The Ultimate Warrior (Earth-199999)
The Ultimate Warrior (Earth-199999)
Real Name Davis God-Speed
Current Alias The Ultimate Warrior
Alias(es) Kira, Killah, Killer
Alignment Bad
Universe Earth-199999
Gender Male
Height 6'3" (as Davis), 8'11" (as Kira)
Weight 175lbs (as Davis), 1500lbs (as Kira)
Eyes Hazel-Greenish (as Davis), Yellow (as Kira)
Hair Brown (as Both)
Unusual Features Immense size, skull mask, and yellow eyes after transforming into The Ultimate Warrior.

Davis God-Speed was a cop that became a god-like berserker warrior through a cursed Aztek mask that when adorned cannot be taken off and massively amplifies the warrior's spirit and if none is present will absorb the wearers soul untill he or she dies.


Davis God-Speed was eighteen when he became a cop of the NYPD helping to fill out justice whenever he could until one day when he witnessed a man steal a massive amount of money then he was a dirty cop, because he took a percentage of the money the man had stolen.

A few years later Davis was in an Aztek church praying to whichever god would hear him out, because he was dying of a Aztek curse that was placed on him by an Aztek God. His prays fell on deft ears. Then a voice called to him, told if he was to put on the mask on the alter surrounded by many layers of prayer beads and eight candles placed in spaces around the object...

He did and was forever changed into the Ultimate Warrior and now eternally seeks out warriors to test his skills against.

He has fought both hero's and villain's of great stature, armies, he's fought many many armies, he's bathed in the blood of victory for many millenia moving from one host to the next, never truly satisfied. Then fought the Avengers and never truly won. Though this greatly fascinated him how a few people could defeat him when whole armies couldn't, he was even moreso enraged him and he would have his victory at any cost.

Power Level


Physically the Ultimate Warrior was a force to be reckoned with able to easily physically best the Hulk, though the entirety of the Avengers defeated him with great effort mind you. His strength is higher than any other character in his universe. His speed is enhanced but his reflexes are nearly instantaneous. His durability is higher than the Hulk or Thor and his regeneration far more advantageous than the Hulk, He gains power from the blood spilled from his victims. He can use a tremendous thunderclap, and earthquakes with his strikes. He can jump clear into the stratospere with no effort at all.

Powers and Abilities


Davis God-Speed (Earth-199999)

Davis before his transformation.

Mask Transformation: The cursed Aztek mask transformed Davis into one of if not the most powerful being in the MCU.
  • Superhuman Strength: The Ultimate Warrior is the absolute strongest beings in the MCU.
  • Superhuman Durability:
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