Death Locket

Rebecca Ryker is a quiet and unassuming teenger attending Atlas Academy. As far as she knows, life is pretty average.

Secretly, however, her father Harlan is a premier expert in biotechnology and was once commissioned to work on a special project for Cybertek: Project Deathlok.

Years after Cybertek's demse, Harlan is visited in his home by a seemingly rogue Deathlok soldier. Shocked, thinking the project was scrapped after it was revealed Cybertek was run by Hydra operatives, Harlan denies the Deathlok's demand to help him restart the project.

The meeting turns violent as the Deathlok resolves to assassinating Harlan and stealing his research if he won't help. Through the altercation, the Deathlok ends up self-destructing. The blast however does not kill Harlan. Instead the blast tears through the family home, mortally wounding Rebecca, her mother, and her brother.

In a desperate bid to save their lives Harlan looks himself in his home lab and attempts turn his family into a Deathlok soldiers in order to save their lives. Rebecca's mother and brother do not make it, but Rebecca takes to the cybernetic implants. Unfortunately, Rebecca comes to, unaware of any of her procedures to her home and her father's lab seemingly under "seige", with strangers in combat gear and suits alike seizing her father's equipment and research, and patrolling the place. She finds her father, only to see him being led away, accused of illegally continuing the Deathlok project in his home causing the explosion. She also notices an individual very similar to the Deathlok that visiter her father and exploded, and she flees.

Some time passes and Rebecca is now living on the lam, on her own. She has built a small camp complete with a discarded collection of old western movies that she has memorized and a family made of scrap metal, and is now familiar and comfortable with her new technology, powers, and abilities. She hunts down her father's captors and the Deathlok soldier that she saw when she first ran - Mike Peterson. Not knowing he is actually working for S.H.I.E.L.D. and believing all Deathloks to be bad, she trails him one night as he is on a shady mission, and confronts and attacks Peterson.

Their fight is cut short though as Peterson's own interests enter play. With Mike Peterson's cover blown, several unknown faces intervene and gang up on Mike with Rebecca, before fleeing. Seeing Mike as an enemy, Rebecca inadvertently sees Mike’s enemy, the Bagalia, as an ally and joins them.

There she meets Coat of Arms, Mako, and Big Zero, and falls for Excavator, and adopts her own hero name "Death Locket", before slowly realizing they are the bad guys, controlled by an unseen master [Norman Osborn? We'll see how his character plays out in the MCU before I commit to that], who sent the Deathlok to her father, to resume mass production of the soldiers.

Rebecca is left to team up with Mike Peterson to take them down and clear her father's name.

Also featuring: Admiral Jolnes, Diaz, Ott as allies to Mike Peterson and Harlan Ryker. Ace Peterson and Mindy Peterson as Mike's estranged family; Ace becomes a friend to Rebecca.

  • In the comics, Bagalia is actually an island nation ruled by the Masters of Evil, and home to the Young Masters, which include, among others, Coat of Arms, Mako, and Excavator.
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