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Crystal Amaquelin is an Inhuman. She is the sister of Madelyne Amaquelin, and the ex-girlfriend of Johnny Storm. She was right outside Central Park, walking in to see her sister, when Mr. Sinister's Terrigenesis Bomb went off. She denied her Inhumanity for a while before revealing it to her sister and to Johnny Storm.

Powers & Abilities

  • Controlling Fire - Crystal can control/generate fire.
    • Fire Blasts - Crystal can generate fire and shoot it out in the form of a deadly blast.
  • Controlling Water - Crystal can control water.
    • Creating Waves - When near water, Crystal can cause huge tidal waves.
  • Controlling Electricity - Crystal can control/generate electricity.
    • Electric Blasts - Crystal can shoot out lethal amounts of electricity.
    • Death Touch - When fully charged up with electric power, Crystal can instantly electrocute anyone she comes in contact with.
  • Controlling Soil & Plant-Life - Crystal can control plants, as well as all type of natural soil, rock, and sand.
    • Canyons - Crystal can cause the dirt, sand, or rock ground to spread apart, creating huge canyons.
    • Mountains - Crystal can cause parts of the ground to rise up into the air, creating mountains.
    • Quicksand - Crystal, when near sand, can manipulate the ground to create pits of quicksand.
  • Controlling Wind - Crystal can control/generate wind.
    • Wind Blasts - Crystal can shoot out strong gusts of wind.
    • Weather Control - Crystal has control over the weather, and can make it rain, snow, hail, etc., as well as create natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and many more.
    • Flight - Crystal can manipulate the wind to make herself and others fly above the ground.