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David “Michael” Scotty (Mike) is another Giant Man/Goliath and used the superhero name Gigantor. He's a mutant along with Sally and been taken in by the X-Men. He's very similar to Hank Pym and the various Goliaths. He teams up with the Avengers, X-Men and other teams. He had a partner named Sally Steinberg (Giant-Girl) whom he got a relationship. 

Part of team ups 

David got involved in a battle with all extra Marvel Heroes, until the events of the Secret Invasion, Civil War and others. He retired at first, but he kept getting pulled back in to get involved in saving innocents from danger. He looks at Bill Foster’s grave, and began helping Bill’s nephew Tom Foster. Tom didn’t want his help, and wanted to know if he was on Tony’s side. Mike said he wasn't, and didn’t want any part of the Superhuman Registration Act, knowing what is like to lose someone important.

David became Gigantor out of retirement to keep fighting and save all innocents. His girlfriend wanted to help, but he said it was too dangerous, and he directed her to stay safe at the Avengers Mansion. Sally said that wherever he goes, she goes, and she used her powers to help and fight together, they kissed. 

David, along with Sally, met Adam (The New Hornet) along with other heroes from the Avengers Initiative, Avengers Academy, and others.


  • Gigantor was originally a fan made character named Mike / Michael, inspired by the team called the Reserves, and the Giant Men team - David Scotty, Peter, and various others. After being renamed, he kept his name, as a middle name, now being the mainstream counterpart of David Scotty as well. 
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