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Real Name
Corrine Elizabeth Voclain
Current Alias

Sparks, Rin, Atlanta Vigilante



Voclain Family

Danielle Voclain (Mother), Will Voclain (Step-father), Shane Morris (Biological Father), Caleb Voclain (Maternal Half-brother), Sandra Voclain (Maternal Half-sister), Unknown Maternal Grandparents (Deceased), Voclain Family Tree (By Marriage), Morris Family Tree, Burnes Family Tree


Base Of Operations
Atlanta, Georgia





Unusual Features
Eyes glow electric blue at random intervals


Marital Status

Vigilante, Student

Associates in Arts degree, Criminology B.S. with a Minor in Psychology and Sociology, Certificate in Forensic Science


Place of Birth


First appearance



Quote1 I'll make this quite a shocking experience. Quote2
-- Corrine Voclain


Corrine was born in Fairbanks, Alaska some months following when her mother and biological father were married the year before. Fortunately, Corrine would never come to know her real father as eight months following her birth her mother and biological father separated when his criminal past caught up to him. This left her mother utterly hurt and angered, but now more concerned for the future for herself and her daughter but help came in the form of Corrine's grandparents who let her mother stay there so she could get back on her feet. Two years later Corrine would lose her grandmother to cancer and ammonia while following this she continued to be raised by her mother who worked two jobs, leaving Corrine to be left with her aunt, uncle, and cousins often.

Eventually, Corrine and her mother found themselves moving out of Alaska and briefly residing with her mother's childhood friend in Texas before once more moving to Florida after her mother tracked down her former middle school sweetheart. Following this, Corrine spent much of her life facing in traveling from one place to another every few years due to the unpredictability of her step-father's work, with him being in a dealership for sometime while her mother was mainly a stay at home mom but throughout the years came to work in accounting or warranty for the same dealership alongside her father. Though they were never rich, they were decently well off to be considered in the middle class that allowed for Corrine to partake in some extra things from time to time as she got older.

Between when she was eight and twelve though, she became the older sister to two siblings, her brother Caleb and sister Sandra. In the two years to follow Corrine also became officially adopted by her step-father, who had become her primary father figure along with her grandfather before him. In her free time as well Corrine became a fan of heroes, often reading about their exploits but she would go in and out of her times of being a fan or just liking them as other things became a priority in her life, especially when she got to high school. This was a rough time of Corrine trying to find herself, facing some years of bullying and social isolation, though having few friends. Eventually that changed and by senior year she started to show a more social, out going side.

But, remaining in Alabama didn't last long after she graduated. Soon enough, her father found a new job in a suburbs outside Atlanta, Georgia, causing the family to move yet again. But it would finally be here that they settled down and where Corrine would finally start college.

Unexpected changes

The next five years would seem to fly by for Corrine and her family, as they settled in one neighborhood for a few years until their renter forced them out. They moved to one more place where they have spent the past two years and where Corrine has been able to pursue her college career for sometime while her brother has been able to go to middle school and started high school and her sister elementary. But these changes soon took on an unfortunate negative turn in recent months.

In one of the many shoot outs Atlanta has been known for, Corrine, her mother, and siblings were returning from picking her up at her college dorm for the weekend when things went south. They got caught up in the traffic jam caused by the erratic driving of the gang members, who also were stalled by it getting her family caught in the crossfire. Her mother and little brother were injured, triggering her brother's mutation while at the same time Corrine's latent mutant genes also triggered. In her rage she attacked the closest gang members but the resulting surge caused her to pass out and wake up later in the hospital. When she recovered, Corrine decided to become a vigilante in revenge for her family and others who suffer much the same, having become the Atlanta Vigilante under the codename of Bio-spark.

Powers and Abilities


  • Bio-Electrokinesis:Corrine is a mutant with the ability to manipulate the electrical impulses within the body, also known as the bio-electricity that travels through the neural pathways. Being a sub-form of electricity manipulation, Corrine can use this ability for a variety of effects with varying levels of potency. So far, she has currently demonstrated the following:
    • Bio-Electric Aura:When using her powers, Corrine can project a bio-electric aura around herself which acts as a "second skin" that activates either consciously or subconsciously. This can project off her body a few inches which gives her a moderate level of protection from energy/elemental attacks, physical attacks, and small caliber bullets. But this "second skin" has it's limits and can be affected by stronger forces.
    • Enhanced conditioning:Corrine is capable of channeling her bio-electricity to her whole body or just choice areas to enhance her reflexes and speed. She also is capable of adding additional power behind her close combat skills, being able to temporarily increase her strength or an additional effect of electricity.
    • Spark "Bursts":Corrine can create golf ball sized electrical orbs to beach ball sized orbs of which when thrown go off similar to the effect of fireworks. These orbs can trigger electrical shocks that cause minor bits of pain or temporary paralysis and is primarily used to incapacitate or distract.
    • Electrical Discharge:Corrine can build up the electricity within her body to a certain point that she can then send it out in a multi-directional release of this electricity resembling several small bolts of lightning. This wave can reach up to a 10-foot radius and can have a chain effect in hitting more then one person at a time in close proximity of one another. It also can short out electrical fields and devices for a short period of time. But it does leave Corrine incredibly drained.
    • Concussive Blasts:Corrine can concentrate her bio-electricity into blasts of energy, usually from her hands. These can be something simple as causing a small irritation to something resembling that of a lightning bolt. Her concussive blasts have shown to be strong enough to leave a dent in steel.
    • Electroreception:Using her bio-electricity, Corrine has a passive and active way of sensing things in the vicinity. Passively, she can sense the weak electrical impulses given off by living things within a 30-foot radius. Actively, she can create her own electrical field within the same radius that allow her to sense distortions in these fields, including extending her range to sensing non-living objects.
    • Bio-Electric "Claws":Corrine has shown to be able to manipulate the shape of her bio-electricity, though at the moment she has only been able to concentrate them towards her fingers in the shapes of claws. These claws can do physical damage towards someone and also attack the neural parts of the body to disrupt the certain area she strikes and make the muscles not work properly for a short period of time.
    • Body Disruption:By making physical contact with someone, Corrine can disrupt the electricity in someone else's body causing them to lose control of their muscles, become paralyzed, or knock them out.
  • Empathy:Corrine also has a latent ability of empathy since birth. Though she has merely suspected this to be part of her personality for sometime following the discovery of her main mutant ability she began to have new suspicions. She has since realized her empathy is also another mutation she has, being able to sense the feelings of those around her, but often cannot block them out. This is one ability Corrine cannot turn off, only concentrate on something in order to focus on her own emotions but often becomes overwhelmed or affected by others and cannot control those emotions around her.
  • Psionics (Possibly):Since the discovery of her mutant nature Corrine has began to question other possible abilities that have run in her family on her mother's side. She has had the ability to see spirits since she was a child and has been known to have precognitive dreams from time to time, and maybe at one point post-cognitive. Whether these are just random occurrences or another aspect of her mutant ability has yet to be discovered.


  • Corrine is rather observant, intuitive, and intelligent, even to the point of showing skills in organization, problem solving, and improvisation.
  • Corrine is an expert martial artist who at one point taught herself different forms of martial arts, but isn't a master in any one form.
  • Has also taught herself to be versatile with weapons such as whips, archery, tonfas, throwing disks, firearms, and knives or daggers.
  • Corrine has also has some amateur skill in stealth, having been learning this to get around Atlanta for the past few months but still has a long way to go before she's considered even an expert.

Strength level

Corrine has the normal strength for a woman her age, height, and weight.


  • One debilitating thing Corrine suffers from is chronic migraines, usually being intense enough they affect her mental and physical focus and tend to affect the use of her powers.
  • Corrine also suffers from astigmatism in both eyes leaving her to have to rely on contacts when out in the field.
  • Corrine is also still susceptible to being killed or seriously harmed like any normal human.



  • Simple copper chain necklace with a chunk of amethyst hanging off it
  • "Memory" Box:Corrine's "Memory" box is a Native American keepsake box given to her by a family friend that she keeps in her room. This box holds many items and knickknacks Corrine has gathered over the years that hold some importance to her while they might seem useless to others. Most of these relate to events or important people in her life.


  • Her own power
  • 1991 yellow Chevy Geostorm GSi


  • Pocket Knife:On hand, Corrine has a carved wood handled pocket knife with a two inch blade. The handle itself is decorated with a bald eagle on a red background and was given to her by a friend of her parents'.
  • Two silver Glock .44 Magnums


  • Of all the author's characters, this one relates most on a personal level with additions to some future goals and Marvel-based themes.


  • Like many young heroes before her, Corrine was inspired by the exploits of the Avengers and other famous teams to become a vigilante, but has decided to reside in Atlanta rather than New York.
    • Some of her most favorite heroes are Spider-man, Falcon, and Black Widow but has a slight dislike of Ironman and Wonderman.
  • Corrine has a great love for chocolate, bell peppers, and apple pie but cannot stand dark chocolate, grits, or brussel sprouts.
  • She is also known for being kind of nerd in some subjects, though mainly stemming from her love of researching thing she is interested in.

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