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Dark X-Men

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Dark X-Men

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Norman Institute, Utopia

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Norman Osborn was handed part ownership of STARK Industries by Iron Man. He created H.A.M.M.E.R and the Dark Avengers. With the help of Neuroo, he mind tricked Iceman and brought him to the Dark X-Men. He co-lead the Dark X-Men with Wolverine and Osborn. They have had multiple battles against Dark X-Men as the Great War came to an end. Osborn recruited his son Harry to the Dark X-Men. He gave him great respect and treated him as the best thing of the X-Men. Harry, Wolverine, and Iceman was the 3 to help the Dark X-Men win their battles. Spider-Man was the only hero/person to almost beat the X-Men. Spider-Man would then side with the Fantastic Four in the third battle with the Dark X-Men not fighting the X-Men. Norman would finally capture Spider-Man and was going to drop him off the roof of the STARK Industries building. It brought Iceman to his senses to spare Spider-Man. Instead of killing him, he let Spider-Man fall through the window of the 6th floor injuring him for a while. Osborn would then attempt to recruit a friend, she said that Xavier was treating her well and Osborn would attempt to kill her. Xavier would appear coming to Frost's rescue. He knocked out Osborn and then attempted to turn all the Dark X-Men members to the good side and join the real X-Men. They declined and beat Xavier out of his wheel chair, leading them to battle with the Avengers and the X-Men. When the numbers were against them, they called the Dark Avengers. This would be the 11th battle of the Dark X-Men and they would win. They would claim to be the greatest team in the world going 11-0. Norman would tell them not to release this to the public although killing multiple civilians to prove that the X-Men are not the only vigilantes out there. The Dark X-Men would hold the president hostage, having a gun stuck to his head on live TV. They wore all black and masks with a voice changers. They claimed that if the X-Men could not save him in 24 hours, the gun would be pulled. The president screamed for help and the X-Men and Avengers came to his aid. The Avengers got into a fight with the Dark Avengers. The Fantastic Four came and the Frightful Four battled with them. Spider-Man helped and Team Arrow also came to the aid and had a battle with the Sinister Six. In only a few minutes, Professor Os and Professor X sent out their best 3 to have a battle. With the 13th battle of the Dark X-Men, they were finally stopped and The X-Men saved the president from near death.

OsCorp Gifted Youngsters

After having their first loss, Norman got scared. He kidnapped 62 people. 16 that survived would be considered the best out of the 62. Norman put the 16 against a big and strong warrior under his control. They all survived.

And now it's unknown who is still alive in the OsCorp Gifted Youngsters dojo. All we know is that the 16 survived the big strong warrior, who knows what else they've survived?


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: Os-Jet
Weapons: None known.


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