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Real Name
Danielle Moonstar
Current Alias

Mirage, Dreamweaver, Dani, Pilgrim, Urbanite, Psyche, Moonstar, Little Cheyenne, Spellbinder, Hela's Dark Angel, Pocahontas, Quark, Nightmares ghost.


Neo Exiles, New Mutants (founder),






Unusual Features

Native American Honorary Asgardian

Marital Status

Adventurer, Valkyrie, Shaman, Student/Teacher, Super Spy, Military commander, Reality hopper, Theoretical physicist.

Xavier's School for gifted youngsters, Valkirior training, S.H.I.E.L.D. training, Advanced Quantum & Theoretical physics tutelage, political sciences master degree of the Krakoan sociological academia.

Human Mutant chosen to be one of Odin's/Hela's shield maidens and couriers of the dead.

Place of Birth

First appearance



History of character is unknown.

Powers and Abilities


Homo Superior Physiology: Dani, due to bearing the X-Gene, would come to be gifted with paranatural abilities up and down the metascale spectrum. Abilities which would be further supplemented via decades of experience both as a mutant freedom fighter, decorated espionage expert and much celebrated ferrymen of the dead and fallen of Asgard and Earth.

Telempathy: Danielle's primary mutant ability is the recombination of telepathic and empathic powers; the respedctive abilities of reading minds and understanding emotirons. Moonstar can influence the mental/emotional convalescence of higher and lower lifeforms able to communicate on an almost intuitive level with anyone and everyone around her. Easily capable of receiving thoughts and influencing the emotions of others, perceiving what they think and feel on a microcosmic to macrocosmic scale. Over the many centuries she has practiced her powers; and accumulated new ones in her time amongst the Valkyrior. Dani has learned to vastly expand upon the depth and scale which the individual natures of her superpowers can truly reach; even picking up other facilities related to them along the way, serving to further enhance her natural psionic affinity.

  • Illusion Energy Manipulation: One of the primary facets of her dual power is the ability to harness and materialize illusory force in order to project it into tangible reality. Enabling the creation, shaping and manipulation of misapprehensive quintessence associated with sensory distortions.
    • Empathic Illusion Casting: She had the power to create three-dimensional images of certain visual concepts from thoughts and emotional impressions within the minds of herself and others. Originally, Moonstar could only create images of the objects of other people's greatest fears. Later, she learned how to reach into another person's subconscious and project an image of the object of that person's "heart's desire." Still later, under Charles Xavier's further training, Moonstar learned to use her power to derive and project more specific images from another person's mind that were unrelated to such strong emotional states. Moreover, she learned how to project such images around herself and others in order to alter the appearance of herself and others. For example, once she and her teammate Cannonball, neither dressed impressively at the time, had to find Wolfsbane at a stylish hotel. In order that she and Cannonball would look as if they belonged in the hotel, Moonstar made herself and Cannonball look like the desk clerk's mental image of the ideal wealthy guests for the hotel. Most recently, Moonstar learned to project three-dimensional versions of images from her own mind, such as life-size images of the New Mutants training in the use of their powers.

Despite the fact that Moonstar had to probe a person's subconscious in order to discover the mental image she wished to project, she wasn't a true telepath. Although she could consciously initiate the mental probing in order to find and project an image, the probing process itself wasn't governed by her conscious mind. Hence, Moonstar did not consciously know what the image she sought in another person's mind was (in any more detail than that it was the image of the object of his or her greatest fear, or that it was the image of his or her ideal customer, or whatever) until its image actually appeared in three-dimensional form before her.

The three-dimensional images that Moonstar caused to appear were similar to holograms, although they were created by psionic energy rather than by lasers, and could be seen by anyone in their vicinity. However, only the people from whom Moonstar derived the images would perceive them as "real," indistinguishable from the real persons or objects they portrayed. To other people, the images were recognizable as immaterial illusions.

Moonstar could use her power to derive and project mental images on several people at once. Each "victim" would see a different image, corresponding to his or her own individual concept of the kind of image that Moonstar sought. If, for example, she sought to make a group of people each see the object of his or her greatest fear, probably each person in the group would see an image of a different person or thing. Probably if she caused each member of the New Mutants to see an image of Professor Xavier, each member would see a subtly different image, according to his or her own perception of Xavier's personality, handsomeness, and so forth. However, even though each "victim" in such a group would see only one image, Moonstar herself and anyone else in the vicinity would see each of the images drawn from the minds of each of the "victims."

The seeming materialization of the object of his or her greatest fear of desire invariably had immediate emotional impact on the person from whom Moonstar had drawn the image she projected. Moonstar's images dissolved and ceased to exist as soon as she ceased to maintain sufficient concentration to keep them visible.

Moonstar was limited in the use of her power by her need to see the person from whose consciousness she derived her images. She could use her power on a person even if he or she could only be seen by Moonstar through binoculars. However, she couldn't draw images from a person who was standing only a few feet from her, but behind something she couldn't see through. Nor could she derive images from a person whom she saw via live television but who wasn't actually within her vicinity.

At first Moonstar could not control her image projecting powers, and she would draw and project images without consciously willing to do so.However, she learned to control her power due to Charles Xavier's guidance and her own growing maturity, so that her power operated only when she willed it to do so. Moonstar, like the other New Mutants, was killed and then resurrected by the alien Beyonder. When the Beyonder recreated the New Mutants, somehow their proficiency in utilizing their powers was greatly reduced. Hence, although Moonstar could still perform all the feats listed above, it was now more difficult for her to do so. Also, her ability to keep her power under her conscious control was lessened as a result.

Moonstar's ultimate potential was to be able to cause her three-dimensional images to become tangible entities of psionic force. She was only able to make use of this full potential temporarily when her abilities were briefly augmented psionically by Charles Xavier when he was mentally possessed by a member of the alien Brood.

Moonstar could also use her power to derive and project images of the objects of fear or desire from the minds of animals. The only difference was that the animal from which she derived the image would be the only being to see it. She could even use this power on fish and certain insects, although not on animals with intelligence any lower than these creatures. Moonstar could derive mental images of her Winged horse Brightwind objects of fear and love even if Nightingale was beyond the range of her sight, and project such images to him over a great distance. The limits of her powers with regard to Twilight Wing are unknown. She summoned him in the past by projecting an image of herself, whom he loved, to him, even though he was out of her range of sights.

  • Neural Arrows: She could focus her psionic powers into energy arrows which can stun an opponent by disrupting their central nervous system, or force them to relive a traumatic memory. She can also materialize them as solid psychic force to deal both physical & mental damage as well.
  • Relative Appearance Alteration: Using her illusory powers, Danielle can make cosmetic appearances differ depending on who or what sees her, basing it either on what said affected individuals most appreciated persona or most redoubtable item of intrigue would look like according to the seers tastes and/or experiences. The perceived appearance varies from person to person and can include changes in race, voice, and mannerisms to present anything from an ideal figurehead to someone most hated by a viewer to the most desired characteristic of that they admire. This is particularly useful for infiltration and social espionage as Mirage can pluck the ideal personage whom anyone within a particular special venue she's interested in that they'll be comfortable with. Enabling her to better understand and cohabitate with onsite staff
    • Transformative Psychochemical Influence: Learning a thing or two from Benjamin Deeds through study and understanding of his mutant power. Dani learned to utilize personal physiological mastery in order to simulate his ability to induce trust and likability in her whenever she's emulating the persons most coveted interest. This chemical influence makes others feel good, soothed, calm, pleasant, and relaxed whenever Danielle uses her powers in such a way. Whenever Dani lifts a face that's individually liked from someone else's mind, she trained herself to subconsciously release chemical secretions that relaxes people and even most animals.
      • Technochemical Disruption: Moonstar's chemistry also has the effect of scrambling technological/biomechanical/electronic devices. For example, her pheromonal output can make surveillance devices flicker in and out momenterilly. Not only do her emissions make people like her due to her pleasant scent, but they also have the added benefit of shorting out most computerized engineering practices imaginable. Making stealth infiltration a breeze.
    • Relative Strength Perception: To the extent of user based interactive experience, Valkyrie can also become as powerful as another perceives her as being in the delusional state. If an opponent understands the power and scope which it may reach then Dani, in turn, will be registered as being as strong or as threatening as who or whatever it is they are witnessing, become so powerful as the adversary will understand them/her to be. For example; if Ms. Moonster were to be perceived as an all powerful effigy; such as Odin or Galactus as it were, then that is what and/or how powerful in relation too which she will become.
      • Phobia-Initiated Ability Manifestation: With her natural affinity for understanding peoples emotions and mental state. Moonstar later discovered she could not only discern peoples greatest fears by sifting through their nightmares; but by combining her Valkyrie aspect of appearing to the dead or dying as whatever it is that they dread most in their as, in physical shape and form, a vastly enlarged iteration of said recipients worst nightmare coupled with her innate power to project peoples wants or worries as psychically projected holograms. Moonstar could gain abilities that are related to a target's personal concept of horror. Spending years in catering to both mortals and gods alike has allotted for considerable practice and experience in it's use. Her shifts can be made to be aesthetic or tangible, bestowing all the powers coming with the form of whatever being/object promotes ones uneasiness.
  • Intuitive Empathy: Through her understanding of mind and emotion; Dani had delved into the underlying depths of her own mental state in order to make understanding and interpreting peoples intentions second nature to herself. Through this deep dive into greater insight; she learned how to instantly learn and understand the workings and mechanics of anything on an empathetic level, regardless of how simple or complex it all is. Such a skill allows her to near immediately comprehend the complexity and exactness of events, organisms, objects, subjects, fields, powers, etc. without the need of long-term explanation or special education. A faculty of this ability also allows her to also (or instead) intuit spiritual truths and principles (sensing the presence of evil/danger/people that dislike the user, a feeling that one should or shouldn’t go somewhere, or the right thing to do in a situation); something which is called Gnosis.
    • Ecological Empathy: Moonstar's Indian affinity coupled with her Asgardian qualities gives access to a quasi-telepathic rapport with nature and all of it's denizens of the wild, such as higher animalia ranging to primates (humans included), members of the canine and feline families (wolves and mountain lions, for example), and birds of various kinds. She can sense and influence the formation of weather patterns and climate change through her feelings and even consciously perceive images in the minds of even the simplest life forms on earth & beyond (e.i. planaria, microorganism's and even plant forms) enabling the huntress to see and feel through their sense. However, her ability to conceptualize through the environment can be disorienting as it is difficult to synch sensorial input with forces of nature, having been limited as to what she telepathically could learn from her surroundings in the past. Such ability even extended to Wolfsbane's lupine form. However, since Wolfsbane retains her human mind as a lupine, it was more difficult for Moonstar to sort out the mental impressions she received from her than it was for Moonstar to deal with those of a real wolf. Moonstar's telepathic rapport with Wolfsbane was originally sometimes painful to Moonstar because of this fact, but it stopped after a period of time. Moonstar even possesses a psychoempathic link with her noble steed; Nightingale, possibly Nightingale had psychic abilities of his own that made their mental union easier. Though highly intelligent, Nightingale has an animal's mind, so Moonstar couldn't communicate with him telepathically in quite the same way she could with Wolfsbane when she is in her lupine form.
    • Urban Empathy: In a similar manner to her affinity with the ecosystem, Moonstar also has a psycho empathetic connection to man made environments like cities, factories, industrialized areas, etc. Her link with the unnatural broadens her capability to commandeer any kind of engineering born not of mother nature as some of her equipment is tailored for. Not only can she establish a psionic connection to the higher faunal forms found in most civilized habitation, she can even use her powers to peruse the resting consciousness laying dormant beneath all the hustle & bustle of the nonrural setting. Such cognizance within any cityscape's are often called 'Municipal Spirits' which are born when a select of sapient beings establish their breadth of land and fabricate domiciles, businesses, firms and manufacturing facilities on top of which in order to help them better raise their establishment. By reaching out to these man made effigy's, Moonstar can broaden her understanding of the major metropolitan area and it's countless denizens whom come in and out of which or make it their home. From the insect class (Blattodea, Centipedes, Drosophila Melanogaster and Cyclorrhapha) to vermin (Myomorphs, Sciuromorph, Columbiform) but more importantly; she could act through the more or (depending on your opinion) less obvious idiosyncrasies of any manufactured structure. Such as the likes of masonry, concrete, overhead power lines, gas mains, plumbing, silicon, neon bulbs, smog and everything else you find in most any boom town. Her connection with the greater burg towns runs somewhat deeper than with that of nature, as show whenever these domesticated environs take a harsh beating from the latest calamity of the week. Dani usually reflects their pain meaning if too many of which get demolished the backlash she feels will reflect upon her on a psychosomatic level.
    • Power Weaponry/Artillery Building: Through the expertise gained in the time spent amongst both the Valkyries and craftsmen of Nidavellir; Dani learned to combine the abilities pertaining to he Asgardian form in conjunction with her ability to channel and reformat the energies of creation towards the purpose of fabricating usable wears and armaments for herself in battle. Moonstar found she can craft various types of weaponry and ranged weaponry ranging to blades, slings, polearms, bows, whips, guns, shielding, cannonry, etc. capable of withholding individual superpowers stemming towards an underlying capacity to emotionally mimic anything and everything around her. This can reach towards but is not limited too; elements, psionics, magic, spirits, divine or demonic energy, etc. She can use these battlements crafted under her own power to channel any one of her special abilities into as conduits to enhance and empower the utensil and herself to be capable of powers.
      • Fear Begotten/Weakness Tailored Arsenal Forging: Combining her empathic illusion casting facility which takes the deep seated worries resting at an opponents core with her ability to intuitively create and fashion weapons based upon fashionable material which she gets her hands on. Dani can use her mutant power to facilitate psychoempathetic batteries which reflect whatever it is that her enemies fear the most, with incredibly comparable effect as the real thing. Through her Valkyrie nature bestowing upon her penultimate mastery of most forms of weapons, of any weapon on hand, coupled with her Cheyenne heritage; she can instinctively peruse the type of arbalest which her enemies would dread facing or surmise on what arsenal to fabricate that best exploits the weaknesses of the enemy. E.I. if she were facing primordial klyntars, she'd manifest a cannon which emits the primal light of the universe. A vampire lord such as Dracula, conjuring silver-lined mono-filaments or a couple of psionic stakes and garlic bolos to tie him over. Hydroman crashing over the plains, the result being solar powered flash grenades juiced up enough to instantly evaporate him in a heartbeat. Lastly if/when King Thor goes on a tear for some trivial infraction, she would manifest The Destroyer backed by the Amulet of Power of Desak and bonded to All-Black the Necrosword of Gorr the Godbutcher to teach the egocentric Lord of Asgard some humility.
  • Oneiric Energy Manipulation: Dani's powers of telempathy eventually evolved to the point where she gained power over the subconscious rem state when a person is in deep slumber. This combined with the Valkyries natural ability to traverse the 'Ten Realms' with impunity makes Ms. Moonstar into a "dream walker", according to her tribe. Moonstar can create, shape and manipulate dream energy, which can be described as an esoteric energy That flows within the world of dreams; through which Dani can better tangiblize and manifest the underlying force which compels peoples inner most wants and desires.
    • Dream/Nightmare Manipulation: Through the appellation of dreaming energy Danielle found that she can create, shape, enter and manipulate peoples dreams; be they her own or those of others at will. She would even reach the point of being able to modify, suppress, fabricate, influence, manifest, perceive and observe dreams and they're adjacent counterparts; e.i. nightmares, daydreams, fantasies, etc. She can then produce and modify such desire born visualizations and then bestow them in any given shape or form that she pleases; able to turn ones most coveted reveries into their most dreaded horror or push subtle disorientation into full blown lucid dreaming, entrap people who are wide awake in a comatose like REM stae, and promote spiritual/emotional healing either from within dreams or in the waking world. Speaking of, the expansion of her power now allows such a faculty to extend into the real world, meaning that if she were to inflict wounds on a sleeping victim they would receive them in they're corporeal state, healed damage (mental or physical) affecting the physical form, and other wise blurring the line between waking and resting being. Danielle can even pull someone from the waking world into the dream world or bring people/things from the dream world into reality if she see's fit.
      • Dream Inducement: Danielle can lull people into lethargy and compel them into lucid envisioning. Able to induce any manner of dreams in the effected ranging from good dreams, bad dreams (nightmares), lucid dreams, daydreams, she can also pull others or herself into another persons dream as well. She can even put people into a state of hypnagogia causing them to experience dreams even if the target is still awake. Often using such a condition to induce sleep paralysis in this transitional mental state.
      • Dream Replication & Absorption: Dani can copy and store the dreams of others, immediately gaining access to those dreams. This could be used to learn more about the other dreamer, provided the dream tells anything about the dreamer.
      • Dream Recall: Moonstar can make anyone/anything perfectly recall/remember every dream they have ever had, including nightmares. Allowing her to overload a target's mind by forcing them to remember every dream they have ever had in perfect detail causing the brains memory capacity to reach its limit and short out, and even cause breakdown or render them catatonic by forcing them to remember all their nightmares.
      • Dream Walking: Valkyries natural ability to traverse dimensions is further amplified by the ability to enter/exit the higher planes of unified subliminal self, using the interconnecting dream state of whole populations to enter the dreams of others as well as exit into the waking world of other dimensions at will. She can even do the same by entering into a persons daydreams.
      • Dream Communication: Mirage can communicate with others across the slumber scape through their dreams, allowing her to converse with sentient beings who may be incapable of physical speech or communicate if unable to physically vocalize.
      • Dream Imprisonment: Dani can create a faux flight of fancy wherein she can entrap people/places or things into her or the affected targets designated dreams/nightmares.
      • Oneiric Constructs: Danielle Moonstar learned she can create anything (whether organic or inorganic) she wants via her own or others' dreaming power. Whether it is an organism and object in a dream, she can materialize it into the waking world through concentration and personal energy. Either doing so while wide awake so as to pull either past visions or future dreams she or others had the night before out of their corresponding minds into reality.
      • Oneiric Cognition: Able to discern and instantly understand the dreams of other entities. Dani can truly understand the deeper meaning behind the dreams of people, animals, cosmic beings and discern the anxieties behind nightmares as well.
        • Oneiromancy: Valkyrie can employ a method of reading the future, the present and the past and/or provide help to a problem at hand by interpreting dreams.
          • Retrocognitive Dreaming: the power to perceive past events while dreaming.
          • Dream Scrying: the power to dream about something that is happening elsewhere in present time.
          • Precognitive Dreaming: the power to perceive future events in dreams.
      • Oneiric Slaying: Dani can kill/murder/end the life of someone in their sleep by assailing them in their dreams. If a target dies in their sleep they will most definately die in real life too. Ordinarily the more heroic moral aspects of Ms. Moonstar's persona keeps her from resorting to such measures. But as one whom also Sheppard the dead to a heroes afterlife, she's more than affluent in the expertise of how such a skill works.
      • Oneiric Empowerment: Dani found she becomes stronger, faster, more durable, etc. from feeding on the residual energy of dreams, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing the existing powers. Able to draw sustenance from the dreams, nightmares, delusions or fantasies of others even stopping her own aging as a result.
    • Subconscious Manipulation: Dani can manipulate most anything hidden inside her own or another's subconscious via their dreams; be it ideas, memories, wishes, thoughts, desires, emotions, trauma, etc. of ones core mentality in order to commandeer them. This lets Mirage control the hidden aspects of the individual in various ways, e.i. arranging personalized experiences however she sees fit, awaken secrets and information hidden deep in the back of waking/resting minds, and give shape to emotions or thoughts hidden inside the anima of others. She can erase what resides in the subconscious of others (like their capacity to choose right from wrong) and leave only what they deem "important" making the afflicted very amoral and very dangerous or incredibly compassionate and incredibly nurturing. This enables Moonstar to manipulate the hidden aspects of the mind in various ways, for example arrange memories as one desires, awaken secrets and information hidden deep in the subconscious, and give shape to emotions or thoughts hidden inside the mind.
  • Astral Manipulation: Danielle can use her telempathic abilities to reach out and tap the precarious resources of astral energy. Allowing her to astral project with material substance on physical plane and to the spectral realm and interact there; such a faculty of her seemingly depthless powers also enables her to see and interact with spirits, making them visible to others via astral trapping and potentially harming the dead. Moonstar can even temporarily enable the astral projection's of others to enter & exit the astral plane at will or even block them from projecting their astral body, going so far as to return them back to their corporeal vessels if they had already projected or banishing wayward free-floating apparitions back to the other side.
    • Realm Fusion: Moonstar's psi talent eventually evolved to the point wherein she can temporarily blend the myriad plane's with the physical world in order to capitalize on her vastly expanded powers. As such being able to merge different places/environments into one whole stretch, taking a flower-filled meadow and merging it within the hellscape in the astral plane known as The Underworld, into a place that has features of both a lively spring and nightmarish psychic purgatory. Danielle often makes use of such powers to shorten the expansive distance between realms and differing locations abound (be it inter continental or inter-galactic) by fusing the two spaces together before de-anchoring them back into their respective places in a given spatial frame.
      • Hallucination Solidification: Unbeknownst to Dani at the time, her power to make fabrications she'd make with her powers real actually stemmed from an underlying feature of fusing dis-separate domains together; namely bringing the astral plane into the real world in order to solidify her illusions. At the peak of her psychic power, she can make any paramnesia generated by her powerset physically real. Either turning the mirage solid from a 3-d tangible manifestations of psychic energy or plunge an individual into a powerful psychosomatic illusion world where everything they cone in contact with is real enough to hurt them. Initially she had very little control over this asset of her powers; still being young and inexperienced at the time when the Brood possessed professor amplified her abilities in order to manipulate her for the infestants own ends. Dani can also use this on to make dreams & nightmares become solid, as it also works with bringing whats on the subconscious mind into reality as well.
  • Empathetic Plasma Manipulation: Considered by many psychic mutants to be the focused totality of Dani Moonstar's Telempathic abilities. She eventually grew to tap into a wider spectrum of volatile energy which allows for the control, remaking and solidification of her emotions as deadly arcing plasma. Unlike typical ionized gasses; this form of fluid solid material is linked to the various affections of Moonstar herself and the despondency others, which are infinitely myriad in scope. Based off the intensity of the her feelings, and due in no small part to the unpredictable nature of plasma to begin with, she could even emulate a host of different abilities based on their representation.
    • Emotion Manipulation: Through her ability to materialize her emotions; Moonstar has become privy to sensing and manipulating the feelings, moods and their affects, of themselves, people, animals and other creatures at will. Whether by increasing, decreasing, causing or otherwise channeling differing sensations of the heart, even manifesting a more pure, streamlined emotional energy on the physical level without the violent toxicity. Emotions have been described as discrete and consistent responses to internal or external events which have a particular significance for the organism. Even with they're brief duration and consistence of coordinated set responses, Ghost can modulate the expressions in which they are conveyed, including but not limited too; verbal, physiological, behavioral, and neural mechanisms. She can even influence the existent relationships between such filial motility, such as alternating both the positive and/or negative influences on which they have, with direct opposites existing. Enabling her to discern all the contrasting and categorization of emotions describes how emotions are thought to relate to each other.
      • Emotion Empowerment: Danielle found that her new proclivity to perceiving the emotional extent of others also had the added benefit of strengthening her and others in various ways. For instance, by thriving on the fear of others either while on the battlefront or in a hospital room where people are the most fearful of the inevitable end coming to the. She could foment these negative feelings by absorbing then transferring it as a broad emission wave at an adversarial force to break their ranks and further empower herself. More productively she can also allay it by absorbing said psychic energy of her compatriots into herself, this being helpful to friends and allies alike as this would allow them to operate calmly and with clarity in a crisis situation.
      • Empathic Summoning: Through her emotional ties and the unique quantum energies at her disposal, Dani can either summon entities which act as an extension of herself, synchronizing memories and emotions with the created entities, and spontaneously having them adjusted too obeying her every desire without the need for communication. Or summon existing entities from throughout the ten realms of Asgard and forming a comraderic bond with them once upon their answering the call, either raising them from the dead, creating them out of the primal ether, infusing sentience into inanimate materials and even bind non-summonable beings to their service via empathic conversion. Many of these summons also tend to be empowering for Ms. Danielle, as the companions need & desire to meet her expectations fuel her might and menace whilst in the battle field and vice versa.
    • Scalar Wave Manipulation: Through the usage of her electromagnetic emotion fields Valkyrie discovered she has an untapped ability to utilize scalar waves, a compact dynamic force often called out as a more complete electromagnetic equation. Their lack of net directionality makes them conjugates of each other, which, when left unperturbed, can pass through ordinary matter without negatively effecting everything around it. Moonstar found she can affect Scalar Waves for a number of useful means; beyond just as a mere military foundation but also for medicinal, neurological and meteoric appellation. She can stabilize as well as augment another's health on top of curing all forms of sickness & disease; even reversing the effects of aging to restore the haggard back to their physical prime. Working the potent psychological angle of these EM Waves with her natural psi-talent makes Scalar Waves double as an effective telepathic broadcast amp with which to further strengthen the powers begotten of her mind. Utilizing radio waves and Wi-Fi signals to broadcast televised messaging directly into the brains of others either via mind to mind thought projection or through the casting of her own thought waves into most forms of electronic entertainment property. Valkyrie also uses her innate understanding of this energy stream to broaden her sensitivity and connectivity to the adjacent habitat she's situated in. Enabling her to tinker with the geomagnetic principle of Gaia Theory to transmit her will into the world around her, mainly for the purposes of manipulating and unifying with nature to assume command of the battlefield she's fighting on itself.
      • Imperceptible Force Manipulation: Through the use of Scalar waves Moonstar can alternate an ephemeral subjection abstract which cannot be seen, felt, heard or otherwise properly perceived by any field of sensory range. Using it as the ultimate shield & sword; Dani can knead this alien quintessence in any manner that she see's fit. Creating fields of invisible energy without any recognizable mass that acts as both substantial and immaterial, so that objects affected by the particular force relating to the field are unable to pass through and reach the other side. This dynamic force which stands completely undetectable to all other recognition forms or every form of detection/analysis is next to impenetrable, as well as unstoppable. Able to slag several meter thick reinforced steel bunkers even from continental distances away with relative ease. It can even block a meteor impact with the relative mass of twice that of the earth & moon system combined when used defensively; Pilgrim can even apply such impetus for off/def effect by absorbing directed energy through it before re-releasing it back at opposing resistance via a two-fold process. Said barrier work functions by dispersing a fraction of the absorbed force to cancel the assailant's resistance to impact, then distributing the whole of which a millisecond afterwards to destroy the oncoming assault completely. Effectively pulverizing or turning any confrontational assault to dust using it's own doubled force against it's attacker. This can also be used as a ranged offense as it delivers a powerful wide arcing shockwave once after draining away the impact. Offensively, Valkyrie can discharge gigantic amounts of destructive output which will slag anything it is faced against most instantly. Unlike typical blast outputs however, this particular technique is able to distill any oncoming force it might come across and absorb the energy of whatever attempts to intercept it from an opponent's attacks and in turn, use said force to make her own striking power grow stronger still. It utilizes this same effect as it travels from tremendous distances accumulating energy and heft the longer and farther it has to travel. Therefore, the stronger the opponent's effrontery is, the stronger her attacks become as a result. This inapplicable drive is not just limited to being controlled and emitted by Danielle's hand it can also be utilized as the ultimate ranged attack, able to be situated anywhere at anyplace given any desired time to strike with tremendous force from a remote location if need be.

Quantum Energy Manipulation: Dani; after some time as a Valkyrie, learned that she still retained the ability to manipulate quantum energies to affect energy and matter on a subatomic level. Quantum energy is the cataphysical force exotic nature which both binds and cordons the universe, multiverse, quasiverse and even the omniverse. Through the manipulation of Quantum Energy; Moonstar can wield a force that is a natural material energy all its own, able to give itself a ethereal material substance or transmute matter into energy and back again. She regularly uses this energy force to unify and galvanize the other energy types in her arsenal, pushing her powers to even greater heights than ever before.

Apotheosized Physiology: Being ingratiated into the sacred order of Odin's sour carriers and personal guard, Danielle Moonstar found herself being deified upon her joining the Valkrior. Her mutant nature coupled with the vast universal to multiversal force mastery she has picked up over the ages have made her infinitely more formidable than any Valkyrie proceeding her.

  • Super Strength All Asgardians are superhumanly strong with the average Asgardian male god able to lift (press) between about 30-50 tons under optimal conditions, the average Asgardian goddess able to lift (press) about 25-47 tons under optimal conditions. Due in part to her mutant nature given the way her powers work, Danielle possess greater physical abilities in comparison to the standard and most empirical Asgardian, able to amplify her physical abilities well beyond the physical strength level to well over 100 tons
  • Super Speed All Asgardians have the potential of being able to run and move at speeds much greater than the finest human athlete. Only Hermod and a few others can supersede the majority of the Asgardian gods. Being a Valkyrie, Moonstar developed a kind of warping speed which allows her to bend relative space/time around her person in order to shorten the world and distances between them. Making her several times faster than any Asgardian who ever lived.
  • Super Stamina The musculature of the Asgardian gods produce considerably fewer fatigue toxins during physical activity than the muscles of human beings. An average Asgardian god can exert themselves at peak capacity for about 24 hours before fatigue impairs them. Odin, Thor, and Tyr are physically stronger than most of the Asgardian gods.
  • Supernaturally Dense Tissue The skin, muscle, and bone tissues of the Asgardian gods are about 3 times as dense as the same tissue of a human body, contributing to their superhuman strength and weight.
    • Invulnerability The bodies of the Asgardian gods are considerably more resistant to physical injury than the bodies of human beings. Asir and Vanir are capable of withstanding conventional injury including great impact forces, exposure to temperature and pressure extremes and falls from great heights without sustaining physical injury with ease.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor Despite their natural durability, it is possible for any of the gods of Asgard to sustain physical injury. However, if injured, their highly advanced metabolism enables them to recover with superhuman speed and efficiency. As with most of their other powers, the speed and extent of these powers varies from one Asgardian god to another and is greater for more powerful Asgardians. According to Doom during an Asgardian vivisection, a normal Asgardian can heal from having their heart removed for five minutes after the removal in addition to having his or her neural system continue to function normally.
  • Semi-Immortality The Asgardian gods are extremely long-lived, but they are not truly immortal like the Olympian gods. They age at a much slower rate, but they are not immune to the effects of aging. Their bodies are also immune to all known Earthly diseases and infection. By using both the deathly energies of her departed quarry in conjunction with the emotional force of sentient beings throughout the universe, Mirage has learned to stop her own aging process dead in its tracks. Effectively becoming immune to the ravages of time.
  • Esoteric Element Manipulation The Asgardian gods have some potential to manipulate mystical or cosmic forces for varied purposes. These powers are mostly limited to changing their appearance or shape and teleporting across great distances. However, a small minority of the Aesir & Vanir gods are capable of manipulating vast quantities of matter and energy for a variety of purposes including mass teleportation, transmogrification, augmentation of physical capabilities, fashioning powerful mystic items, channeling mystical energy for spells, curses and /or other arcanum, granting superhuman attributes to objects and other beings and summoning/bonding to extra-dimensional entities to further increase their own power. According to Victor Von Doom, every Asgardian has a spark of the Odin Force inside them, giving the gods their inherent mystical nature. Danielle would come to see she can use her Asgardian like physique to channel her natural magical puissance capacity in far greater scale than she could as a normal human mutant, able to harness and amplify the other specialized forces in her power through her quasi-mystical physiology.
  • Death Sense: As a Valkyrie, she has the ability to perceive and sense the coming of Death. Dani can perceive a "deathglow" surrounding a person who was in serious danger of dying. Moreover, Moonstar can even perceive Death incarnate, in whatever form it took to claim the person with the deathglow. A person surrounded by the deathglow was in danger of death, but might still be saved from dying (until he or she met his or her inevitable end at some later time under different circumstances).
    • Resist Death: Moonstar can issue a declaration of challenge to Death itself or it's deified maifestations using a "Cheyenne ghost-shaft" made from her illusion based superpowers powers. Succeeding in driving away the death goddess Hela when she attempted to claim the soul of Wolverine, and in driving away Death itself when it came for Margaret Power.
  • Death Empowerment: As one of the Valkirior, Moonstar is emboldened by the influx of netheral energies released upon the expiration. Becoming stronger, faster, tougher, more reactive etc whilst in vicinity to the death throes of others, even unlocking new abilities related to death forces people release upon the transmigration of the soul on top of enhancing her existing powers. While in a war torn battlefront Dani often uses the deathly virility permeating the atmosphere to increase her battle prowess and combat ability, becoming more and more capable both in hand to hand and armory practice as the battle rages on. Automatically adapting to be equal or superior to an opponents style of fighting, whether armed or unarmed, making an the attacks of the enemy useless after the first few strikes.


  • Peak Level Physical Condition
  • Espionage Expert
  • Adept Blacksmith: Having spent an eternity amongst the peoples of the various realms, Dani Moonstar managed pick up a few tips on working in a refinery. Taken up residence with the fabled plover's of Nidavellir and beyond has made her a veteran forger who is incredibly capable with fire & metal.
  • Disguise Mastery
  • Self Supremacy: During her lifetimes as a mutant adventurer, a ferryman of the dead, a transcended principality and a reality traveler; Danielle picked up skills which put her in a state of complete and utter awareness of herself. Bringing all cells, genetics and essential biological processes under her total control, enabling the body, mind, emotions, psychology, attentive, intuitive and the like to be perfectly regulated to her cognitive and subconscious dominance. Making her perfectly aware of everything about her being so as to eliminate any and all knowns and unknowns lurking deep inside her very being. Thus making Ms. Moonstar essentially immune/resistant to powers and abilities that control as well as degrade mind, body, spirit or affections.
  • Psychological Intuit
  • Riding As an Asgardians and native american from Cheyenne, Danielle is highly proficient in mount riding. Trained by the shield maidens to tame and ride upon most any kind of creature in creation, be it conventional horseback to winged beasts in addition to many other enchanted animals.
  • Combat Proficiency Trained since birth to be an adept survival specialist and special agency asset, Dani is an exceptional warrior without peer. Be it in armed and unarmed combat; her skills on the field of battle stemming towards swordsmanship, archery, conventional firearms, etc.
    • Adept Hand-to-Hand Combatant
    • Weapon Proficiency
    • Master Marksmen
  • Allspeak: Thanks to the Allspeak, Asgardians can communicate and be understood by any and all races.

Strength level

Class 85-100+


None known.


X.S.E Combat Utilities

Krakoan Biotech

Asgardian Valkyrie Mail: Gifted unto her by the headwomen of the Valkirior, Danielle was bestowed heavily ensorcelled armor of sacred design. Crafted from Asgardian Uru and numerous Vibranium isotopes, her suit is fashioned after the fabled Destroyer Armor alongside the incorporation of symbiotic Angelic Ribbons of Heven, the Dreamstones of Dark Elf make, the installation of condensed Scy'ar Tal/M'Kraan Startrekker tech combined with Kree Uni-Beam Weaponry coupled with Earth based S.L.V (Anti-Metal) powered Scream Satellite engineering alongside much more exotic Black-Light devising from an utterly foreign continuity; provides miss Moonstar with an amorphous femtosubatoid powered armor suit crafted from the superior craftsmanship of Ten Realms and beyond. As the armor withholds an undisclosed level of consciousness of its own, Dani's chainmail can act and automate on it's own accord if she wishes it too. She and the automaton remain inextricably linked either while bonded or separated and the two will always been drawn to helping and servicing one another even while they are separated. Such aspects stemming from the complex psionic bonding with the equipment in it is what allows its user to control it remotely, and call for it with no needs of electronics. Moonstar often states that the suit can "feel" her the same way she can "feel" it, even the Dwarven/Valkyrie joint blacksmiths once referred that this special armor is "alive" in a way. This connection extends to the point of it forming fully into humanoid shape bearing similarities to that of a klyntar even when not bonded to someone. Able to punch through barriers in an attempt to get to its owner at his/her mental command.

  • Omni-Atomic Manipulation: Like the Destroyer, Moonstar's armored suit has total mastery over all scales/sizes of matter & energy. Be it from the macro-scale down to the planck scale, allowing her to control the workings and structure of substance in all of it's shapes forms regardless of its level and size, including celestial/cosmic bodies, atoms, molecules, particles, quarks, strings, branes, and even the quantum foam/foundation of reality. To this effect the enchanted mail can be used to focus and concentrate differing element forms to a magnified degree; the range of which stemming towards intense heat, plasma, ionic, radiation, anti-matter, magnetic force, etc. Along with enabling the manipulation of most materials in a variety of ways via transmutation.
  • Personal Augmentation: As with the enchanted automoton crafted by Odin and his fellow Godheads. Dani Moonstar's enchanted mail offers to magnify her physical and magical abilities many times over, all dependent upon the amount of mystical/esoteric energy she can draw upon either from Asgard or the Astral Plane. By channeling her psionic talent through said armor she can magnify her personal strength, speed, stamina, durability, reflexes, etc. to unprecedented levels beyond even the likes of a sky father, gamma mutate or cosmic herald can conceive of.
  • Biometallic Symbiotic Exoskeleton: Dani's protective sheath possesses a quasi-sentience of it's own and has a collegial bond with its wearer. The partially cognizant metal comprising of Living Vibranium acts in a solipsistic manner, taking anything and everything about its host; i.e. what they aspire to or desire most about themselves, what personal characteristics one takes the most pride in. Then extracting and magnifying these traits and externalizing it; effectively bonding to it's host on a physical, spiritual and mental level through such a process of empowerment. Danielle can utilize the autonomy of her armors vast shifting and/or fusionism capabilities; able to merge into and bestow vast technoformic properties onto any given abstract Ms. Moonstar desires. Through this she can even create and share pieces of her powered mantle with each other living beings or self-aware intelligence's, the suit can be sent out, whether by psionic or vocal command, to attach to another potential wearer aside from Dani, so as to either protect them or restrict their movement to only what Danielle desires, but are incapable of using the suit themselves due to their synergistic link unless commanded too. Creating a hive bound mentality between herself and the affected which further acts as an enhancement/augmentation bond further strengthening the host and said trans-organic second skin. Moonstar; in the vein of Mr. Stark's Bleeding Edge and Endo-Sym iron man armors, houses her fashionable warpart within her own body until donning it via mental command. At which point it manifests itself in a swarm of Femto-Machines given the shape & form of full liquid smart-metal which hardens instantly on connection with the user's body that can turn into any type of structure upon Dani's skin. For example, the micromechs can turn into clothes, uniforms, combat fatigues or even different physical semblances completely, by having these femto-mechs change their properties into whatever Moonstar wants them to be. The armor can also dissociate to transform into the Valkrior Mail whenever and wherever Danielle wishes. As it is full-on psionic over simple technological interfacing; it doesn't rely on mechanisms or servos for initial boot-up on its users command. This combined with Mirages own human mutant physiology, powered by the various eldritch magical relics like the Forge Heart of Eitri or Amulet of Power, makes these high output special artifacts magical properties that much stronger. Also having the effect of enhancing Ms. Moonstar's natural wisdom and dexterity providing her with superhuman-level multitasking and learning capabilities. Usually, due in part to her intrinsic neuro-psychic connection to the armor, Dani's eyes tend to light up with chromatic glare in addition to the radiance of the armor itself. The unique metallic blend of enchanted alloy's makes this armor resistant to powerful magics, even able to resist and dispel hexation's cast by an All-Father; this also gives it protection and the capacity to subjugate possessing entities, such as vengeful Disir spirits looking for a living body with which to prey upon the living and the dead. Psyche's armor also possesses a form of metallic assimilation/conversion process. Enabling it to absorb and convert excess metallic mass into itself in order to generate extra femto-fluid substance for greater metamorphic access; such as the armor having more forming compound to increase its size, mass and density granting the suit a Hulk-like physique. Or the generation of tendrils from its own technomass to enter automated systems in order to ascertain sensitive information and store it within for later usage.
  • Stargate/Black-lite Projection: Right wrist mounted transcendental devices located on the arm braces of the armor allows for the projection and interaction of trans-matter warp dynamism. All for the express purpose of transporting small masses to cosmological expanses across worlds and potentially time both as viable munitions and a quick/easy means of transport by the conversion of matter to energy & back along a Zero-Point energy channel. The Valkyrie Mail can painfully telefrag living beings into solid matter, partially teleport enemies and their strongholds away piece by piece and across different dimensions at that or simply skip the re-materialization effect to create the most powerful supergunnery ever conceived. At they're most lethal setting, these warp facilities can create portals to drag suns & planets into the orbit of other solar systems bringing about widespread calamity.
  • Universal Beam Emitter: Kree uni-beamer technology integrated into the left arm guard of Danielle's armor creates a focusing conduit to better channel it's limitless internal energies, especially those of it's powerful wearers. Notes on the modifications made by astronomically acclaimed Kree soldier; Captain Mar-Vell, were vastly improved upon via magitek of the Asgardian peoples. This wrist mounted projectile emitter can have their power output adjusted so its intensity can range from stun to lethal settings. Aside from this, said blast weapon can generate and fire variable degrees of quantifiable force; either being MASER field energy, a Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation device which comprises of Electromagnetic, Radioactive and Microwave emissions. The device also magnifies the right guards Black Light projection capability for deadening the senses of anyone caught in its arc blast and placate the armors natural matter manipulation & transmogrification capabilities. Dani's armored shell able to fire both disintegration and reconfiguration blasts that can either blow apart or reassemble solid matter on a particle level.
  • Dreamstone Implements: Rare dark elf paraphernalia crafted through malignant arcanum in the boggy marshlands of Svartalfheim. These relics materialize their users underlying designs and ambitions making them useful for enacting a wide variety of effects. The only drawback was that gradual use of an embodied wish steadily corrupted handlers towards the ends of chaos and evil, Moonstar found a way to circumvent this utilizing the fabled Norn Stones to rectify such a flaw. Dreamstone's can be programmed to substantiate any manner of magical facilities a user might need or want; e.i. weapons, armor, gadgets, even entirely whole new power sets to accommodate the situational upkeep.
  • Cyclotronic Angarr: A modular battlement fashioned using Living Vibranium, Antartcitc Vibranium, manmade Reverbium and Ulysees Klaue's sound based technologies built in conjunction using Hammer tech. Industries advanced weapons systems fabricated Judas manufacturing ballistics. The faculty of her Valkyrie armor generates acoustic/ultrasonic basted supergunnery and munitions derived from the Advanced Idea Mechanics S.C.R.E.A.M space station design specs. Either fashioning itself into a powerful sonic cannon which projects ever amplifying counter vibratory shockwaves which, through anti-metal rad emissions, can decouple metallic atom bonds causing dense alloy structures, supports and defenses to collapse while obliterating anything protected by it using deep cutting sonic blasts. For a more traditional military approach, the mail can protrude hyper velocity linear rifles which discharge heavy penetrative explosive reverbium jackets that bore through any protective armor or hyperdense skin layering before blowing the target apart from within. Ordinarily the carbon molecular density disrupting properties of S.L.V only affects alloy based mineral substance. But the condensed cyclotron gyrator had been specially calibrated for finding and dissoluting the precise metallic content within other forms of matter, as all ato/molecular blends carry minute traces of vein in them, be it inanimate or biological, to which a specialized energy frequency that the Angarr can tak into in order to affect those trace ingot elements in most anything to completely dissolve non-ore like substrates by exploiting the underlying chemical bonds holding said mesh together.

Artifacts/Arms of Yggdrasil

Eitri's Forge Heart: A magical hood ornament given to her by the Dwarven King and lord of the forge was blessed by the All-Father Thor and imperator Eitri himself. With this mystic talisman enchanted by a hoary hosts of mystic masters, Danielle Moonstar can preternaturally commander most any form of battle wears she focuses on. Anything ranging from weapons, armor, gadgets, contraptions, ride mounts, combat transport, even soldiers and the like whom wield them are all within her power to direct and guide in any manner that she see's fit. Moreover, the power of these crown jewels also enhances the battle proficiency of the wielder and those under her command, making both Dani and her subordinates stronger, faster and more resilient while they're in battle. To that end the Heart also bolsters the efficacy of any/all equipment used in her employ; strengthening both the weaponer and their armaments on hand.

Desak's Amulet: A powerful mystical artifact created by cosmic divinity far exceeding Odin and even Thor in terms of power; an enlightening entity hailing from the past, present and a distant known as Tarene the Designate. Once belonging to a simple mortal by the name of Desak Sterixian, whose sacrifice of kin failed to appease the gods wherein they destroyed everything he had and turn; pushed him into the Designates direction. Giving him regalia which would remake him into a deity hunting zealot named Desak the Godslayer countless eons ago. The amulet gives its handler tremendously augmented physical capabilities matching or surpassing most any celestial entity in existence. All of which are powered by the accursed souls of slain gods and/or godlike entities. The capacities bestowed by the reliquary include:
Godlike Conditioning

  • Transformation: The stone forces it's wearer to undergo profound metamorphosis in order to make them equal in power to the gods themselves. Activating it causes a fundamental alternation of physical, mental and spiritual foundation within Moonstar which is reminiscent to that of an elemental with glowing eyes accommodating a physiology chiseled out of flawless diamond.
  • Strength Enhancement: Gifted hosts are blessed with might making them dynamically stronger than even a skyfather class divine entity. In the case of Dani, her already impressive Asgardian muscle is bolstered to an infinite degree; making her the physically mightiest mortal throughout the known universe.
  • Duel Impregnability: As most divinities are immune to the common cold, ravages of time and the baleful touch of death. Dani, with the jewel in hand, is virtually indestructible to any and all forms of ailment known to man.
  • Speed & Reflex Enhancement: The gem makes wielders as limber as the most agile darkelf, in spite of his augmented muscle mass, Desak in his heyday was coordinated and adroit enough to harry twin gods Pennsu and Tae before either had the time to react in his presence. Mirage's acquisition of which makes her already impressive locomotive prowess the stuff of legends even amongst the numerous pantheons.
  • Stamina Enhancement: The wearer of the jewel effectively becomes tireless, able to waylay any foe of superior might and menace. Being fueled by the gem's energies powered by almighty life-force has enabled Ms. Moonstar to battle the likes of the god hating Mangog several days and several nights for months on end without rest or recuperation on her part.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: The Amulet of Power gifts its handler with an accelerated recovery rate, capable of restoring oneself even from death's embrace given time and patience.
  • Age Negation: The amulet seemingly locks it's wielders in the prime state of their physical age, stopping their life's progression rate cold as if granting biophysical immortality, Although this is a far cry from the concept of true immortality. No matter what state they are in, the wearer of the jewel will not physically age even when in a re-missive state.
  • Self-Sustenance: The amulet's provides nourishment and peak physical health for it's wearer. Eliminating the need for sleep, breathing, food intake or a life sustaining by torquing Dani's physiology towards thriving on the trinkets unique properties.

Divine Power Negation: The main property of this jewel is it's resilience to divine power of any kind. Even the so-called omnipotent cannot effect the wearer while garbed with this mighty locket. Any entity whom comes across a deity while wearing this stone will find themselves immune to their almighty power, it is even immune to godly quintessences such as the likes of The Thorforce.

Flight: With the necklace in hand, Danielle can fly or simply levitate at differing speeds. Be it just enough to get from coast to coast on planetary surfaces or faster than light speeds when traversing between galaxies.

Hyper-Cosmic Awareness: The amulet grants its users an expanded understanding of anything and everything that affects them on an omniversal scale. So much so that they can see beyond time and space, peering into distant worlds beyond their own reality, as well as becoming privy to the lurking dangers which represent the greatest threat to their world. Specifically, the threats this item is tailored to the sensing and ascertaining being the strength level and amount of corruption found in a deity or an entire pantheon of which. The spirit of the Jewel gave her empowering relic a sort of GPS like insight into where, when and/or what they are and in which universe or adjacent dimensions they are in order to find them. Even through powerful mystic ward or scientific obstructions which cordon off seeing and sensing their presence.

  • Intuitive Precognition: Being precognitive by her nature of being a mutant, Danielle Moonstar's access to the jewel supercharges her ability to dream the future to the degree that she even sees visions of whats to come even while awake. The only difference being she can intuitively understand what is going to happen and how to deal with it. Although lacking any real understanding of which as Dani doesn't receive any additional data, she can spontaneously feel how events are going to unfold and what the best course of action is when the time comes, making it more an inherent part of herself than an external ability to discern unforeseen events. Thus always automatically making the most optimal decision in any scenario presented to her. Making for achieving the best possible results in all fields of life and deal with events in the most efficient manner that much easier in her life. Automatically seizing any/all opportunities to make the most out of any given situation on hand. Many a time has such hyper instincts allowed Moonstar and whatever armed forces she's lead into hopeless situations time and time again over the coarse of an eternity to make the right decision in any setting, multiplying their survivability and success rate, taking into account as well as ruminating on the development of on hand supplies and/or personal staff to better cultivate their physical/mental abilities, acquire/learn new skills at extraordinary rates, allowing armies under her command to overcome great hardships with minimal damage and pull victory from the jaws of defeat despite all odds.

Divine Slaying: Another main property of the spiritual jewel created by it's namesake gives its user the power to kill gods and immortal beings of transcendent import. Outright negating their everlasting life and invulnerability to harm for the specific purpose of delivering the killing blow utilizing the collective power of those wearing said amulet have slain.

  • Divine Siphoning: Whenever one of divine is felled within the presence of the amulet, Dani's gemstone will siphon their quintessence into itself and redistribute their supreme might to its wearer. Strengthening the user further with every new god faced and defeated in battle, accumulating all of the stored spirits of murdered transcendent's within it in order to augment its wearer and the jewels own power many times over.

Absolute Force Manipulation: The Amulet of Power holds considerable sway over considerable metaphysical energy. Energy which is used to delegate the user power as a almighty killer. Via the slaying of higher powers the jewels ability to tack into it's own energy reserves in order to properly monopolize on the almighty puissance for vast energy manipulation practices. Enabling its usage for a great many feats limited by the wearers own experience and imagination.

  • Transitional Phasing Beams
  • Force Absorption/Redirection
  • Simulated Telekinesis
  • Concussive Force
  • Energy Infusion: Dani can channel the energies of the amulet and the divine into whatever weapons or armor the she has on hand or chooses to conjure up with through her charm.

Armament Fabrication/Combat Fatigue Amalgamation: Like it's previous wielder before her, Dani found that the Amulet of Power bestows a colorful assortment of weaponry, shielding and/or armor used as protection agaisnt as well as bring great harm to any god-like being she comes across. Able to use this wondrous coat of arms as the proverbial shield & sword which to attack and defend against their infinite power from and deflect their right back at them. The ornament can also bond to other powerful pieces of equipment or machinery of mystical or cosmic import to assimilate their power into itself or otherwise improve upon it's natural performance as a consequence of using the limitless energy of the gods to strengthen their internal/external design.

  • Shield: A protective guardna which can transfer any transcendent force directed against it source in various ways. Either funneling it back into it's shield-maiden for the purpose of rejuvenation and enrichment, siphoning it through other equipment in order to strengthen them and empower their already impressive bite or simply redistribute said assimilated force back through them as powerful energy discharges but, with double to triple the force output depending how powerful the assault originally parried.
  • Sword
  • Axe
  • Knife
  • Spear
  • Valkirior Armor Mail: By bonding the amulet with her specially tailored suit, Dani Moonstar can further empower the already magnificent armor piece which comprises of some of the most colorful pieces of technology spanning far and wide across galaxies and other dimensions. Bolstering both it and the users capabilities with all the amassed god power stored within it.

Twilight Thorn: One of the fabled winged horses of the Valkrior order. Once an all-white Pegasus like stallion by the name of 'Brightwind', Dani's many experiences in treading into more dark and dirtier territories coupled with her service to the Goddess Hela; had shifted the noble mare's coat to deep Onyx. Danielle thusly christening her mount 'Nightingale' for a while. It wasn't until the loss of both her Valkyrie and Mutant abilities for a time then her striving to reacquire the lost portents of herself did her loyal mount fall gravely ill. Seeking a means of mending her closest friend, Moonstar would venture to the hidden grove of the pegasi known as the Sacred Grotto of Alesa. Where the Light Elf princess would disclose to the former Valkyrior of a special potion that could heal her deteriorating mare, but would forever change the battlemate in unpredictable ways as well. Having found and administered the "Elixir of Folgesbjrd' found within the mountainous keep of Scornheim. The mighty steed would undergo a metamorphosis into an Alicorn. A great, vastly enchanted form of winged horse crossed with a unicorn; such a creature was caste in a mesh of flourescent colors both white as snow, black as night and accompanied by the glimmer of every color of the rainbow. This alluring new state of Dani's ride earned him the new name; Twilight Thorn, for it's unihorn and multicolored plumage were both rife with vast mystical abilities well beyond the typical winged horse.

Undrjarn Weapon Forms

Undrjarn's few among many forms.

Undrjarn the All-Weapon: A special vambrace bequeathed to her by the All-Mother of Asgard; Lady Jane Foster, crafted in the celestial forge of creation from the remains of various mystical armaments, such as a Mjolnir from Earth-173082, the Tactigon of Earth-589, quintessence from the Odinsword; Ragnarok of Moonstar's native earth and the fabled Dragonfang of a fallen Brunhilde hailing from Earth-5836. It is a morph armament capable of adapting it's shape & powers on a dime, this allows Underjarn to become as whatever utility Dani wants or depending on situational purposes; whatever is needed at the time.

  • Indestructible: Being of fluidic nature as well as comprising of enchanted Uru, olympian Adamantine and some sort of S.K.I.N (Synth-Kinetic Interfacing Nanofluid) derivative. Undrjarn is all but impervious to any/every form of damage and abrasion imaginable.
  • Magic Channeling: Undrejarn absorbs, distills, condenses and magnifies mystic force when coming into contact with it. Often using it as a conduit in order to strengthen her quasimystical energy output.
  • Mysticism Negation: The All-Weapon is actually capable of shattering & canceling out magical ability found in other greater esoterica. Able to rend apart arcane barriers, block magic spells, unbind supernatural seals and even deal critical damage to high beings suh as mystical embodiment's or even the divine themselves.
  • Weapon Skill Enhancement: Another facet of the Undrjarn is its ability to magnify individual armament capability many times over. In Dani's hands she can battle the gods and all they're armies, and win.
  • Recall: Should said weapon ever leave the weaponer or be found to've been misplaced at one time or another. Danielle can just as easily re-summon it back to her side on command. It also has a sympathetic warping function which enables her to either teleport it back in her possession or she can warp to it no matter where it may lay.
  • Winged Steed Command: Who soever holds Undejarn can commandeer a special ride's of the Valkyries. In Mirage's case, she can establish a rider/mount bond with her mystical partner Twilight Wing
  • Superior Adaptation: Underjarn stands as one amongst (if not the most) powerful weapon forged in the Ten Realms of Asgard. It can find any enemy's weakness and adapted itself into the perfect barong in order to exploit it. Progressively changing its shape to conventional or esoteric weapons to fit whatever the situation required. Thanks to the highly adaptive microtechnology integrated into it, Dani could also us it to take over computers or other more visceral systems to gain information. The more Moonstar fights with it, the more Undrjarn grows to cover and reinforce her body. This also enables it too work in tandem with her Valkrior armor to further strengthen both pieces of equipment and they're wearer.


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