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=== The New Avengers & Fantastic Four & X-Men ===
=== The New Avengers & Fantastic Four & X-Men ===
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hello guys, this is a fan made universe based on my fan fictions. it might be uploaded on Wattpad (App)

Upcoming Phase 1 Fan Fictions:

Captain America: Road To The Throne

Hulk & Iron Man: Red Skull Rising

Thor: Ghost Of Asgard

Hawkeye: Against The Machines

Black Widow: Forgotten Past

Avengers: The Blood Empire

Phase 2:

Guardians Of The Galaxy: Red Bolt

U.S Agent Vs Hawkeye

Red Bolt Vs Adam Warlock

Falcon: Fallen Empire

Winter Soldier: The Return

Spider-Man: Secret Society

Iron Man: Red Fury

Avengers: Chains Of Cosmic

Phase 3:

Spider-Man In Wakanda

Black Panther: Civil War Cosmic

Captain Marvel: Intergalactic Force

Black Widow: The Last Fate

Nova Vs Iron Man

Spider-Man: The In-between

Wolverine: Phoenix Rising

Nova & Spider-Man

Black Panther & Spider-Man

Avengers: The Last Stand

Avengers: The Cosmic End


Fantastic Four: Doom

The New Avengers & Fantastic Four & X-Men

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