Daisy Johnson was a normal teenage girl living in Chicago, who was visiting family in New York with her parents when Mr. Sinister set off the Terrigenesis bomb in Central Park, where Daisy and her parents just happened to be. Daisy and her parents became Inhumans, with Daisy gaining the ability to generate earthquakes and her parents getting seemingly unknown powers, until one day at church, when her parents accidentally discovered they had the ability to merge together into one being, turning into a horrible abomination. The being they merged into immediately died, and out of fear, Daisy inadvertently destroyed the church. She was pursued by police to an alley, where she created an earthquake to distract them so she could get away. She ended up getting captured by SHIELD's New Ultimates for not registering once the superhuman Registration Act is started.

Powers & Abilities

  • Earthquake Generation - Daisy can control the Earth's tectonic plates, though for now she only has enough control to specifically cause earthquakes. Her powers are directly linked to her emotions, such as when she is afraid, or when she is angry, like when she was cornered by the police.
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