Daredevil is a live-action superhero film based on the Marvel Comics superhero, Daredevil. Created by Stan Lee and Bill Everett originally, the film is written by Blizzard1289. It is the overall sixth film in the second phase of the Community MCU Reboot.


The movie starts with Hell's Kitchen in the 1990s. Matt Murdock is studying, while some other kids are playing poker. They mock him for reading and dare him to use their skateboard and go across the busy intersection, he tells them to get lost and start sarcastically calling him Daredevil because he refused to do it. Growing tired of it, he agrees to do it and start speeding through the cars and rush hour traffic. He's actually doing pretty well and getting cheered on, until he gets distracted and speeds right into a Roxxon Company truck causing it to crash and spill radioactive waste right into Matt's eyes. He falls to the ground as a bunch of police officers, bystanders and school children start crowding around him. He starts to figure out his surrounding, and tries to wipe the waste off his face, only to realize he can't see, and is completely blind. He says how he's blind and starts screaming in agony. A Police Officer tries to help him saying they'll call his dad, but Matt just starts covering his ears while continuing to scream. Asking why everything is so loud now, the Police Officer seems both confused and terrified by this.

Roll Credits and Title (with this playing) Daredevil!

It timeskips to the modern day on the rooftop of a Roxxon Corporation building in New York City, it's full of ninjas all standing in unison. A helicopter comes down and lands on the helipad, Lord Deathstrike steps out onto the roof and all the Ninjas bow to him. He asks them (In Japanese) if the impossible has now been made possible, if gods now roam the Earth, heroes of the past thrive in the present, technology has overtaken flesh, and the beast of rage has crawled out of the hole, they answer all of those questions with "yes". He then says it is time, and goes inside the building. He keeps walking through the hallways full of Ancient Artifacts until he enters a dimly lit room, he breaks opens a stone case with his hand, and takes out a Katana Blade in his sheath. He unsheaths it, shortly after exclaiming "Once The Beast is wielded, it must taste blood! Get the sacrifices." the Ninjas quickly follow his orders and begin going around the city kidnapping different people all over New York. While in the Roxxon Building Lord Deathstrike bows to a statue of Mephisto, and says how his time in the shadows will come to an end, and he will take his rightful place in this world.

While in an office building the Ninjas all sneak in and start slashing and kidnapping people left in right, but one woman manages to hide and be avoided by them, terrified. As the police show up and the women is interviewed by up & coming detective, Oscar Clemons. She introduces herself as a receptionist named Karen Page. She's covered in their blood (since she tried to save some of the guards) and tries to explain the situation, but Clemons incorrectly start to suspect (due to evidence) she might have something to do with their disappearance and arrest her.

In shows a couple weeks later in St. Michael's church an adult Matt Murdock is listening to Father Lantom talks about temptation and greed, how in our society today the ability to commit sin without repercussion and lose faith in the holy spirit is higher then ever, but says there is hope for the strong willed to stay true to God and his divine plan, quoting Corinthians 10:13 "No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it." After the discussion ends Matt starts walking out and Father Lantom catches up with him, commenting on how this is the first time this whole month he's seen Matt at Church, he simply responds that he's been busy that Nelson & Murdock have been getting a lot of clientele lately. Father Lantom says he's happy Matthew is finding success in his life, despite all of his hardships... with blindness, and his father, but that he should be thanking God for all he has given instead of showing contempt. Matt says it's just been a busy time and he will start returning to Church and being a "good Catholic boy" again at the end of the summer. Father Lantom seems indifferent towards that answer and wishes Matt good luck in his business and life, while he walks off.

At the Nelson & Murdock Law-Firm office Matt walks in and Foggy Nelson quickly goes to him and asks where he's been, and that they have court today they need to prepare for their latest case. Matt says he was at church, Foggy then leads him to their latest client, Karen Page. Matt and him sit down, asking Ms. Page to once again say what happened to her. She explains how she was at work-place party and her office got raided by ninjas who kidnapped everyone, and she barely made it out in time. But that due to her evidence the Attorney thinks she had something to do with. Matt listens to her heart-beat and sees it being generally consistent with someone telling the truth. He explains to her that he's been preparing a speech for court to convince the Jury of her innocence, and that Nelson and Murdock will not let her go to jail for this.

When they're driving in a taxi to the courthouse, Foggy asks Matt why he's so determined to win this case for Karen, saying how he's heard Crack Addicts in the Bronx with a more convincing alibi, pointing out the absurdity of her story. Matt makes a point to Foggy how the world is unrecognizably different now, with the Mutant population boom that's been happening in the recent years and the formation of The Avengers, they can't just dismiss her story. But Foggy points out how there is documentation and proof of Mutants, Spider-Man and The Avengers, but that the idea of Ninjas in New York City kidnapping people was crossing the line for him. Matt sighs and, not wanting to reveal his ability, insists to Foggy that he knows she's innocent, he just does.

At the courthouse Karen is on trial while the Prosecution Lawyer makes a very compelling case for why Karen is likely tied into their disappearance, and her story is false, demanding her imprisonment for assault, conspiracy, kidnapping, and murder. It looks grim for Nelson and Murdock. But Matt just steps and, as her Defense Attorney makes an even more compelling case for why Karen is innocent and most of her blame being baseless and out of context. His smooth words and strong arguments completely blow what the Prosecution said out of the water, and the Jury makes an innocent verdict. Matt and Foggy walk outside the building while he is praising Matt for how amazing he was in there, and how many law deals they're going to get for winning a seemingly "impossible" case. Karen comes out and personally thanks Matt and Foggy for their help, and says how since she's now unemployed, and has skills as a receptionist, she is offering her services to their up and coming business, Matt having a close connection with her anyway and Foggy noting they could use some help, agree to hire her and hug it out.

Right after that Matt, Foggy and Karen are approached by someone in a french hat and glasses, he introduces himself as Ben Urich a reporter for the Daily Bugle, who says he's doing a report on the mysterious Ninja attacks on New York, he tells them his theories on who they are while they try to get back, but Ben asks for an interview with Karen in the future, having nothing to hide she gladly accepts and shakes his hand . Meanwhile, a mysterious man is watching Matt as he and Foggy go to their car from the sidelines of the building.

In the Roxxon Building lower-levels it show the kidnapped civilians all tied up and being stabbed in the gut by The Beast while Lord Deathstrike specifically makes sure to drain their blood into a giant basin in the center, with many of the Ancient "Enchanted" items surrounding it. He claims if they are to get his attention. They must give him the Juices of wrath, when a Ninja asks how much they would need Lord Deathstrike admits he does not know the answer that they would need to keep finding new sacrifices, keep filling the hole until he comes, then they would help him in his conquest as is their destiny.

Matt later that night starts heading into his apartment and senses someone inside he looks around and tries to do martial arts only to see an older man and a young woman sitting in his apartment. Matt recognizes the man as "Stick" who trained him to control his powers while he was younger, also teaching Matt martial arts but abandoned him afterwards without any word. When Matt asks what he's doing there, he explains that he knows who the Ninjas are. The woman next to him reveals her name to be Elektra Natchios, and that she's Stick's apprentice and that there's a war coming and they need all the help they can get. That Stick spoke very highly of Matt. Stick agrees and says how he was impressed with his career as a Lawyer, but he needs him to be a warrior.

Stick says how he never told Matt why he was trying to train and recruit him in the first place, and that he deserves an explanation now. He explains that the Ninjas are an ancient clan of Japanese Warriors who call themselves who call themselves The Hand, lead by their Lord (or Lady) Deathstrike, and have been for centuries in Japan. They worship an unholy and near-all-powerful creature, and wish to bring him into the world so once he rules he can grant all his worshipers the power to live like gods. Matt asks what "being" they plan on bringing to Earth. Stick says it goes by many names, Akuma, Amatsu-Mikaboshi, Chaos King, Mephisto, and even Satan in the west. Elektra adds that the Hand had an ancient prophecy that the time to unleash Mephisto onto this Earth when The Avengers formed and superheroes started to become part of the common culture, and that her and Stick are part of the Chaste. Another ancient clan dedicated to stopping The Hand in their goals, but that they've been losing the war and need Matt to help.

Matt seems offended that Stick abandoned him all those years ago, and now wants his help. But Stick says he did it because he thought Matt was too noble and innocent to handle a war so brutal, but now realizes that those traits might actually be helpful in more ways then he can imagine. Stick also does tell Matt that he trained him to use his senses, that he was given a gift for a reason. Matt thanks Elektra and Stick for coming and proceeds to kick them out, while he tries to go to sleep angered by the entire event.

A couple days later Karen is working while Foggy goes up to her and tells her that she should follow up on the interview with Daily Bugle, that it would be good PR for Nelson & Murdock and that he's driving and they can get lunch afterwards. She caves in and Foggy takes her to the building, where Ben Urich was interviewing Detective Oscar Clemons. The interview with Urich ends and Clemons sees Foggy and Karen through the hallway, though he is mostly friendly he still says he thinks Karen is involved with underhanded legal actions and "will be keeping an eye on them". Ben Urich then says how he interviewed the Police Department and saw their side of the story and now wants to see Karen's. They talk for a little and chat (with Foggy also adding comments every now and then) until Ninjas attack the building and specifically go after Karen to finish what they started, kidnapping her but sparing everyone else. The police manage to show up though and drive most of the ninjas away, but Detective Clemons points out they weren't able to shoot one of them and can't bring any in for questioning. Karen was shaken up, but the entire event only fascinated Ben more in studying The Hand. It shows in the Nelson & Murdock Law Office Matt watching on TV the whole ordeal and talking to Foggy on the phone. Foggy on the other line says how he doesn't know how they can live in New York with all these attacks coming out of the blue.

Matt says he doesn't know either, but they shouldn't worry. Later he visits Foggy in the hospital and goes to take him back. Foggy says how some "old Asian guy" was asking for Matt before in the lobby. He goes to see Stick sitting there and he tells Matt how the attacks will only become more prevalent if he continues to let this menace become stronger, Matt not being able to dispute it agrees to help Stick, Elektra and the Chaste in whatever they're doing, in order to save his friend, Karen. But after that he's out. Stick says it's a deal and they go back to his apartment for training.

Once they get to the apartment Elektra works to train with Matt. But before she can even do her first routine, she touches his shoulder and he flips her onto the ground, claiming he knows more than she thinks. She responds very well and the two get in a mock battle for more advanced training.

In the Roxxon building Karen Page is tied up inside a dungeon, screaming for help. A man next to her says to save her breath, that no one can hear them, no one's coming for them. Karen says how they can't just do this to people that these lunatics need to be stopped. He says that she'll get killed first if she keeps talking. Then she asks who the man is. He introduces himself as Melvin Potter, he said the only reason he's been kept alive is to repair weapons and armor for the Ninja's, since he's a smith by trade. She says that she's a receptionist at a law firm, and the two bond slightly.

Lord Deathstrike eventually enters the room is prepared to use The Beast on Karen, but Melvin says how she is his assistant and he won't work without her, Deathstrike reluctantly lets her live for that reason. He then leaves and sees the blood in the center getting larger, but nothing happening. He says they need to get more, that Amatsu-Mikobashi demanded a higher tole to influence them. The Ninjas bow and leave to gain more civilians.

It later shows Matt in his office late doing work with Foggy. The two of them talk about upcoming cases and the dullness of working in legal offices, Foggy then says he's checking in for the night. He heads out and Matt thanks him before he leaves. But while Matt is walking through his apartment he hears something sneaking up towards him and fights them off, only for the camera to reveal the man as Stick, who was simply sneaking up on Matt to train him in combat. He notes how Matt is still impressive despite not training for years, but that he still has to fight harder to outwit the Ninjas of The Hand. Matt says Stick is overly critical, and and the two debate for awhile. Stick says that Elektra can teach him more, and he left (an old man needs his rest).

Elektra tells Matt that she agrees with him about Stick being critical, and doesn't think he would be so easily defeated by The Hand's Ninjas or weapons. Matt and her sit down and bond while telling about their experiences with Stick and their life stories, while Matt explains what its like for him being blind but "able to see the world on fire" so to speak. He says that despite it all, he still wishes he had his sight, and Elektra tells her story about growing up in her abusive, Greek family. He says to her he understands, and is sorry. She then tells him that she firmly believes they are good enough to face The Hand already, and that they should go find those Ninjas and show them the might of The Chaste. Matt constructs a black costume made of thin fabric, and she offers him a choice of weapons. A sword, a staff, and two wooden Clubs. He chooses the clubs, while Elektra gets her sais and the two run off into the night.

Just to their luck they find a total raid of The Hand on a Hospital, while they're trying to kidnap sick people and Doctors. Matt and Elektra both disguised use their skills and weapons to fight off the Ninjas and save the people, doing a surprisingly good job and taking them on. While they're all defeated and the civilians put back into their beds/rooms Matt takes a weakened Hand Ninja, beats him and demands to know the location of Karen Page. He tells him in Japanese that "Mephisto will see to it you both perish in Hells' Fire!" Matt punches him, knocking him out as the two leave laughing at the fun they had. With Ben Urich taking pictures of it all, muttering under his breathe "J.J. is not gonna believe this."

Matt and Elektra go to the top of the Nelson & Murdock building still laughing at how they kicked those Ninjas' asses. When she comments how Matt is barely bleeding, he reveals how his late father Jack used to be a boxer and maybe he inherited the gene. Elektra comments the gene to get beat up and still look handsome, he smiles at her comment, before replying back positively. After that he thanks her for the weapons and heads inside while she jumps away. Before she leaves, Matt tells her they should do this again sometime. She said she would like that, and "it's a date".

Ben Urich inside the Daily Bugle building is writing a story on the Masked Vigilantes in Hell's Kitchen and how they've been striking back at the Ninjas. He says to his higher ups how he wants to keep writing stories on the Vigilantes. Since everyone knows Parker is on top of everything and anything Spider-Man, but he wants to deal report on what's going on in Hell's Kitchen. They tell him as long as he has material on the Vigilantes, he can continue to write about them.

Matt is walking down the street, until he is approached by Stick. Who tells him he knows his activities with Elektra, and that he approves. Admiring Matt's dedication to stopping The Hand and how much it has improved his training. Matt says how he wants to find Karen, and Elektra is much more fun to train with. He warns Matt that she has a fire inside of her, good for fighting evil, challenging for relationships, and to remember that. Matt says noted and Stick tells him he might know the location of Karen Page. Revealing to Matt he'll be explaining that night where she is.

At the Nelson & Murdock Law Office Foggy Nelson is waiting for Matt to show up and leaves him another Voice Mail. Saying how he's getting tired of always waiting around, and rants at him for being late, telling him to pick up. Matt finally enters inside and Foggy asks Matt what's happening. That he's been unfocused lately and leaving to go home early every night. But Matt simply says it's a busy time of year for him and that once the dust settles he'll be back working with Foggy as usual. But he doesn't buy it, claiming Matt keeps saying the same thing but "later" never comes. They both sit down and get to work, but Foggy is still irritated by Matt's secrecy.

Later in the night Stick, Elektra and Matt are all together. He says that The Hand has been keeping Karen Page and another man named Melvin Potter alive for unclear reasons. The weapon imports from Japan are coming through the docks tonight, and they'll probably be there to place improvements on them, Stick says the Chaste can ambush this trade and save the two civilians. They both agree to the plan, and Stick shows off his agility despite his old age while going building to building to the dock with the two pupils following behind.

At the docks Melvin and Karen are being forced out and held in place by a group of Ninjas. A boat pulls in and starts releasing cargo boxes full of supplies. Melvin looks over them and says how they all seem to be high quality, and he might be able to increase the strength for some of the staffs. The Ninjas tell him he twelve hours to improve the entire box or else he'll be sorry. Knowing he has little say in the matter, puts his head down and agrees. Matt, Elektra and Stick see them all lined up at the docks and start beating down The Hand ninjas with stealth.

They make it to where Melvin and Karen are held and let them go. As they try to escort them out, the three of them are stopped by three very quick slashes. They see Lord Deathstrike standing over them with The Beast in his hand. He says how these are the warrior's who have stifling Mephisto's return. He comments it's no wonder he won't show, Stick says The Chaste will never bow to The Hand, much less to a monster such as Mephisto. Lord Deathstrike says once Mephisto comes to Earth he will grant them all the power to live like Kings for an eternity. He says that Mephisto has but one adversary, The Chaste. Stick takes out his weapon and the two warrior's go at each other. Elektra and Matt start to get up and help Stick in the fight, but Lord Deathstrike manages to knock them both back down.

Elektra is hurt, but Matt gets up keeps trying his own against Deathstrike. He screams that he will bring Justice for all the innocent people The Hand have hurt. But Matt still can't beat Lord Deathstrike, he beats him to the ground and readies The Beast for a fatal stab. Saying how envies how this "Chaste Ninja" will meet Mephisto before he does. But before he can stab Stick runs in the way and fights off Deathstrike more, getting himself stabbed with Beast. He slashes at Matt again and he instructs his Ninjas to take the badly wounded Elektra back to their building, and they threw Matt into the water for dead. Lord Deathstrike instructs his Hand ninjas to go look for Melvin and Karen (who escaped).

Karen and Melvin were hiding in a crete and go out and fish up Matt. He wakes up, extremely hurt and he goes to see Stick, who in his dying breathe says how The Chaste must remain strong, and how Matt has the soul to resist the temptation of power, he says that is worth more than any fighting skills, and dies shortly afterwards as Matt begins to mourn. Karen realizes he needs medical help and they go to her apartment building, where they unmask the Vigilante and she sees it's Matt Murdock under the mask, she informs Melvin that he is her Lawyer, her blind Lawyer. Melvin comments on how this is all getting weirder and weirder.

In the Roxxon Building Elektra is waken up by Lord Deathstrike. She's tied up, and asks if she's going to be another one of his sacrifices and that she'll spit in Mephisto's face if she sees him. But Lord Deathstrike says how she is not worthy of such an honor. He explains how some Ninjas in The Hand willingly choose to fight for Mephisto's honor, but others had to gain a "different perspective" to help. He pulls out a mysterious artifact that he claimed came from Mephisto's realm. He shows it to Elektra and her irises turn red, and she bows saying how she sees it now the brilliance of Amatsu-Mikobashi and how she must worship him and do his bidding. She bows to Lord Deathstrike after.

In Karen's Apartment, it's morning and both Melvin and Karen respectively are tending to Matt's wounds. They say how they think he'll live, but he stays on the couch depressed that he let Stick get stabbed and Elektra captured "out of the frying pan into the fire" he says. They try to comfort him and he asks why Stick cared so much for Matt, that after all the terrible things he said, how he came back. He knew Matt was the one to fight The Hand, but why? Elektra was a far better student, and at least close to his level in skill, what about him was so unique? Karen hears the doorbell ring and she opens it to see Foggy. He wanted to check in on her, since he found out she's back. Karen claimed she just wanted to rest in her apartment a little before telling anyone, but Foggy says that the Police want to see her for an interview, she could be vital for the investigation into the Hell's Kitchen Ninjas. That both the Daily Bugle and Pulse are reporting on it. Foggy even says some guy named Ben Urich tried to interview him.

Foggy notices someone in her apartment move. He asks who's in there, and she says no one just "some company" he says okay and goes to call Matt. Hearing his cell phone go off. Thinking that he's hiding in Karen's apartment from Foggy jumps to conclusions he's moving up in the Law Business and trying to leave Foggy behind. Enraged, he tells Matt he can abandon Nelson & Murdock if he wants to further his career, storming off. Matt hears that inside and it only adds to his worry.

Outside the Police station Ben Urich is texting on his phone and is approached by Oscar Clemons. Oscar asks what he's doing there, and Ben says he's researching the Ninjas in New York and how he has a theory of where they're coming from, one of the abandoned Roxxon centers in the city. Clemons dismisses that though, claiming the police can figure this out themselves don't need out of JJ's Pets to do that, and Karen shows up. Oscar starts interviewing her on mental health questions, and stuff about the investigation. As she answers his questions. He starts to ask if the building looked anything like a Roxxon Center, getting almost nothing but positive affirmations it did.

He says how he "doesn't know how Urich figured it out" but calls the other forces and says that the Roxxon Corporation is under suspect for connections with the recent Ninja-terrorism. Matt is walking back to St. Michael's church and goes to the Confession Booth with Father Lantom on the other side. He says how his life is spiraling out of control. When the Father asks what Matt has been doing lately, he says he's been "waging a war against the forces of evil" but he doesn't know how to stop them, how to spare this city from their wrath. It's caused a rift with his best friend, Foggy Nelson and he doesn't know what to do. The Father gives him advice on how Matt should not become the evil he is trying to fight, even if it leads to your end. Similar to how Jesus died on the cross, and forgave those who persecuted him. Darkness cannot conquer darkness, it can only be conquered with light. Matt and him talk more, before he brings up how his enemies literally (or as he tells the father so to speak) worship the Devil. But Father Lantom says how Satan is merely the Hebrew word for Adversary, and anyone can be anyone's devil from a certain perspective.

Matt goes back to Karen's apartment after that, considering Father Lantom's words. When he returns Karen tells him that Ben Urich and Oscar Clemons might've figured out that The Hand is hiding out in one of the abandon Roxxon Buildings and might be able to stop them. But Matt seems more worried by this, saying the NYPD cannot stop The Hand's magic and The Chaste needs to. Matt says he'll search everyone Roxxon building until he finds them, saves Elektra, and finishes their plot once and for all. He tells Melvin that he needs a better suit, since Lord Deathstrike ruined his previous attire with The Beast's slashes.

When he says he can make it, Matt requests he do the suit in the design of a Devil. When he asks why on Earth he would want to look like that, he says (similar to Father Lantom) how Satan is an adversary, and as the unofficial leader of The Chaste, he is an adversary to The Hand, in a familiar form (as they worship the devil). He goes along with it and Karen tells him he needs a name, Matt simply says under his Breathe Daredevil.

Oscar Clemons is at the NYPD station saying how he wants to forces at every Roxxon Building in Hell's Kitchen searched and how they're going to find these "psychos" and stop them once and for all. At the abandoned Roxxon Building housing The Hand two guarding Ninjas are knocked out by metal clubs. Inside someone is sneaking through the shadows and taking out The Hand ninjas. As their swords try and cut him they slide off his (still hidden) new suit and he knocks them out. It shows in the main chamber Lord Deathstrike and Elektra making more and more sacrifices in the blood in the pool incredibly high but no sigh of Mephisto showing. Lord Deathstrike starts to yell at the statue in Japanese. I'VE DONE EVERYTHING YOU WANTED! WHAT MORE COULD YOU POSSIBLY NEED!" he thunders until Daredevil starts letting some of the captive citizens go free and knocks out almost all the other Ninjas in the room. Lord Deathstrike then notices Daredevil walking towards him. He laughs, saying how he's impressed he made this far. How Stick definitely made the right choice in focusing on training him. Daredevil goes forward out of the shadows and into the light, revealing his new Red Devil-esque costume.

He says how he's going to make Lord Deathstrike suffer for what he did to Stick. Lord Deathstrike asks if that suit is supposed to be a mockery of his faith. But Matt simply replies back "You wanted a devil, you got one." and before he can fight someone kicks him in the side of the head, knocking him down. Lord Deathstrike yells to him, "You are no Mephisto, and I will show you just how insignificant you are, being the final sacrifice in his great journey!" Daredevil gets up and notices a mind controlled Elektra kicks him down. Bloodlusted, she starts to attack him and Lord Deathstrike watches as the two Chaste fight to the death.

Daredevil is able to hold his own, but doesn't want to fight Elektra or hurt her. The two manage to get down even worse until, Daredevil starts to bring up those stories about her family, in Greece how Stick came to find her and the training, their similar experiences, their attraction to one another. This causes her to second-guess herself, Lord Deathstrike though yells her to finish him. But while she's distracted Daredevil uses his club to knock down the artifact that was mind-controlling her, snapping her back to her regular state of mind. But she was too weakened to continue fighting.

Lord Deathstrike quickly unsheaths Beast and starts to fight Daredevil in the middle of the blood pool. It is an intense fight and Daredevil is still barely able to hold his own, but as he continues to get beaten down. Matt realizes he needs to stop trying to see him, and just feel his movements with the other super senses. He starts only to focus on his breathes and fighting in the points of weakness in Lord Deathstrike's body, eventually beating him down.

Deathstrike yanks his mask off, bursting into tears screaming in Japanese how he failed Mephisto in the time of greatest importance and stabs himself with The Beast, committing harakiri. Daredevil watches over his corpse thinking the entire incident is over and begins to turn around to try, but Deathstrike's blood starts to leak into the pool's main chamber and actually starts to float in the air. All the blood spilled shaping into a form of a man.

"You are quite an impressive, mortal." The creature says as Matt turns around. He says how he can sense the creature is more than just a man... he's more than anything he's ever sensed before. The creature says he is Satan or Mephisto. That Deathstrike spent all this time trying to summoning him, thinking he just needed more and more sacrifices to summon him. That he was destined to lead him in the takeover of Earth, but that the only blood Mephisto wanted was his. He says that the takeover is still planned, but that he wants Daredevil to lead the charge. That he is a mortal of true strength, that Deathstrike and Stick saw it too, he is a survivor, and truly has the power to take over this Earth. With just an acceptance of his offer, Mephisto could use his magic to give Daredevil an unfathomable power, even give his sight back.

But Daredevil says he would never serve him, never fight for evil. That he will stop all of it, and use whatever strength he can muster to do it. Mephisto laughs reminding Daredevil he is still a human, and he could destroy him in a thought. But Matt replies I'm not Afraid of you. Mephisto laughs again, saying how Matt Murdock truly is a Man Without Fear. He says that without an army of a harbinger his apocalypse will not come to be, but that his influence on the Mortal Plane is far from finished. He ironically wishes Matt good luck in his "war" against him and vanishes in a cloud of fire.

Daredevil stairs at where Mephisto stood for five minutes still in shock, he actually just stopped the literal devil himself. He eventually goes to Elektra and takes her to out of the building. Oscar Clemons and the New York Police Department end up raiding it, and arresting the knocked out Ninjas, and see Lord Deathstrike with his own sword impaled into his gut. Clemons theorized he knew that the Police were coming for him and just committed Sepuku, sarcastically saying "How Poetic". They free the rest of the captives and explore the building.

Outside Ben Urich is saying how the Vigilante of Hell's Kitchen must've stopped them. That they have a new superhero defending their streets now and says how he needs to write a story on it. Daredevil and Elektra are watching them from afar, and Elektra says how she likes his new outfit. He thanks her and says how he hopes Stick can rest in peace knowing The Hand won't be getting their Apocalypse after all. She says how he always believed in him, and she's glad to have met. They share a kiss and Elektra says she's going to explore the world tonight and use her skills for other purposes. She offers Matt the chance to come with her, but he says his place is in Hell's Kitchen and he wishes her the best of luck on her future journeys.

The next day it's snowing and Matt is sitting by Stick's grave. He's there with Karen and she brings Foggy with her, wanting the two of them to make up and re-unite their law firm. Matt does apologize and Foggy says even though he's still annoyed forgives Matt and says they can talk about re-opening Nelson & Murdock Attorney's at Law. They both leave while Matt continues to stay there, while Father Lantom approaches him. He asks Matt if he conquered his demons, and he said he has, that he can't kill the Devil he needs to stop what he stands for. Corruption, injustice, violence, hate, evil. That he has many skills and talents that he has an obligation to use for the better good, he's seen the true face of evil in front of him and knows he needs to root it out and stop it anywhere it rears it's ugly head. While Matt was saying that it shows a montage of a young woman being sexually assaulted by two criminals and Daredevil beating them both and tying them to the wall.

The police end up finding and arresting both of them they see on the wall, in red, the classic DD pained on signifying Daredevil. Ben Urich takes a picture of it and is later shown publishing a newspaper about Hell's Kitchen's own Daredevil for the Daily Bugle with the DD on the cover of it. Foggy Nelson right outside his office picks it up at a Kiosk Stand and says "Good to have people standing up for the little guy".

At the end credits (with this playing), it shows Ben Urich opening the file cabinets at the Daily Bugle building and adding Daredevil's to the D section. Afterwards he moves his hand over to the H section and pulls out a file on the Heroes for Hire, looking over them and smiling before saying under his breathe if only they could see the what the world has become now.


  • Patrick J. Adams as Matt Murdock/Daredevil
  • Brian Tee as Lord Deathstrike
  • Katrina Law as Elektra Natchios
  • George Takei as Stick
  • Zachary Knighton as Foggy Nelson
  • Kristen Bell as Karen Page
  • Logan Marshall-Green as Ben Urich
  • Edward James Olmos as Father Lantom
  • Michael Chicklis as Melvin Potter
  • Donald Glover as Detective Oscar Clemons
  • Daniel Brühl as Mephisto (Cameo)
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