Defenders Animated is an animated series centering around the Defenders from Marvel Comics. It takes place in the same universe as Avengers Forever. It's placement on the timeline is unknown, but it presumably takes place before Forever, since one episode features the origin of Red Hulk.





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Season One

Name: Plot: Villain:
Defenders, Pt. 1 Doctor Strange is attacked by demons from the Dark Dimension, so he calls upon The Hulk, Namor the Submariner, and the Silver Surfer to help him. They decide to form a team, and call themselves the Defenders. The Mindless Ones
Defenders, Pt. 2 When Dormammu, ruler of the Dark Dimension, discovers his Mindless Ones have failed to kill Doctor Strange, he goes to the mortal world to finish the job himself. The Defenders are outmatched, but manage to team up with mysterious stranger Valkyrie to defeat the villain. Dormammu
Game Changer Arcade, an evil computer programming genius/assassin, is hired to trap the Defenders in his virtual reality nightmare Murderworld by the Leader, an old enemy of the Hulk who has escaped imprisonment to get revenge. Arcade, Leader
Crushed by the Crusher Bruce Banner manages to create a gamma ray detector to help the Defenders find Leader's hiding spot, but instead it leads them to a boxing champion, Carl "Crusher" Creel, who has recently been exposed to gamma radiation, giving him the ability to absorb particles from anything he touches, turning his body into different materials. Absorbing Man
Follow the Leader When the Defenders finally find the Leader's lair, they must take on his latest creation... a super-soldier with the DNA of the Hulk, code-named Abomination! Leader, Abomination
Destroy All Defenders With crime at an all time low, Doctor Strange suggests the team takes a day off. The four heroes split up to do as they please, but a blood-thirsty sea monster from Atlantis sets out to take the team down one by one. Charybdis
Atlantis Attacks! Namor and Doctor Strange go into Atlantis to investigate things after Charybdis' attack on the team. They discover that Namor's old foe, the Atlantean warlord Attuma, has now claimed the throne as his own! Attuma, Atlanteans
Rise of the Valkyrie Silver Surfer finds Valkyrie, who helped them defeat Dormammu, and asks her to join the team. He discovers she is actually a normal human named Barba Norriss, who is actually the reincarnation of Brunnhilde, a fallen Asgardian warrior. The two are suddenly attacked by Amora the Enchantress, who was an enemy of Brunnhilde back when she was alive. Enchantress
Red Light, Green Light General Ross, who has spent most of his life tracking down Hulk, decides to fight fire with fire when he injects himself with a gamma-infused super soldier serum, turning him into a red version of the Hulk. Meanwhile, Bruce Banner has reunited with his old girlfriend, Betty Ross, who just so happens to be the daughter of General Ross. General Ross/Red Hulk
Low Tide Lemuel Dorcas, a scientist formerly ridiculed for his belief in Atlantis and Atlanteans, discovers the location of the real Atlantis and sends super-powered hitman Tiger Shark to capture an Atlantean so Dorcas can run tests on it. That Atlantean turns out to be Lady Dorma, Namor's ex-wife who he still loves. Dr. Dorcas, Tiger Shark
Sorcerer's Apprentice On the anniversary of him becoming Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange reflects on his origin, and remembers Karl Mordo, who was a fellow student of the Ancient One. However, Mordo was envious of Strange when he excelled at sorcery, and so Mordo conspired with Dormammu to kill Strange. After defeating Mordo and preventing an invasion from the Dark Dimension, Strange was named Sorcerer Supreme. In the present, Mordo has returned from his banishment to the Dark Dimension, and he is out to get revenge on his old enemy. Baron Mordo
Ultimate Hunger Galactus, devourer of worlds, has returned to Earth so that he can feast on it at last. The Defenders and Fantastic Four team up to stop him, but his new herald, Terrax the Tamer, is too powerful for the two hero teams to defeat. Galactus, Terrax the Tamer
Defenders Vs. Offenders After his most recent defeat by Doctor Strange, Baron Mordo decides to form his own villain team. He teams up with General Ross, Terrax the Tamer, and the hitman Tiger Shark to get revenge on Strange and the Defenders, but Valkyrie shows up to save the day, and she finally decides to join the team. Offenders (Baron Mordo, Red Hulk, Terrax the Tamer, Tiger Shark)

Season Two

Name: Plot: Villain:
Offenders Return! After being defeated by the Defenders and their new member Valkyrie, the Offenders make a plan to escape prison and recruit Amora the Enchantress, Valkyrie's old foe, so that they can take on the team five-against-five. Offenders (Baron Mordo, Red Hulk, Terrax the Tamer, Tiger Shark, Amora the Enchantress)
To Slay a Demon When Nightmare, a dream spirit who feeds off of fear, possesses Valkyrie, the Defenders turn to a demon-hunting expert, Devil-Slayer, for help. Nightmare
Into the Dreamscape Doctor Strange uses a spell to send himself, the other Defenders, and Devil-Slayer into Valkyrie's mind, where they enter her dreams and fight Nightmare face-to-face. Nightmare
Into the Nexus When famous scientist Theodore Sallis goes missing in the swamps, the Defenders go to find him, but stumble upon the Nexus of All Realities, where they are attacked by a giant swamp monster. Man-Thing
And a Swamp Man Shall Lead Them The Defenders discover that Man-Thing is not evil, but he is actually protecting the Nexus, and he thinks that the Defenders are working for the Beyonder, a reality-warping villain who has recently come through the Nexus from another universe. Beyonder
Exiled! The Defenders and Man-Thing are trapped in the Nexus of All Realities by Beyonder, and they team up with a rag-tag group of reality-jumpers known as the Exiles, made up of a teleporting mutant named Blink, Nightcrawler's daughter from the future Nocturne, a shapeshifter from another universe called Morph, and Spider-Man 2099. Beyonder
Defenders-Verse The Defenders, Man-Thing, and the Exiles travel through all of time and space, encountering the original Earth-616 Defenders, the Defenders 2099, the Defenders Noir, and the Offenders, alternate reality versions of themselves who are evil instead of good. Alternate Reality Offenders (Sorcerer Superior, Silver Savage, Namor the Overlord of Atlantis, and the Unstoppable Hulk)
Secret Wars The Defenders, Man-Thing, and the Exiles finally make their way back to their universe, where they encounter the Beyonder in a battle to the death. Beyonder
Pixie Dust Young mutant Megan Gwynn turns to the Defenders for help when giant mutant-hunting robots known as Sentinels go after her. The Sentinels attack Defenders Sanctorum, but take Namor in a mix-up, as he is also a mutant. Megan and the Defenders team up to rescue Namor, and come face to face with the deadliest Sentinel of all... Master Mold. Sentinels, Master Mold
The Cat's Meow Supermodel Patsy Walker is attacked by the U-Foes in her mansion one night when they attempt to steal her family fortune, but the Defenders show up to save her. However, one of Doctor Strange's spells goes wrong, and it ends up hitting Patsy with a magic beam. Patsy gains enhanced strength and reflexes, and she decides to become the superhero Hellcat so she can gain good publicity. The U-Foes
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