Danielle moonstar by ultimatetattts-d6nsze1

Danielle Moonstar also known as Mirage, Dani, and just Moonstar is a young Native American mutant with the ability to create copies of ideas taken from the thoughts of others. When her powers first manifested, she triggered an accident that ended with the death of her parents. She soon found herself on the run from both the people who wanted to capture her and from her own past. She was then taken in by Professor Xavier, becoming a founding member of the X-Men.

Powers & Abilities

  • Illusion Casting - Dani's mutant power allows her to create copies of ideas taken from the thoughts of others, these are much like three-dimensional images, almost like a hologram. She is able to use this on several people at once.
  • Energy Arrows - She can use her powers into create special energy arrows which can stun her opponents, as they make them relive traumatic memories. She uses her powers to create a special bow for them when she is using them.
  • Super Agility - She possesses superhuman agility and has reflexes that are greater than most humans.
  • Superhuman Strength - Mirage is quite strong and is able to go toe to toe with some of her strongest foes.
  • Death Sense - She has the ability to sense the coming of Death, and is tell when a person is in danger of dying.
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