The King of the symbiotes, Destruction, wanted every power of the symbiotes, so he began absorbing other symbiotes. As punishment, he was imprisoned, but a small piece of him escaped and became Venom.

Attack of the Symbiotes

The symbiote leader, Aether, collected symbiotes to create an unstoppable army. Upon his battle with Spider-Man, Aether pulled Venom, along with all of his own symbiotes into himself, leading to the reincarnation of Destruction moments later. Destruction tried to Absorb Spiderman, but Spiderman was too strong. Realizing what he needed to do, Spiderman shot a line of webbing straight into Destruction's chest. with the web line, he pulled Venom out of Destruction. Both seeing their chances, Spiderman and Destruction both started pulling on the webline, Venom renounced his loyalty, causing Destruction major pain. The pain proved too much, and Destruction dissolved back into the original symbiotes. It was later found that Destruction was in fact a spawn of a Tyrant symbiote known as The Synoptic.

Venom renounces his "Father"

Destruction has eyes, teeth and a tongue just like Venom's. However, the similarities end there: Destruction has a broad, featureless abdomen, large arms, and no lower half (his body ends in a big tail).

Destruction only has two lines in the entire series, which are "I think not" when Venom is freed from him, and "we... will never be gone..." when he dies.

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