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Silk Widow

Real Name
Claire Mary Parker
Current Alias
Silk Widow

Claire Moon, Web head, Daughter of the Wall-crawlers



Young Avengers

Peter Parker (Father), Cindy Moon-Parker (Mother), Ben Parker (Great Uncle, deceased), May Parker (Great Aunt, deceased), Ben Reilly(Paternal "Uncle"), Felicia Hardy (Paternal Aunt), Peter Reilly (Cousin) Albert Moon Senior (Maternal Grandfather), Nari moon (Maternal Grandmother), Albert Moon Junior (Maternal Uncle)


Base Of Operations
Avengers Academy, Los Angeles, California; Formerly New York City






Unusual Features
Her albinism


Marital Status

Student, Superhero

High School level

Was born a mutate due to her parents' combined mutated genetics

Place of Birth


First appearance



Quote1 So we have great power, check. Great responsibilities, check. I think my father would be proud. Quote2
-- Claire Parker


Claire is the daughter of Peter Parker and Cindy Moon-Parker, Spider-man and Silk respectively. Like the majority of her fellow Young Avengers, Claire was born sometime after the Age of Heroes ended and was raised in what use to be the home of her father's Aunt May's home in Queens, New York. Unlike most children of heroes, Peter had hoped to keep Claire out of the hero business despite Cindy trying to convince him otherwise but even by the time she was starting school, Peter remained firm and his wife gave up trying to convince him, leaving it to have their daughter living her life as normal as possible.

Unfortunately, Claire had a difficult time in school due to her genetic defect of albinism, often being the center of teasing and often being ostracized by her peers. If not for her parents and teachers encouraging her to ignore these hurtful times Claire likely would have completely sunk away into depression as she got older. Eventually, Cindy enrolled her into acrobatic and gymnastic classes to help Claire better socialize with others when she was still young and where both parents realized that not only did she have a inclination towards it but also that she had enhanced physiology. Initially, no one took notice as Claire grew older and she eventually began to get into other activities such as inventing and science clubs, finding she shared her father's aptitude for it.

When her early teen years began to roll around Claire being in the dark about her parents' true identities crumbled away. During a particularly rough day at school Claire was physically provoked by bullies, each taunting her to the point she became fed up. In retaliation she fought her attackers, unknowingly using her greater physiology to not only severely harm her classmates but also ensnaring them in a silk webbing she produced. When her blind rage passed, she was left shocked and horrified, but was eventually expelled from school. When she was brought home, Claire confronted her parents about what had occurred which led to Peter finally admitted the truth and that the couple lived a double life of helping with street crime often when Claire was busy.

The cat out of the bag, Peter was convinced at last to begin training Claire in what him and Cindy knew of their abilities, each training her where they could in terms of what skills she seemed to share with them. Through their training, her skills improved and she gradually joined them in their own heroics when the two Spider heroes were called upon.

Carrying on the Legacy

At the age of fifteen, things changed when Claire's parents were informed of Avengers Academy being refurnished and opening for new age of heroes. Her parents discussed the possibility and approached Claire about the news, and her excitement surprised yet amused them as she decided it was the next step for her own career. So, six months later when it came time to enroll and Claire being sixteen, her family sent her to Los Angeles where she met her cousin, Peter Reilly, to head to the academy.

For the first time, Claire and Peter met other young, amateur heroes like themselves and found quite a bit of acceptance due to their similarities in their family ties and abilities. It was only on that first day that Claire laid eyes upon Chris Rand and vice versa, the two having an almost immediate attraction on that day.

Powers and Abilities


  • Spider Physiology: Due to her parents, Claire inherited their mutagenic genes through her own DNA and has powers proportionate to an arachnid. Thus she has many greater physical attributes then the finest human athlete. The powers she has shown so far are as follows:
    • Wall-Crawling:The ability to mentally control the flux of inter-atomic attraction between molecular boundary layers. This overcomes the outer electron shell's normal behavior of mutual repulsion with other outer electron shells and permits the tremendous potential for electron attraction to prevail. These are the same mechanics as her father and mother that allow Claire adhere to just about any surface.
    • Superhuman Strength:Claire has strength greater then any normal human, especially for someone her age and height. She is able to easily lift a small car and throw it several feet and has at her limits been able to lift 5 tons thus far. Therefore, her punches could easily be fatal to regular humans and deal some damage to superhuman beings, forcing her to have to be careful at times. She also has this strength in her legs that allows her to jump several stories in a single bound.
    • Superhuman Stamina:Claire's body produces less fatigue toxins in her body during great physical activity, allowing her to last far longer then the average human.
    • Superhuman Speed:Much like her mother, Claire can move at speeds far faster than the likes of Spider-man. This enables her to dodge most things, even such things as high caliber bullets, and easily keep up with speeding cars on foot.
    • Superhuman Agility:Claire's bodily coordination, balance, and reflexes are above the finest human athlete. This allows her to perform great acrobatic maneuvers, and even some not possible by conventional performers. This also has shown for her to have greater flexibility and easily rivalry Olympic-level acrobats and gymnasts.
    • Superhuman Durability:Claire's bodily tissue is far stronger then the average human, allowing her to withstand greater impact forces and go toe-to-toe with superhumanly strong individuals. She could easily allow her to be hit by a speeding truck and come out unscathed.
    • Superhuman Reflexes:Claire's reaction time is far greater then any human and even greater then that of her father's. She is able to easily dodge several attacks from afar or sometimes up close, such as bullets and is often coupled with her speed to give the illusion she is almost teleporting in a sense and can overwhelm most opponents.
    • Superhuman Equilibrium:Claire is able to instinctively correct herself from any position imaginable. This enables her to also have great balance to walk on the narrowest of places and quickly prevent something such as possibly avoiding a fall.
    • Accelerated healing:Claire's body can heal three times as fast as the average human can. This enables her to heal from near fatal wounds and broken bones within days rather then months, allowing her to recover far quicker then the normal time span. It also gives her immunity to minor to moderate diseases and strong doses of drugs.
    • Spider-Sense:Like most spider-based heroes, Claire has a spider sense that serves as a "danger sense" when danger is around. Her's is advanced like her mother's in detecting dangers further away then Spider-man but also allows her to detect specifically where the danger is coming from.
    • Organic Webbing:Like her mother, Claire can create her own organic webbing from spinnerets in her finger tips. They allow her to swing from place to place on top of making webs for different purposes, and they have shown to have different properties as well such as porous air webbing, bio-electricity webbing, steel "cable" webs, and adhesive webbing, the latter meant to be more like powerful glue and sticker then her normal webbing. The strength of the webbing though varies depending upon her health and physical condition.
  • Claws:Like her mother, with being able to make webs from her finger tips she also has claw-like extrusions.


  • Highly Intelligent:Claire has great intelligence almost equal to her father, allowing her to be a quick learner and excel in some places academically.
  • Master Acrobat:Claire has shown to be an Olympic-level acrobat, easily surpassing most thanks to her powers.
  • Inventor:She also has shown to have some inclination towards inventions, having created her own Wed Shooters as a secondary option for when her organic webbing is weakened or as an extra way to surprise enemies.

Strength level

Claire has greater strength then any average human, having been able to lift 5 tons.


  • Due to her genetic defect Claire is more susceptible to sunburn or skin cancers due to her lighter pigmentation and has a slight sensitivity to bright lights causing her to have darker shades to help see.
  • Her organic webbing is greatly affected by her physical condition and health, which means when she is ill it weakens compared to when she is healthy.
  • Claire can still be killed by conventional means and even deadlier doses of drugs and diseases.



  • Web Shooters:A more high-tech version of her father's created by SHIELD but with additional changes by her own design.
  • Dark shaded glasses/Lens:Claire has special dark shaded sunglasses to help her see in bright lighted areas due to her visual issues with albinism. She will on occasion where a visor like glasses in order to help with this as Silk Widow

Transportation: Her webbing, SHIELD vehicles
Weapons: Web shooters, webbing


  • She is created from a What If idea if Spider-man and Silk had a child.


  • Claire uses a style very much like her father's that he invented as the "Way of the Spider".
  • She is cousin's with her father's clone's child Peter Reilly, but she considers him a cousin due to her father considering Ben Reilly his "brother".
  • Claire has openly showed disdain for her genetic defect.

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