A whole new parallel reality to that of Earth-616. The lives of many well-known characters have changed, similar to the Ultimate reality. The Defenders were formed as response to combat more local, "street level" crime. The founding team would include Daredevil, Paladin (Jessica Jones), Power Man (Luke Cage), Iron Fist, U.S. Agent, Hellcat, Punisher, Nighthawk, and Moon Knight. Kyle Richmond would at one time offer one of his mansions, sometimes called the "Richmond Riding Academy," to act as the base of operations for this streetwise squad.

Founding Members

  • Matthew Murdock (aka Daredevil)
  • Jessica Jones (aka Paladin)
  • Luke Cage (aka Power Man)
  • Daniel Rand (aka Iron Fist)
  • John Walker (aka U.S. Agent)
  • Patricia Walker (aka Hellcat)
  • Frank Castle (aka Punisher)
  • Kyle Richmond (aka Nighthawk)
  • Marc Spector (aka Moon Knight)

Later Members


  • Wilson Fisk (aka Kingpin)
  • Killian Grave (aka Silver Tongue)
  • Roger Loomis (aka Manslaughter)


  • The Defenders is the Nexus version of both the Defenders (Earth-616) and the Marvel Knights (Earth-616).
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