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Legacy Bird

Destiny Gold (Earth-7194)
Real Name
Destiny Gold
Current Alias
Legacy Bird




Young Avengers, New Warriors Squad; Formerly Kree Empire

Genis-Vell(Father), Melissa Gold (Mother,Deceased), Captain Marvel (Paternal grandfather, deceased), Elysius (Paternal grandmother), Hulking (Paternal Uncle/Father's half brother), Billy Kaplan (Paternal Uncle by marriage), Mr.Gold (Maternal grandfather, deceased), Mimi Gold (Maternal grandmother, deceased)


Base Of Operations
Avengers Academy, Los Angeles, California; Formerly Hala



Blue, Glow white when using powers

Blonde, Silver streaks

Unusual Features
When using powers skin takes on a similar appearance to that of her father resembling a night sky with stars


Marital Status

Galactic exchange student, hero; Formerly Kree warrior

Has been taught by the Kree and has knowledge in about college level

Eternal/Kree/Human hybrid

Place of Birth
Somewhere on Earth, location unknown


First appearance



Quote1.png Let's see what's better, the Kree Empire or humanity. Quote2.png
-- Destiny Gold


Destiny is a hybrid young woman who is the daughter of Genis-vell and Melissa Gold, also known as Legacy/Captain Marvel and Songbird respectively. Though born on Earth, Melissa died sometime shortly after her birth, from what Destiny has never known but following this happening Genis took his daughter and left to the Kree homeworld of Hala. Unfortunately, due to the drastically different atmosphere Destiny was found to need a specialized breathing apparatus on occasion to keep her oxygen and nitrogen levels even or avoid slowly suffocating as a result.

Due to never being to Earth since her birth, Destiny was integrated into the culture of the Kree at the insistence of her father. Because of this choice, Destiny was trained from a very young age in the Kree Militia, learning various fighting forms and various types of firearms even before she was properly talking. But, her training was completely restricted to the Kree Militia, she also had chances to spend time with her father who told her of his ups and downs in being a hero for the galaxy and Earth, where he also met Songbird. When Destiny did hear of her mother she inquired about what happened to her only once that triggered her father's fury mainly from sorrow, yelling at his daughter to never ask or speak of it again.

Shocked and frightened, Destiny left it alone and instead only asked about Songbird's own life. Through her father, Destiny got a general idea of her mother but was still saddened by the fact she could never truly meet her. Nevertheless, Destiny grew up raised by her father and the Kree, quickly establishing herself as a formidable and loyal soldier. Though she made friends among the rest of the Kree population she sometimes felt out of place as she grew, aware of the talks and stares she got due to looking more human than Kree and often feeling like an outsider among her people. It wasn't helped much when her Stellar Energy Absorption powers began to manifest when she was twelve, causing her father to take over majority of her training.

Soon enough though, Destiny was being sent on missions to protect and serve the Kree Empire, often with her father to better learn the ropes and to know a more diplomatic side of the empire. By the time she reached the age of fifteen, Destiny was given a chance for a solo mission in spying on a Skrull fleet. Though the mission was going well at first, things began to take a drastic turn when she lost a hold of her energy manipulation abilities allowing herself to remain undetected, popping up on the Skrulls radars the moment this failed. Scared and panicking, Destiny began to fly away with the fleet in hot pursuit but not before another ship began to block her path which in her panicked state failed to realize it was a few Kree warships coming to her aid. Instead, feeling she was being trapped by the enemy Destiny lost control entirely and triggered an energy explosion that annihilated all those within several yards of the area.

New Comrades in Arms

It wouldn't be for a few months after the incident did Destiny come to, unleashing half of the energy she had stored in her body at the time. Realizing what she had done the Kree had been deciding what to do with her, thus far forcing her to take Power Regulation Band to keep the powers in check. But with a lot of deliberation on the part of Genis-vell, her father convinced the Supreme Intelligence to have an alternative to banishment or death due to the loss of Kree life.

At sixteen, Destiny was finally able to return to normal duty but due to a deal made by her father and the Kree's leader she was instead sent to Earth as an exchange student which took some compromise with SWORD as well. Once things were cleared and the okay given, Destiny made her way to the Avengers Academy where she has been set to learn proper control and discipline, in the hopes of avoiding Destiny having a repeat of what happened.

Powers and Abilities


  • Kree Physiology:Due to her parentage, Destiny inherited traits of her half Kree father. This allows her a few superhuman attributes on top of also being able to last far longer in nitrogen-rich environments, showing little weakening slower then the average human. She also seems much more resistant to poisons, diseases, and toxins then the average human but can still get some that are above a moderate dose or level.
    • Superhuman Strength:Destiny's limit so far has been 2 tons even, just being slightly above the average Kree and far greater then that of the average human.
    • Superhuman Stamina:Destiny can last far longer then the finest human athlete, enabling her to last for several hours in rigorous activities before fatigue toxins begin to impair her.
    • Superhuman endurance:Destiny can go for longer periods of time without needing food or water and can go several days without sleep. She has stated she has gone two weeks without sleep before it began affecting her.
    • Superhuman Durability:Destiny has also shown to be incredibly durable, likely being able to take blows from superhumanly strong individuals. She could easily withstand greater impact forces normally lethal to humans and taking greater force to truly cause much damage.
  • Stellar Energy Absorption:Inheriting this power from her father and grandfather it is also quite likely this is inherited from her grandmother. Whether through her Titan Eternal heritage or the heritage of Mar-vell Destiny can absorb and manipulate various types of energy, due to the fact unlike her father she doesn't hold back. This had caused her to take on an energy-like form that resembles the night sky with stars and has proven to be a power of devastating proportions as Destiny once destroyed an entire fleet of Skrull warships and some of the Kree's, though this was used with only half her stored energy. If she were to unleash it all it's estimated she could potentially destroy half a planet on her own but at the cost of her powers or her life. But this ability currently gives her the current powers:
    • Augmented Physical Abilities:Due to the various forms of energy she absorbs she can store and channel this throughout her body to augment her already superhuman physical abilities to twice what they are now. This makes her even more formidable, especially compared to most Kree and baseline humans.
    • Flight:Through concentration, Destiny is able to fly by using the same energies she absorbs. Thus she can fly unhindered at high speeds to about 200 mph and even in the vacuum of space when in her energy form.
    • Concussive Force Blasts:These blasts are of concentrated energy into either blasts or beams, being strong enough to tear through the most powerful metals of Earth and Kree-lar. Though these can be focused to being destructive to doing very little damage.
    • Minor Cosmic Awareness: Unlike most of her family however, Destiny only has a minor use of cosmic awareness. It works in a similar manner to alerting her of danger and knowing internal dangers to herself. She also can know a few outcomes for herself but not on the scale of her father.
    • Interstellar Teleportation: By manipulating the energy around her, Destiny can bend time and space to open small portals in which allow herself and others to travels vast distances. Due to the nature of her powers, it seems she could easily travel from one part of the galaxy to the next.
    • Sound Manipulation:One energy Destiny has a particular use for is the use of sound waves or energy of sound. In a similar manner to her mother Songbird, Destiny manipulates sound for a variety of things, most especially constructs of solid sound energy. She favors making weapons and shields, but also can make extra limbs or tools. She also tends to create sonokinetic "bird wings" either upon her back or along her arms which she can sharpen the "feathers" to double them as bladed weapons. Much like the other energies she uses she can concentrate sound energy through other objects to create sonic blasts, sharpen or empower an object, and also use a sonic scream.


  • Destiny has shown herself to have high intellect and shows vast knowledge in Kree science and technology.
  • Destiny is in her own right a master combatant, having been trained in just about all forms of combat by the Kree Militia.
  • Destiny is also a Weapons Expert, having been trained to use various kinds of weapons but favors bladed weapons and energy blasters or guns. With this she has also shown to be a decent markswoman.
  • Destiny is also Bilingual, knowing both the Kree language and English.

Strength level

Destiny can lift 2 tons even, having just above strength of the average Kree and can augment this with her Stellar Energy Absorption.


  • Due to never holding back like her father, Destiny has to have a power inhibitor to help regulate these levels.
  • Her Cosmic Awareness is not as strong as most other beings.
  • Though she can last a bit longer in nitrogen-rich environments she will eventually suffer from the same affects as normal humans.
  • Destiny also has to be in her energy form if she travels through space, otherwise she can easily suffocate after a few minutes.



  • Power Inhibitor Band:Meant to help regulate her powers, mostly her energy absorption otherwise they can go out of control. This seems connected to her entire body through unknown means and requires a special code very few know of such as Destiny herself and once removed the effects instantly seem to disappear, allowing Destiny to use her power to it's full potential.

Transportation: Her own power, SHIELD vehicles
Weapons: Varies


  • Destiny is based of a What If idea for if Genis-vell and Songbird had a child.


  • Destiny is one of the only confirmed Kree hybrids in Earth-7194 that has more then one alien heritage.
  • She has been known to like various genres of music.
  • Her favorite kind of candy since coming to Earth is white chocolate.

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