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Sonic Star

Real Name
Danny William Thompson
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Sonic Star




Diana Thompson (mother), Nathan Thompson (father), Jay Thompson (cousin), Barry Thompson (uncle, deceased), Clara Thompson (aunt), Claire Evans (wife), Natasha Thompson (daughter)


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New York






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Early Life


Michael William Thompson was born on Thursday, August 28, 2008 in Los Angeles, California. His parents were Nathan Thompson and Diana Thompson. At an early age in school, he met and became best friend of Thomas Green and Anya Corazon, to the point that they frequently spent weekends together, in the company of Michael's cousin, Jay.

In 2013, Michael, Thomas, Anya and Jay were in a park playing, until a group of feral pit-bulls appeared, Michael and Jay had to fight against the pit-bulls while Anya asked for help and Thomas sat down to eat jam.

A month later, Michael, Anya and Jay went to visit Thomas when his mother died in a car accident.

Disappearance of his cousin

In 2014, the four of them were together in another park, until they realized that Jay was no longer there. They spent hours and hours calling him, but he did not answer. Days and days passed and they had no trace of him. This caused the separation of Barry Thompson and Clara Thompson, Michael's aunt and uncle, and caused trauma in him as well, since he blamed himself for what happened.

Knowing the Avengers

In July of 2016, Michael and his friends and their parents went on a vacation to forget the problems. There they happened upon the fugitive Avengers after the Civil War: Steven Rogers, Samuel Wilson, Clinton Barton, Wanda Maximoff, Scott Lang and Natalia Romanoff.

Michael became a great friend of Romanoff, doing many activities together, watching cartoons, sitting together eating, etc ... She also taught him a little Russian.

One day, Michael woke up and saw that the Avengers had gone; the police had located them and they had to leave, although Romanoff left a letter to Michael telling him that they would meet again in the future.


In the year 2018, Michael, Thomas and Anya were in the Thompson residence playing video games, until Michael leaned out the window and saw that the children and parents who had been outside the houses were no longer there. Then, Michael's mother, Diana, began to fade. Then his father, Nathan, also disappeared, along with Charles Green, the father of Thomas and Melania Corazon, Anya's grandmother, all victims of Thanos's Decimation.

Meeting Brandon Sharpe

One day, the three friends were walking down the street, until a criminal stopped them to steal what they had. Despite doing their best efforts, they were not rivals for him. Then an old man came to stop the criminal, telling him that if he saw him again trying to rob someone, he would kill him. He returned the money and belongings to the children and left.

The old man asked the children if they were okay and asked them where their parents were. The children replied that their parents had disappeared with the Decimation, to which he responded that he would take care of them and revealed to them that his name was Brandon Sharpe.

Dealing with the Snap

Now an orphan, and with his uncle in another part of the world, Michael had no choice but to go on with his life with much regret. His sadness was reflected in his day-to-day life. He was almost never hungry or thirsty, he almost never played, and he just laid around listening to music. Even so, at school and with his friends he tried to keep them calm, and tried to convince them to go ahead and forget everything.

Knowing the real Brandon Sharpe

It had been a few months since the Decimation, the existence of Thanos, his murder at the hands of Thor, and the Infinity Gauntlet were already public, without hope that their parents would return, the three children had to accept Brandon as their new caregiver , so they decided to get to know him better.

One day, Brandon was watching television, and the children approached him to ask him questions. After a while of speaking, he revealed to them that he was the old super-hero of the 1980s, Brandon Sharpe, known as Striker. At first the children did not believe him, because both Sharpe and his daughter Lisa had died fighting against HYDRA's air forces. However, Sharpe showed them that it was true, since the television ran out of signal, and with a beam that launched with his finger returned the signal. He also revealed that the only one who died had been his daughter.

Powers and Abilities


Arachnid Physiology: Michael Thompson acquired arachnid powers for some spider poison that fell on his left hand which had a cut, so he was granted the skills of a spider. With his new improved skills, Thompson deliberately refrains from participating in sports, such as football, because he has a superhuman advantage.

  • Superhuman Strength: By having a force proportional to that of a spider, Thompson is able to lift several tons of weight. Although he is relatively inexperienced. He has been seen stopping and raising a 1.4-tonne car, moving at speeds of 64 km / h and breaking a bulletproof glass with only a few hits. He even bore the weight of an aircraft access bridge, which weighed about 30 tons.
  • Superhuman Durability: As a result of his abilities, Thompson has denser bones and muscle tissue that allow him to survive a large impact, since he was not affected by falling from a multi-story height.
  • Superhuman Agility: Thompson is exceptionally agile and fast, being able to swing on a thin web and jump great distances without difficulty.
  • Superhuman Speed: Thompson can move at speeds greater than those of an ordinary human being, making him adept at dodging.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Thompson has reflections and movements that allow him to dodge almost any object that travels at high speeds. Its extraordinary agility, reflexes and speed, combined with its arachnid sense allow it to escape from any attack as if nothing.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Thompson's advanced musculature produces less fatigue toxins during physical activity than an ordinary human being. This allows him to physically demand for longer periods of time before fatigue begins to deteriorate your physical performance.
  • Wall-Climbing: Thompson can mentally control the flow of interatomic (electrostatic) attraction between the molecular limit of the surfaces, thus overcoming the normal repulsion of electrons and allowing its incredible adhesion potential. This ability to affect the attraction between surfaces is limited up to now to the body of Thompson and especially concentrated in his hands and feet.
  • Arachnid Sense: Thompson has an extrasensory sense or arachnid sense that warns him of the immediate potential dangers.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Thompson's increased metabolism allows him to heal quickly and regenerate from damage faster than normal humans are capable.


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