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Real Name
Unspoken Champion, General Glaive, Commander-in-Chief, Crow



Black Order (leader); formerly Contest of Champions

Thanos (adoptive father),
Black Dwarf (half-brother),
Proxima Midnight (adoptive sister and wife), Ebony Maw (adoptive brother), Supergiant (adoptive sister), Gamora (adoptive sister),
Nebula (adoptive sister)


Base Of Operations
The Black Quadrant; formerly the Sanctuary and Sanctuary II; Sakaar






Unusual Features
Pointed chin and ears, scales on skin, insectoid-like features, long razor-sharp fingers


Marital Status

Mercenary, assassin, pirate, warrior, field leader of the Black Order, servant of Thanos; former loyalist of Thanos, general of Thanos' Starfleet, gladiator, freedom fighter

Various types of combat training

Grey/Native Sakaaran hybrid

Place of Birth

First appearance

Modern Comics:
Infinity Quest Vol 1 1


Quote1.png As these Terrans have once written in their great Scriptures, "As I live by the blade, I will die by the blade..." Well, I'm afraid my blade does not break so easily, so someone else will have to do... Quote2.png
-- Corvus Glaive

Early Years

Corvus Glaive was a native born on the planet of Sakaar but was reluctantly abandoned by his own parents, who weren't together, due to him being the offspring being the result of two different species of Sakaarans, a male Sakaaran native (small insectoid humanoid), and a female member of the Shadow People, otherwise known as the Grey Sakaarans. Fearing that their child would be executed, they put the child in the landfills outside of Sakaar, hoping that a Sakaraan would find it. Unfortunate for them, it was their offspring's bitter fate to be enlisted in the Contest of Champions nonetheless, since an Imperial Sakaaran had found him and put him into the nurture of other gladiators as a fierce and deadly warrior. Motivated by bloodlust and the urge to achieve his freedom, Glaive won many fights in the Grand Arena, which his audiences back in the day considered a "morbidly-satisfying slaughter" rather than a fair fight against his enemies. Still, Glaive gained the praise of the Red King (the Sakaaran emperor and "second face" of the contest other than the Grandmaster, its founder and leader), who granted him the title of Champion of Sakaar on the Grandmaster's behalf. Throughout the years of slaughter and enslavement, Glaive met fellow contender the Landlak-Sakaraan hybrid Black Dwarf, whom he eventually found out was his half-brother, having the same mother, the same unnamed wealthy Grey Sakaraan who simply wanted to procreate the "perfect offspring" that would bring down the Sakaraan Empire.

Unfortunate for the Red King, Corvus grew tired of having to simply just slay whatever what was given to him in the arena, eventually impaling and killing the Red King himself with his utmost might and power, once Glaive and Dwarf decided to end their gladiator lives for the better. Due to his and his brother's savagery and escape which could ruin the image and mostly-untarnished reputation of the Sakaaran Empire, the Grandmaster didn't dedicate both of them their own sculptures on the facade of his palace, though in doing so, some residents who still remember him until the present simply named him as the "Unspoken Champion" of Contest of Sakaar, as some would deem him as the best fighter due to him breaking out thousands of enslaved gladiators from long-time enslavement, before the exhausted Grandmaster would have to "replenish" the arena with new contenders all over again in order for the contest to retain its popularity and survive in the future. As he escaped Sakaar through a wormhole riding with his fellow freed gladiators, Glaive was disappointed after hearing his crewmate's plans of returning to their homeworlds and live a "normal life" by reuniting with their families. Because of this, Glaive and Dwarf instinctively concurred to kill their own crew since they wanted to pursue something else: cherishing freedom through violence, becoming pirates and mercenaries despite being still considered as late younglings or adolescents in the age of Sakaraan standards.

Black Order

Finding themselves outnumbered by the Starfleet as it lands on a planet where the two brothers were staying on at the time, an amused Thanos took the late adolescents Glaive and Dwarf under his tutelage and his quest to wipe out half the universe. The Mad Titan trained them to be deadlier members of his Black Order, whose members around the time were telekinetic telepaths Ebony Maw and Supergiant. Conveniently proving his worth as a bloody and malevolent Sakaraan warrior yet an impressive tactician and infiltrator, Thanos further improved his paraphernalia in combat by "upgrading" his already powerful physiology, using different advanced tech to permeate Glaive's life-force into Corvus' own glaive, something that he had always been using in his gladiator years on Sakaar, thus granting him immortality as long as the blade remains unbroken. With it, Thanos upgraded his glaive with both science and some aspects of magic (with the help of Maw), making it incredibly razor-sharp that it is capable of splitting atoms, cutting through virtually anything, much to Corvus' delight whenever he uses it to slay his enemies in the field as the commander of the Black Order.

In later years, Glaive was able to feel attraction, and later love for the young Inaku warrior named Proxima Midnight, whom the Order first met and retrieved from her dying world. The two eventually became married, which Thanos himself greatly respected, but was mostly by some of their siblings, especially Dwarf, mainly because he also secretly held some lingering feelings for Proxima throughout their years of training and battle with Thanos' Starfleet. With the exception of their younger yet just as ruthless sister Gamora, Glaive was disliked by Nebula, also their adoptive sister, along with the rest of the Order as they continued purging worlds and eliminating half of all life in the universe.

Infinity Quest

Corvus Glaive in action

Having assisted their adoptive father in wiping out half the Xandarians on their planet, Corvus and the Order was able to strategically combat the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Nova Corps, who were defending the protected Power Stone from the Mad Titan. There, Glaive battled the secretly-unhinged and prideful Nova Adomox, whom Glaive ridiculed and heavily injured for being a wolf hiding in sheep's clothing for way too long, instead of embracing his true selfish nature. However, due to the combined strength and determination exerted the the Children of Thanos, the former still failed, and Thanos had proven himself the viscous victor to his first mission of the quest for the Infinity Stones.

Following the Power Stone, the order followed their master in finding the hidden location of the Time Stone, finding it at the core of the immortal benevolent and life-giving planet, known as Haven. As the result, the entire structure of the planet eventually collapses into oblivion afterwards, having the very ultimate source that continuously amplifies the planet for millions of years, gets taken away from it.

While his father was dealing alone with the Collector on Knowhere with the intent of getting the Reality Stone from him, the Order were commanded by their master to obtain the Soul Stone for him, the most precious relic among the Infinity Stones. Arriving on the main planet of the Sovereign, the Order had raided the place, where they slaughtered a few portion of its population and tried to take from the Soul Stone from the Sovereign's messianic figure Adam Warlock, but subsequently fails to do so, after they were all outmatched and overpowered by the latter during the battle. Proving Adam Warlock to be a lot more powerful than they had expected, the Order had to let Thanos arrive, where he manages to combat Warlock all by himself, ending in Thanos' victor, having to successfully obtain the Soul Stone from the Sovereign defender.

Travelling onboard the Sanctuary II to find the next stone, Thanos and the Order were able to track down the cosmic Silver Surfer, after intentionally letting him escape captivity inside the fleet, on his way to the realm of Asgard, as he tries to warn Thor and the Asgardians upon the upcoming threat that was about to be unleashed by the Mad Titan in his quest to obtain the Space Stone inside of Odin's Vault, who was now possessing two Infinity Stones in his Gauntlet's grasp.

Thor and the Silver Surfer even allied themselves with Loki, whom he reluctantly released from imprisonment since the Siege on Asgard, along with Loki's Tricksters of Asgard, but still failed yet all the same, with the Titan eventually succeeding in breaking the Space Stone out of the Tesseract in time, thanks to the clever distraction made by Glaive and was coordinately executed by his fellow siblings.

Thanos' Decimation

Though the Silver Surfer might have escape the battle on Asgard to warn the courageous heroes of Earth for the Titan's incoming arrival, the cosmic surfer's efforts still ended in great failure, since Thanos already had the five stones within his grasps through the Infinity Gauntlet. Glaive and the Order later helped their master by hunting Vision and fighting the Ultimates during the Battle of Wakanda with the assistance of Thanos' ravage forces as their fleet of armada. In his success against the heroes of Earth that was the great decimation, Thanos had ultimately triumphed once he completed the Infinity Gauntlet with the Mind Stone, using this to finally complete his goal and destroy half of the life within the universe at the snap of his finger.

While his master's ultimate lifetime goal was an overall success, most of the Black Order ended up in ashes along with the half of the universe who were randomly snapped out of existence. His brother Dwarf, his wife Proxima, and Corvus himself perished, internally feeling betrayed yet grateful that they got to help their father finally attain his goal to tip the cosmic scales to balance. However as nine months have passed, Thanos' snap was undone by Adam Warlock and the surviving joint forces of heroes mostly on Earth, which Glaive was resurrected, along with his wife and brother, although they found themselves being resurrected in different parts of the intergalactic community. Glaive would almost immediately discover the various locations of his adoptive family, driving him to embark to rescue them and possibly reform the Black Order, despite learning the fact that their overlord and master Thanos had died from the combined strength of the heroes.

Fight for the Order

At some time almost half a year later, Glaive had met with a wanted Ebony Maw for a proposition to join him in finding the others and reforming the dismantled Black Order, even without the help of their former master, who was still already revealed to be alive at the time and was also on the verge of changing some of his old ways. Maw finds interest in his offer, but immediately knew that he would not easily join him without a catch, to which he threatens Glaive what the latter would be, otherwise he would have no hesitation of killing him. Having enough tired of Maw's suspicions towards him, Glaive had no other choice but to formally ask for Maw's assistance in breaking his wife Proxima, out off a Nova-based mega-prison located somewhere within the Andromeda Galaxy.

Afterwards, the three finally set their journey to the Nova prison, but not before they traveled to Sakaar, which happens to be Glaive's homeworld having bitterly remembering every nook and cranny of the place and its both classist people, rich and poor alike. Some of the audience and residents surprisingly remembered Glaive after seeing him, with some even asking whether he would be freeing them, only for Glaive to respond "we'll see," with a sinister smirk before going on with his mission. Arriving at the Grand Arena, they effortlessly freed their brother Black Dwarf from the Contest of Champions, which indirectly caused another revolutionary revolt across Sakaar due to their sudden interference in the arena, upsetting the Grandmaster once again in years. Some of the Sakaraans thanked the brothers with their gratitude, before executing their plan to release Midnight from the Nova mega-prison and eventually bring back the Order into action. Maw even went to great lengths by causing a massive riot within the facility due to his persuasion, biding them a lot of time to track the imprisoned warrior and save her, to which they successfully did. However, their success was abruptly interrupted by the power-hungry and egotistical Nova Centurion Adomox, who was willing to kill them all for the sake of gaining more recognition among the Corps and his long-time hopes of finally being promoted as the position of Nova-Prime.

Glaive and the members of the Order tried to fight off and kill Adomox for their freedom, but each were all fairly matched by the cosmic power of the Centurion alone. Thankfully, just as the moment where he could have crushed the skull of Maw, Adomox's head fell off out of the sudden before dropping on the ground, dead, immediately revealing that he was decapitated from behind by a hooded giant with a sword similar to the Godslayer, showing to be none other than Thanos himself back from the dead, much to Maw and the rest's surprise to see that their master has never been more alive. While the order, Corvus would realize that their master was never the same after his defeat, questioning whether he is still the same Mad Titan who mercilessly trained them to be come the deadliest warriors in the galaxy.

The Black Quadrant

A few months have passed by since the events of Infinity Crusade, Thanos was able to fully conquer a group of crime-ridden planets and moons located at under his own domain, with the help of his recently-reunited servants, the Black Order themselves, without any trace or awareness from the Nova Corps or any of the Mad Titan's greatest enemy forces in the universe. Following his succeeding conquest, the Titan once again have decided to return to his role into becoming a cosmic warlord surrounding the domain that he has conquered, finally calling it the Black Quadrant.

On his new conquest on conquering the entire region of the quadrant, Thanos was feared by most of its inhabitants, which were all consisting of the most dangerous criminals and warriors that have yet to be discovered by the larger intergalactic community. Thankfully, none of those criminals and even those criminal organizations were able to match and even take on Thanos and the Black Order, and as he has shown no mercy on his newly-discovered adversaries. In the end of it all, Thanos has shown his true power, and with it, he was able to exterminate every single who dared to challenge him and was able to banish those who were too frightened of him and his associates, out of the quadrant itself, now claiming the domain of the Black Quadrant as his, and only his, with no one else to challenge the Mad Titan.

A Secret Mutiny

Glaive's battle for the Black Order against their former master, Thanos

Eventually, after another few weeks of ruling over the Black Quadrant, Thanos himself was unfortunately unaware of his own subordinates, the Black Order's secret agenda, led by Corvus himself, into overthrowing his newly-ruled domain, burning it down into ashes, and killing him. However, though the Order's plan might have been guaranteed into fully succeeding, they seemingly forgot of how dangerous and terrifying Thanos could be and what he can do if an individual tries to challenge him, especially if those individuals were once his followers, traitors who dares to overthrow everything that he has accomplished.

Despite two of the Order's members who never participated in Glaive's mutiny against Thanos, Supergiant and Maw, and how their warnings to the rest of the Black Order were truly convincing, the rest of the rebellious Order ignored their pleas and have decided to proceed with their schemes against their former master. During the very day the Black Order have decided to assassinate Thanos, the Mad Titan was surprised of how all of the sudden, most of his closest followers would turn against him without any reasons. As the Order finally attacked Thanos out of the blue, Thanos had no other choice but to devastating and desperately defend himself from their series of attacks, until he was finally weakened by the combined efforts of his recent traitors.

Weakened, Corvus and Midnight also have finally explained to Thanos that ever since he started growing soft during the events of the Infinity Crusade after he chose to cooperate with the Infinity Watch and the heroes of Earth, they realized that Thanos was no longer the great master they used to know and deserved, giving Glaive to come up with the idea of overthrowing Thanos as the ruler of his domain all around the universe, once they have already killed him. Furious and confused at the same time, the betrayed and almost-defeated Thanos unleashes his full rage and anger, finally gong berserk against Glaive, Midnight, and Dwarf, without any hesitation of mercy on them.

Weakened, Corvus and Midnight also have finally explained to Thanos that ever since he started growing soft during the events of the Infinity Crusade after he chose to cooperate with the Infinity Watch and the heroes of Earth, they realized that Thanos was no longer the great master they used to know and deserved, giving Glaive to come up with the idea of overthrowing Thanos as the ruler of his domain all around the universe, once they have already killed him. Furious and confused at the same time, the betrayed and almost-defeated Thanos unleashes his full rage and anger, finally gong berserk against Glaive, Midnight, and Dwarf, without any hesitation of mercy on them. Thanos was just close towards defeating the Order using his sheer strength, but when Ebony Maw suddenly shows up to back up the rebellious Order from the powerful Titan, finally realizing that they were truly right all along, now believing that the Black Quadrant deserves better leadership and ruling than their former master, whom he believe now that he was far too weak to handle his own domain. Witnessing Maw's betrayal, Thanos' fury grows only worse, only to slowly weakened by Maw's persuading magical abilities, giving the Order an advantage to finally take down Thanos, and slit his thick throat once and for all.

Miraculously, the only remaining Black Order member who never left Thanos' side, Supergiant, was able to save her master in time, using her telepathic abilities to counteract Ebony Maw's persuasion. As Supergiant handles the rest of the Order all by herself, this gave Thanos the remaining time to escape as the main headquarters that he once have established started burning and collapsing down due to the following destruction that they've caused. Barely getting out of the ruined headquarters, Thanos slowly lies outside the burning domain he once ruled, only to see that a one survivor has arose from the flames, revealing that Corvus was never done yet with him unless he gets to kill with with his own glaive.

Fall of the Order

Seeing his former right-hand man and lieutenant survive the destruction of the Black Quadrant, Thanos tearfully breaks down in rage, though he seemed too weakened to move himself and stand to confront Glaive, one last time. As Glaive arrogantly approach his former master and carefully aims his glaive at Thanos' head, he asked for his last words, now that he would die at his own servant's hands. Thanos chuckled, wandering why Glaive would ask him that kind of question, when Glaive was the one who is going to die in the situation. Confused, Glaive asked what he meant, only to reveal that Thanos' techno-mystical chair has always been behind Glaive since he came to him, and with it, Thanos used the chair's powerful energy beam to blast it at Glaive in time, giving an enraged Thanos the opportunity to grab the glaive from Corvus Glaive, and using his powerful sorcery, he finally breaks the glaive in half and used the two pieces by impaling Glaive with it before finally disintegrating it, ensuring that his death would be final.


After the restoration of the Multiverse at the hands of the benevolent Beyonder in order to compensate the disastrous and convoluted Secret Wars, Ebony Maw and the Black Order, along with the rest of the Prime Earth's surviving residents would later resurface in his own native universe, which was eventually brought back to existence together with the rest of the Multiverse.

Powers and Abilities


Sakaaran Hybrid Physiology: As a half-Grey Sakaraan, Corvus Glaive could willfully channel an energy force known as the "Old Power," native to the planet Sakaar itself for the purpose of increasing some of her natural attributes to superhuman levels. However, even in his absence being on his home planet, Glaive could still harness the natural power within himself, which is a rarity among Sakaraans, as it becomes activated when he's hostile and aggressive, being more resistant to physical damage than the body of most humanoid beings across the galaxy, allowing him to withstand the might of superhuman beings with ease. Because of this unusual yet efficient physiology that Corvus possesses, Thanos imbued Corvus' life force with a Glaive with profoundly advanced technology, so that as long as his glaive's blade remains unbroken, Corvus Glaive cannot die.

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Senses
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Endurance
  • Advanced Longevity
  • Immortality by the Glaive
Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Heightened stats when empowered


  • Master Combatant
  • Glaive Mastery
  • Weapons Proficiency
  • Master Leader
  • Experienced Strategist
  • Master Tactician
    • Master Infiltrator

Strength level

Class 50+


None known.



  • Variety of Alien Technologies


  • Q-Ship
  • Sanctuary II


  • Atomic Glaive
  • Various alien rifles


  • No special notes.
  1. Modern Comics: Avengers Vol 1 80


  • The color Glaive's eyes slowly turns from black into violet once he enters his unstoppable state of berserk or savagery, granted by the Old Power, an internal power that most Grey Sakaraans could channel and harness from within, similar to how humans like the Iron Fist channels chi and convert it into power.

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