Deathlok is an intergalactic mercenary from the planet Xanth. He was a soldier on his planet, until he was blown up by an enemy mine. Xanthian doctors were able to revive him with advanced alien machinery, giving him his cyborg appearance. He came to Earth to kill the fugitive Rocket Raccoon, but he was defeated by the New Avengers. He is currently locked up in SHIELD custody.

Powers & Abilities

  • Weapons Expert - Although he knows nothing about Earthling weapons, Deathlok is experienced with the high-tech weapons from his planet Xanth.
  • Cybernetic Enhancements - While Xanthians are naturally stronger and more agile than humans, Deathlok has several cybernetic enhancements, amping up his already great fighting ability.
  • Hi-Tech Scanner - Deathlok can immediately identify any being using a special mechanic scanning device over his eye.
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