Cyberwoman is a Nexus Comics series written by ElectricMayhem. The series follows Amanda Ramirez, a cyborg crime-fighter who must try to rediscover her humanity after being transformed into a cross between human and machine.

Plot Synopsis

In a freak accident, FutureTech security guard Amanda Ramirez finds herself transformed into an unbelievable cross between human and machine with amazing powers. With only a few vague memories of her past life, Amanda is transformed into a living weapon, until she slowly starts to piece together what really happened to her, and turns against her FutureTech superiors.

Main Characters

  • Amanda Ramirez / Cyberwoman, the cyborg protagonist
  • Jeanine McCarthy, a FutureTech scientist and one of Amanda's few friends she remembers from her normal life
  • Alec Wright, an arrogant FutureTech scientist who assits Amanda
  • Elliot Bishop, the shady CEO of FutureTech who Amanda grows to distrust
  • Elizabeth Sterling, the CEO of FutureTech's rival company, Sterling Innovations, who holds a personal grudge against Elliot Bishop
  • Xavier Williams / X-Face, a greedy arms dealer with an X branded onto his face and a recurring enemy of Cyberwoman, constantly mocked because of his unfortunate nickname
  • Dan Winston, an old friend of Amanda's from her vague memories

Arcs and Issues

Arc One: Upgrade

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