Dark Side
Season 2, Episode 8
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Airdate 10/8/2016
Written by Bridgetterocks
Directed by Bridgetterocks
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The Story of Us
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This chapter belongs to Marvel's Young Avengers's Season Two "Social Casualty" Arc

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This chapter belongs to Marvel's Young Avengers's Season Two "Do You Believe in Magic?" Arc

Dark Side is the eighth episode of Marvel's Young Avengers' Season Two and the sixteenth episode overall.


Previously on Marvel's Young Avengers

-All I could think about was going back in time, finding the Avengers and making sure that when Kang found me, I’d be ready for him.-

-Dormammu’s creation, Satannish has been appearing to humans and granting them superhuman powers in exchange for their souls. We need to stop him from doing that ever again.- Dr. Strange told the Young Avengers.

Cloak and Dagger looked down at Hell’s Kitchen from a rooftop.

Suddenly, The Hood flew by them, firing his magical bullets. Tyrone stepped up and covered Tandy with his cloak, sending the bullets to the Darkforce Dimension. Smirking, Robbins flew into an alley.

-Let’s follow him!- Dagger exclaimed, holding onto Tyrone’s arm as the pair teleported after the Hood.

Robbins turned around as the heroes appeared behind him. -I got you right where I wanted you! Obscurent eum tenebrae intus exeunt! Dormammu per nomen, quod corrumpitur anima!- The Hood fired a red blast at Cloak, who closed his eyes and when he opened, they were orange.

-Tyrone… Are you ok?- Tandy asked, putting her hand on his shoulder.

Suddenly, Cloak flew a few steps away from her and let Mindless Ones come out of his cloak from the Dark Dimension.

-Stop!- Dagger yelled at The Hood, who smirked at her and vanished. Tandy created light daggers from her hand and threw them at the Mindless Ones, but they kept on coming. Bowen pointed a light dagger at Cloak. -Please, Tyrone, don’t make me do this.-

Johnson looked at his partner and then flew away from the scene, leaving her alone with Dormammu’s henchmen. Seeing herself surrounded, the female hero turned around and ran away, dodging the Mindless Ones’ eye blasts.

Tandy ran all the way to Greenwich Village, battling the creatures as she moved. Desperately, she knocked on the Sanctum Sanctorum’s door.

-Dr. Strange, please! I need your help!-

Wong opened the door. -Yes?-

-Please, I need to see the Doctor.-

-The Doctor is in session right now.- The man informed the blonde.

-It’s urgent!- She cried out.

The hordes of Mindless Ones soon caught up to her, and she turned around to see them.

-Now I see what you mean, come inside.- Wong nodded, letting Dagger walk inside the building and created magical barriers around it. He led Bowen to the main room, where the Sorcerer Supreme was training Wiccan. As soon as he saw Dagger, the teenager stopped suddenly.

-Y-You’re Dagger! You’re like… A legend! Oh my, where’s Cloak?-

Strange turned around, pausing Billy’s lesson.

-C-Cloak was possessed by Dormammu…- Bowen muttered. -Well, it was The Hood the one who did it, but he mentioned Dormammu’s name while casting a spell… And now Tyrone is bringing Mindless Ones to New York.-

-He made him a portal, since we stopped people from summoning Satannish. I guess he is bitter since last Halloween he couldn’t participate in the whole supernatural war.-

-And he wants to lead his own this year.- Wiccan folded his arms over his chest, hovering behind Strange.

-I’ll bring Cloak here and I’ll stop the possession myself.- The Doctor nodded, raising his left hand and levitating. Suddenly, Cloak appeared before them, as a Mindless One came through him. The creature fired an eye blast, hitting Stephen Strange.

-Doctor!- Wiccan screamed, flying towards his mentor.

Tandy ran to his partner, carrying a light dagger, and threw it at the Mindless One. Taking advantage of her inertia, Tyrone opened his cloak and sucked her inside. Then, he extended its ends and grabbed Wiccan tightly, before making him disappear as well.

Cloak looked at Dr. Strange sternly. -This is your final warning, Stephen Strange.- He said with Dormammu’s voice. -Do not dare to challenge me again.- Suddenly, he teleported away.

-Where are we?- Dagger asked, looking around. -This is not the Darkforce Dimension, I know what that looks like.-

-This is the Dark Dimension, Dormammu’s realm. Somehow, he is now a portal to here instead of the usual Darkforce Dimension.- Billy pointed out. -I can bring my friends here so they can help us find Cloak. They’ve been here before.-

-And how did that turn out?- Tandy inquired.

-Not good at all.-

-Then how do you know this time will be any different?-

-Oh… I don’t.- Billy shrugged and closed his eyes. -IwantmyfriendstobehereIwantmyfriendstobehereIwantmyfriendstobehereIwantmyfriendstobehereIwantmyfriendstobehere!-

Suddenly, the Young Avengers appeared before them.

-Why are we in the Dark Dimension again?- Stature asked.

-Billy!- Kate Bishop exclaimed.

-And Dagger!- Hulkling was starstruck when he saw her, just like Billy was.

-I brought you here… Cloak was possessed by Dormammu.-

-And what do we have to do with that?- Speed asked.

-He wants us to help them look for him.- Prodigy explained.

-Don’t get in my brain.- Wiccan gave the newest member a killer look.

-I didn’t have to.- David rolled his eyes.

-Guys, can you leave your drama aside?- Dagger pleaded.

-How do you know there’s drama between these two?- Iron Lad asked.

-Other than the obvious invisible daggers coming out of their eyes?- The woman raised her eyebrow.

-Dagger’s right.- Wiccan nodded, looking away from Prodigy. -We need to find Cloak.-

Suddenly, he appeared before them.

-Done, can we go now?- Speed asked.

-I did not warn you not to challenge me, but I did not think you would be foolish enough to bring people to my dimension.- Cloak said.

-That’s not Tyrone’s voice.- Dagger pointed out.

-It’s Dormammu’s.- Stature explained.

Pulling out her bow, Kate looked at her team and then back at Cloak. -Like Eli used to say… Young Avengers, and Dagger, Assemble!-

Tyrone opened up his cloak, allowing multiple Mindless Ones to come out of it. One of them fired an eye blast at Stature, who fell to the ground.

-CASSIE!- Nate screamed looking at her and then at Cloak. -YOU!- Iron Lad flew towards him and grabbed him by his cloak, punching him as hard as he could repeatedly.

-Don’t kill him!- Dagger yelled, fighting a Mindless One.

-NATE, STOP!- Cassie cried, but he wouldn’t listen.

-PLEASE!- Kate cried out.

Seeing no response from the young man, Hulkling flew towards his teammate and tackled him to the ground, as Cloak recovered.

-What the hell was that?!- Teddy exclaimed.

-Your attempts to defeat me are adorable.- Tyrone laughed. -Only a sorcerer has a chance at succeeding.-

Wiccan smirked and tilted his head slightly. -Then I’m thankful I’ve been practicing!- Billy moved his hands and pointed at Cloak. -The Sapphire Bands of Storaan!- His spell was able to bind Tyrone, stopping the influx of Mindless Ones.

-Dagger!- Prodigy yelled, looking at the woman in white. -Create a lightstone and hold it close to his face!-

-B-But… That can kill him!-

-Trust me, I’m absorbing his knowledge.-

Tandy looked at Wiccan, who nodded. The woman put her two hands together, as a bright orb appeared in her palms. Taking it on her right hand and holding it behind her head, she ran towards her partner and did as Prodigy told her to.

Cloak, who was struggling to free himself from his binding, stopped moving and his eyes went back to normal.

-What happened?- He asked, looking at Tandy.

Dagger smiled and hugged him tightly, as Wiccan undid his spell.

-I must admit, I am impressed.- Dormammu said, walking towards the heroes.

Tandy turned around to face the impressive figure.

-Let’s get going, now!- Hulkling looked at Billy.


As the Young Avengers were teleporting away, Dormammu held his hand out at Cloak and Dagger. -Annulment!- He yelled, forcing the duo to stay in the Dark Dimension. -You may have freed yourself, Tyrone Johnson, but that does not mean you and your lady friend are safe.-

-You didn’t just call me lady friend!- Dagger ran towards the ruler of the Dark Dimension who kicked her, pushing her off a cliff.

-TANDY!- Tyrone screamed, running towards the dead end. Holding the edges of his cloak, he jumped after Dagger and absorbed her into it, before teleporting away himself.

The two reappeared in the Sanctum Sanctorum. Bowen stood up and walked to Johnson, who was kneeling on the ground. She hugged him tightly. -It’s okay, Ty. We’re okay now.-



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