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Colt Smith Wesson
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  • The Walking Armory
  • Warpath
  • The Walking Gun

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  • Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters
  • New Genosha

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    Quote1 I wonder if there's any other part of him that can shoot as well as he can. Quote2
    -- Melissa Steel to Jane Grey

    Colt Smith Wesson was born during the Human-Mutant War that was ongoing during the first century of the 2000s. He was raised by Remington and Diana Wesson; as well as the younger sibling of Fabrique Nationale Wesson.

    Throughout his life; Colt grew up in a militaristic household where his father planned to make them soldiers against mutants; however he learned in secret that he was a mutant when he noticed his hands morphing into firearms.

    One day however; his father pushed him too far; leading to him revealing his powers angrily and that led to him running away from his home and his father now on his trail.

    X-Men & The War

    Upon meeting with the X-Men of the future; Colt became a member and fought alongside many other mutants until the year 2100.


    By 2100; the X-Men were reunited with the original members, including Mutant X and ForestFire. This caused the war to end up more in the favor of the mutant's; leading to the end of the war and the mutants prevailing.

    Later on; Colt became a full time arms dealer and as a result, made a very good living. He did however also become a full fledged X-Man as well. He also started dating a young sword morphing mutant named Melissa Swift.

    Powers and Abilities


  • Biological Weapons Morphing: Colt earns his codename Arsenal because of his ability to morph is arms and hands into conventional and unconventional weapons; so long as they can shoot like a firearm. He can even create weapons such as grenade launchers and even flamethrowers.
  • Bio Metallic Skin: Colt's skin cannot only just morph into weapons; but also can morph into a hard adamantium shell that is virtually invulnerable to most things. In fact this power allows him to become a human artillery shell that needs to be placed in gunpowder before being launched.
  • Foreign Body Resistance: Because of the metallic skin Colt can morph; his body is known to be capable of actually being resistant to virtually all forms of disease.
  • Telumpathy: Colt is known to have a psychic ability to control firearms and their ammunition at will; causing them to either explode, jam and even burn.
  • Enhanced Human Strength: Due to many of the weapons he morphs possessing recoil; Colt's natural strength has been capable of keeping him from being knocked back. In other words the weapons he morphs have absolutely little to zero recoil when fired; even with weapons that have been proven uncontrollable in full automatic fire. His strength is also capable of moving objects that are incapable of being moved by others.


  • Military Combat Training: Because of his father's training courses and teachings; Colt is known to have skills that are military issued.
  • Weapons Expert: Colt is known to have studied and knows every weapon that he can morph with his arsenal. He also has a knowledge on the different types of ammunition is used as well.
  • Expert Sharpshooter: Colt is a natural deadeye; capable of using his morphing ability to pick off enemy targets far superior to any other expert sharpshooter in the world.

    Strength level

    Colt's strength level is known to be as strong as Colossus


  • Mystical Weapons: Because Colt is capable of only creating firearms; he is incapable of creating weapons possessing mystical properties.
  • Inability to Create Ammunition: Although he can create firearms out of his arms; Colt is incapable of replicating any form of ammunition due to the fact that his body is not a machine and is organic matter.
  • Magnetism: Like Colossus; Colt is easily manipulated by any being with the magnetic powers such as Magneto.


  • Fore Grips: On his utility belt; Colt carries several forms of fore grips that he can attach to his arms in weapon mode.
  • Scopes & Sights: Colt is also capable of carrying several different scopes and sights on him.
  • Ammunition: Although he cannot create ammunition from his own body; Colt is known to carry several different magazines on him at all times.
  • Compensators & Suppressors: While keeping it quite; Colt carries a couple of compensators and suppressors.
    Transportation: None known.
    Weapons: None known.

    Creator's Notes

  • Arsenal's real name "Colt Smith Wesson" is actually a reference to the Colt Manufacturing Company and the Smith & Wesson company.
  • He is similar to that of Colossus with the ability of turning his skin into biological metal.


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