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Conner Sims
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Man bombarded by energies from the Neutral Zone

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Conner Sims was a US Marine during the Vietnam war; sent on a reconnaissance mission, he and his squad uncovered a secret project by a newly formed group called A.I.M.

When an experiment to try and breach into other dimensions went wrong, it caused an explosive chain reaction which engulfed the laboratory with volatile energy and killed everyone except Conner, who was instead sent to the Neutral Zone.

The Marine Corps labeled Connor as KIA alongside his unit and the A.I.M scientists.

In reality he was in the Neutral Zone, and as a result of this experiment Conner gradually developed incredible superpowers, but was lost in a dimension he had no clue how to escape.

Powers and Abilities


Anti-Man gained his powers after being exposed to certain energies present within the Neutral Zone. Due to this, he has incredible powers far beyond most other super-humans. On Earth, only its strongest inhabitants are on par with Connor.

  • Augmented Physiology: Due to the energies in the Neutral Zone, Conner's physiology has been augmented.
    • Enhanced Intellect: A by-product of his powers, Anti-Man mind is capable of processing, understanding, and take advantage of new information more effectively and efficiently than before.
    • Superhuman Senses: Anti-Man has highly augmented senses, allowing him to see across vast distances. He can detect details at sea-level with perfect clarity while above the cloud layer. His hearing is similarly augmented, with his range of detection surpassing even that of a blue whale. He can identify people by their heartbeats across at least a city block.
    • Superhuman Density: His body is noted to be denser than normal humans, which contributes to his weight.
    • Superhuman Strength: Anti-Man possesses vastly superhuman strength and can press far more than 100 tons easily.
    • Superhuman Speed/Reflexes: Anti-Man can move and react to his environment at speeds easily eclipsing even the finest human athletes.
    • Nigh-Invulnerability: Anti-Man is extremely durable, on par with Sentry or Void.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Anti-Man can engage in highly strenuous activities for around 48 hours before requiring rest.
    • Self Sustenance: Anti-Man has no need for oxygen, food, or water. He can comfortably exist in space without harm. He does need to sleep, however, but can remain awake for nearly a week before it begins to impair him.
    • Flight: Through unknown means Anti-Man is able to fly at insanely high speeds, fast enough to escape Earth's gravitational well and even continue flying outside the atmosphere. His top speed is unknown, but can access hyperspace under his own power. He usually keeps his speed to just under escape velocity when traveling across the Earth. A more subtle usage of this power allows him to seemingly reduce his own weight by slightly "lifting" himself.
      • Extradimensional travel: Anti-Man can travel between the three "zones" of the universe when traveling through hyperspace at his highest speeds.
    • Healing Factor: While it is difficult to damage Anti-Man, it is possible. In this event his body is capable of healing itself from all but the most traumatic injuries within a month. It is unknown if he could regenerate missing limbs or organs.
    • Biological Immortality: Another byproduct of his array of powers.
  • Energy Projection/Manipulation: Anti-Man can project vast quantities of energy on par with the Sentry or Void.


  • Willpower: Anti-Man was able to withstand being alone in a silent reality for, to him, decades before temporarily losing his mind from the loneliness.
  • Military Training: Having once been a marine, Conner has, at the very least, gone through basic training and acquired a number of combat skills.

Strength level

Class 100+: Anti-Man is capable of easily lifting 100 tons


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