Devin's mutation activating.

While at the fair, a pair of unsupervised kids were running around and bumped into a man who was throwing knives at one of the booths (admittedly not a smart thing to be doing when surrounded by a crowd). This caused his aim to be severely off, and the knife flew at Devin's father, who was walking back from buying snacks for his family. Acting on instinct, Devin ran forward in a bolt of speed, saving his father from being impaled, and discovered to his shock that he was once more able to walk. The family quickly left to return home, as Texas was not a mutant friendly state and a crowed had gathered during the incident, and the Annable's knew things could turn violent.

When home, Devin explained what happened and proceeded to run inside the house at an impossible speed, causing his brother Harley to use his telekinesis to lift Devin up and kept him from running. Realizing Devin would never be able to keep his mutation a secret, his parents decided to send him to the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters.

Path of a Champion

Although he hated to leave his family, Devin was delighted to join the infamous mutant training school. He loved training to use his powers, but found his academic studies to be just as boring as they were back at his old school.

During his time there, Devin would meet Wayne Tonda, a fellow troublemaker, and the pair soon became best friends and the most diabolical pair of mischief-makers to vex the school and it's faculty. Warren saw potential in Devin and knew he just needed some discipline. So when he asked Devin to join his team (the Champions) Devin could not have said yes fast enough.

Devin enjoyed several missions with his new team, and soon came to see them all as a second family. He loved to brag about them to his family, and they were all happy Devin found people who loved and cared for Devin as much as they did. But had they known what was about to happen, they might have reconsidered sending Devin to the school in the first place.

The Purifiers

No one could have predicted the Purifiers' attack on the school.

The mutant-hating group had been planning for years to attack the X-Men. They waited for the right time to strike, and when they were able to lure the majority of them away they launched a deadly assault that claimed the lives of many of the students. The X-Men trainees managed to beat back their attackers until the rest of the X-Men had arrived. But by then, it was too late and both the mansion and a large chunk of the school were gone.

Devin had been badly wounded; had it not been for Michael healing him he would have died. The loss of many of his friends, coupled with seeing some of his team kill many of the Purifiers, caused Devin to go into a serious depression.

When the X-Men were disbanded the students were sent home, and Devin went back to his family. For the first time since he was ten, Devin did not have a smile on his face.

Growing Up

Back home, Devin discovered his speed had increased exponentially. At first he assumed it was simply his powers growing stronger. But even his new speed couldn't help him get out of his funk. Devin did not keep in much contact with his team. Seeing Michael, Rickard and Jacob kill bothered Devin a great deal. He didn't think it was possible to be a hero and a killer at the same time.

Devin's conflicting emotions caused him to snap when one day he saw an anti-mutant rally in town. They were praising the Purifiers for what they did. They even had pictures of the destroyed mansion and somehow had gotten hold of the pictures of all the mutants who died and were proudly displaying the images of their dead bodies on signs. This caused Devin to snap, and using his speed, he attacked the bigots. Moving too fast to be seen, he brutally beat them. Had it not been for his brothers stopping him, he might have killed someone.

Bringing him back home, the family confronted Devin for his actions and Devin (who was himself shocked at what he did) tearfully apologized and opened up about his feelings and confusion about how to feel about what his friends did.

In the end it was Devin's grandfather (who fought in his share of wars) that was able to help Devin understand that being a hero was like being a soldier. If Devin was going to become like his idols, he needed to understand that sometimes in order to save a life, another must be taken, because sometimes that was the only way to protect the innocent from the bad guys.

When the Annables got the call that the School was being reopened (now on an island called Utopia), Devin rejoined his team. It was during this time Devin discovered that the reason he was so much faster was because when Michael healed him, he also cured Devin of his Cerebral Palsy, which had been keeping him from unlocking his true potential.

Having matured a little, Devin still remains the little brother of the Champions and though he has a long journey ahead of him, he is ready to walk the path of a hero.

Physical Description

Devin is the youngest of his team, he stands at 5'4, just two inches shorter than his teammate Angie. He has blue eyes and black, short cut hair which he always keeps combed. He has a lean build and olive colored skin. He always carries a comb in case his hair gets messy. He is rarely seen without a smile on his face and has already developed dimples around the corners of his mouth.

Powers and Abilities


Devin is a mutant speedster, capable at moving at speeds beyond that any human could hope to achieve.

  • Superspeed: Originally Devin could only run up to 220 miles an hour. But after he was cured by Michael, his speed has since tripled and he is believed to be able to get faster as he gets older.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Devin's physiology grants him more stamina than an ordinary human. He can operate at peak capacity for several hours before he grows tired.
  • Accelerated Healing: Devin can heal from minor injuries far more quickly than a human can, though more severe injuries can take longer.
  • Superhuman Perception: Devin can process information quick enough for him to observe his surroundings when he is running at his peaks. He is capable of watching bullets fly through the air and observe other speedsters when he runs. At first he was able to see Quicksilver run, but when he began running at his top speed Devin had trouble tracking him.
  • Superhuman Durability: Devin's Physiology allows him to withstand the extreme levels of impact and friction when he runs. Though he is not impervious to guns or knives he does not bruise easily.
  • Superhuman Strength: Devin possesses super human strength in both his upper and lower body. His upper body can lift 500 pounds while the lower can lift 1000. Since Devin is still young it is believed his strength will increase with age.


Is capable of understanding American Sign Language and can understand Morse Code.

Strength level



None known.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: X-Jet.
Weapons: None known.


Devin is the proverbial trickster of his team.

He is fun loving and comedic and always provides jokes. He is an expert on pop culture and loves being a hero. Though he tends to be rash and is easily goaded into falling into a trap he is also known to be loyal and fiercely protective of his friends.

Like most speedsters Devin can be rash. He can become bored very easily and can get impatient when things are going slow.

He has a strong tolerance for pain, he continued to fight even after he had been severely beaten and is capable of taking a vast amount of punishment without slowing down.

He has a strong sense of right and wrong and does not believe you can be a hero and a killer.


  • Dove Cameron is his character model.
  • His greatest fear is to have his legs amputated.
  • His favorite color is green followed by black.
  • He loves any action movie.
  • Like most speedsters, Devin must consume a lot of calories so he is often seen eating.
  • He has a crush on his teammate Angie.
  • His best friend is Wayne.
  • He dreams of being an X-Man one day.
  • He is a big fan of Quicksilver, and ironically shares a rivalry with Quicksilver's reincarnated nephew Speed.

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