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Honey Bee

Real Name
Danielle Pym
Current Alias
Honey Bee

Danny, Queen B, Little Wasp, Wasp 2.0



Young Avengers, New Avengers Squad

Henry Pym (Father), Janet Van Dyne (Mother), Vision (Paternal "Brother"), Ultron (Paternal "Brother"), Jocasta (Paternal "Niece"/Has mother's personality engrams), Alkhema (Paternal "Niece")


Base Of Operations
Avengers Academy, Los Angeles, California; Formerly New Jersery Penthouse


5' 2" (Variable)

105 lbs (48 kg) (Variable)


Unusual Features
Has wings that come from her back at will


Marital Status

Superhero; Formerly Rogue fighter

High School Level

Mutate, latent Pym Particles residing in her blood was activated by an accident of dropping a vial of the particles with some landing on her

Place of Birth


First appearance




Danielle is the daughter of Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne, being born in New Jersey when the two settled down after retiring. During much of her childhood Danielle was raised like any normal child despite the reputation of her parents as heroes in the past. She was early on enrolled into some of the finest schools and given private tutors. This was to help her get an early start on her studies and at an early age she showed to have quite a high intelligence.

Growing up, Danielle became close to her parents but was extremely close to her mother compared to her father. She found herself often spending more time with Janet through shopping, trips to the mall, and social gatherings among the socialites of New York. In the long run mother and daughter bonded more over the years than father and daughter. This was in large part due to Hank's focus on his scientific and teaching career at Empire State University. Such work caused Hank to neglect his family somewhat but that didn't stop him from trying to get them to make trips to the labs from time to time.

Danielle often enjoyed these trips, as they allowed the family some limited time together. During one such trip, however, Danielle was drawn to a sample of Pym Particles on her father's work table. Twelve at the time, and with an inquisitive nature, Danielle picked up the vial without much thought to examine it, beginning to unscrew the top until Hank's voice yelling at her not to touch it surprised the preteen. In her startled state she dropped the glass with the contents splashing on the floor and some on the younger Pym. This splash caused concern from her parents who rushed her to see Pym's "son" Vision, hoping the Synthezoid could give them an answer if this was going to affect their daughter in any way.

Much to their shock the vial was found to trigger the Pym Particles lying dormant in her DNA already, discovering that the young girl already had them. Without the need for exposure it was Vision's confirmation that led to the discovery that Danielle already held the potential to have the powers of her parents if not having her own power-set to some degree.

Honey Bee is Born

Unfortunately, this discovery brought a split in what to do for Danielle with Janet wanting to allow their daughter to gain further experience as a hero while Hank wanted her to avoid fighting. Despite this though, Danielle took her mother's side and began taking up tips from her, being tutored in how to properly use her abilities and eventually even given her own suit Janet designed herself. By the age of fourteen Danielle finally began a solo career as a vigilante covering New Jersey, doing so secretly doing so behind her father's back along with occasionally going on missions with her mother.

Eventually after a year of keeping her heroic life secret Hank found out through a chance footage on the news, becoming angered the two went behind his back. But unable to do anything about it Hank decided it was best to do something else instead: enroll his own daughter into the soon to be open Avengers Academy. With her father being one of several to suggest the idea in the beginning Hank and Janet mutually agreed proper training was necessary and they soon moved to Los Angeles to reopen the Academy with Danielle as one of its first students when she turned sixteen and her father an instructor.

Powers and Abilities


  • Size Alteration:Much like her parents Danielle can alter her size at will through the natural inheritance of Pym Particles in her genes and DNA. She is able to either shrink to about 1/2 an inch like her mother or grow to great heights much like her father, which so far 20 feet has proven to be her limit. Doing either has proven to grant her enhanced strength in the same workings as her parents and her size is likely shunted or added from a pocket dimension. Danielle has stated she prefers shrinking over growing as being taller puts a great strain on her body, but it is likely she can reach past 20 feet.
    • Enhanced Strength:Like her parents, Danielle gains enhanced strength either if she shrinks or grows larger. This is likely done by the same mechanics as her mother when she shrinks, showing she can pack quite a punch despite her small size. And of course her increased body mass easily allows her to lift 1,000 pounds, 1 ton, and 10 tons so far when she grows taller.
  • Flight:When she shrinks, Danielle manifests insectoid like wings that resemble bee wings, allowing her to fly at great speeds and to decent heights. Unlike her mother though she can also manifest these wings at will when she is in normal height that allow her to fly up to 560 feet height and move at great speeds and showing excellent maneuverability and dexterity in the air.
  • Bee Stings:Much like Wasp, Danielle can concentrate her bio-electrical energy towards her hands to where she can fire them in concentrated concussive blasts. These not only sting someone but can also paralyze them with enough power.
  • Sleep Pollen:Her Pym Particles have also granted Danielle her own unique additional power, which she has dubbed Sleep pollen. She calls it this due to when she releases it from her hands or wings they make someone fall asleep for a few minutes, a few hours, or at the maximum a day. Though this has to be inhaled to work and the exposure and amount inhaled depends on how long the effects last.


  • Danielle is a decent hand-to-hand combatant who utilizes a style similar to her mother's being able to find and attack the pressure points on a person's body.
  • Danielle is also trilingual, being able to speak English, Spanish, and French fluently.
  • Danielle is noticeably a bright, intelligent young woman who seems to have some knowledge of science and also has shown to be an excellent improvisor.

Strength level

She has the average strength of a woman her age and height who engages in moderate exercise. Though this can vary depending upon her size.


  • Size altering can tend to put a strain on Danielle's body, mostly from growing larger in which she has stated it likely could kill her if she grows beyond her limit.
  • Danielle isn't the best combatant and could easily be knocked down by stronger foes.
  • Danielle is actually surprisingly trouble and accident prone, making her quite susceptible to getting into dangerous situations.
  • Despite her name and what her parents could do in communicating and controlling insects Danielle is incredibly fearful of them, so much so she tends to freeze up or freak out when they are near or on her.



  • "Bee" Goggles:Danielle has her own set of goggles inspired by some of her father's inventions of his helmet and previously his Wasp goggles. These goggles allow her to use various features such as giving her thermal vision, microscopic vision, and x-ray vision. They allow her to give off a frequency in which she can call upon or communicate with insects but is something she rarely utilizes. They also serve the purpose of protecting her eyes for when she flies at her full speed.

Transportation: Her wings, Academy vehicles
Weapons: None known.


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  • Danielle's Honey Bee costume is primarily based on her mother's suit.
  • Her goggles are inspired by Hank Pym's Wasp Goggles but she rarely makes use of the feature to communicate with bugs.

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