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Cosmic Egg

Information-silk Official Name
Cosmic Egg
Information-silk Aliases
World Egg
Universe Egg
Reality Egg
Information-silk Universe
Information-silk Lead Designer
Information-silk Place of Creation
Before the creation of the Universe
Information-silk Origin
Created from the Darkness
Information-silk Creators
Information-silk Creators
First appearance


The Cosmic Egg is an egg of immense power. The first Cosmic Egg created by the Darkness, and soon after, Time and Necessity mated, and they both hatched the egg to form the First-Borns that soon created the Universe.

After the creation of the Universe. Chronos and Ananke mated once again, and created six Cosmic Eggs, each representing an aspect of Time, and they scattered the Eggs across the Universe. Currently, 2 of the Cosmic Eggs is on Earth.


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