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Civil War
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Superhuman Civil War, Casualties of War, The Fight for Freedom, Divided We Fall, Great Heroic Conflict, War of Heroes
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New York City; Stamford, Connecticut; Several other cities and states across the United States
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Captain America (founder and leader of the anti-registration),
Iron Man (face and leader of the pro-registration),
Ultimates (anti-registration, pro-registration, and neutral parties)
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Event Synopsis


Following a series of catastrophic tragedies mainly caused by the superhuman conflict between the Ultimate Alliance and the Movement Alliance known as the Ultimate War, exactly 117 countries from the United Nations, along with the suggestion of the recent Geneva Convention months after Ultimate War, have come to a conclusive decision to pass a set of legal documents contained by the legislative law known as the Superhuman Registration Act that requires all living enhanced or super-powered individuals and organizations involving the latter, both public and private, and both hero and (former and reoccurring) villain, across the globe in order to fully reveal their identities, to disclose their powers, abilities, and personal background, and to register as government employees or risk indefinite incarceration, or as they would like to call it, "retirement" for the rest of their lives.

The Superhuman Registration Act had been a long time in the making, even before the Ultimate War, when it has been finally officiated. The Superhuman Registration Act, however, had only arose following the sudden rise of global Inhuman population that S.H.I.E.L.D. had failed to prevent, the uncontrollable activities committed by various mutants across the world, and several notable conflicts that involved the Avengers, and every other private heroic organization without the authoritative access and permission. With most people remembering the millions of casualties and destruction that both unintentionally and intentionally was caused by the chaos of Ultimate War, had subsequently put a lot of public support for the registration act at around 50% almost across the entire globe.

Civil War

The act's purpose was to serve a "middle point" between every hero's desire to secure their local and global communities, promote world peace, and the international community's concern over the repercussions of the Avengers and the entirety of the Ultimates' actions. However, this decision had caused a deeply, scarring rift in the heroic community, with some backing the act while some others oppose it. This separation has ignited a great superhuman Civil War that pitted the two main sides, the pro-registration forces and the anti-registration insurgency, against each other which extremely tested their moral ideologies, beliefs, and overall responsibility as heroes, with the Anti-Registration questioning their freedoms and the right to choose as a righteous role of being a hero and sincere defender across the globe.

Unbeknownst to everyone besides Captain America and his closest of allies within the Anti-Registration organization, was semi-orchestrated by the mysterious terrorist Mark Gruler, who sought to exact revenge against the Avengers for his family's deaths during the Chitauri Invasion. On his plan trying to find and confront the true mastermind that has caused the war in the first place, Rogers tried to constantly convince Stark and his allies to help him, but the latter refused to listen, believing that Rogers was just having a hard time dealing to cope with the registration act, and the two factions engaged in a great chaotic fight across several locations throughout the country that resulted in overall mass destruction.

Despite all of this, however, the heroes against the legislative act used an effective distraction in order to give Rogers and few selected others a chance to track down the final true location of Gruler (who later revealed himself to be the son of the late deceased Baron Heinrich Zemo, Helmut) and confront him once and for all, subsequently defeating him and handing him to the authorities for his crimes, only to inevitably cause most members within the anti-registration to be arrested in the end for violating the act, imprisoning most of them for a long time inside the maximum security prison facility known as the Raft.


Only days after Captain America and the secret faction of the Avengers had successfully stopped Helmut Zemo, the true identity of Mark Gruler and the instigator of both superhuman Ultimate War and the Civil War, the heroic team officially disbanded in the meantime due to the fact that the registration act's continuation as a strict law of the nations, although a small portion of the Anti-Registration known as the secret Avengers have courageously continued operating in the shadows while the others have remained hidden within settlements several across the world, keeping themselves as unnoticeable as possible from the strict authorities, including the Pro-Registration forces, who deemed to apprehend them on sight if they're immediately spotted by the latter.

In the aftermath of the superhuman Civil War, the World Security Council had to hold Maria Hill on stand-by in response to her questionable decision to help out the separated Anti-Registration faction of S.H.I.E.L.D., which was led by former director Phil Coulson, escape capture from the authorities during the final stand-off in New York. For the next several months, the council decided to hold Hill's position while they find her replacement, and unbeknownst to anyone, Hill and acting director Jeffrey Mace had already made contact with Coulson in secret, to which they mutually agreed to have Coulson replace Hill as secret co-directors with Mace from that moment forward, believing that the only other person besides Nick Fury who should lead the organization was Coulson himself.

At the time since the apprehension of Mark Gruler, who was revealed to be the main alias of the one Helmut Zemo, the legal accords and documents that is the Superhuman Registration Act, remained implemented by the United Nations right until the aftermath of the Secret Invasion, where both leaders of both sides, as it was first demanded by Stark for his old friend Rogers, peacefully demanded the United Nations to finally abolish the act, after both sides reunited into saving the Earth from the Skrull Invasion, ultimately ending the Superhuman Civil War, once and for all.

Notable Participants

Pro-Registration Faction

Registered Heroes

Registered Villains

S.H.I.E.L.D. (Maria Hill's Faction)

European Defense Initiative

Young Avengers (Iron Lad's Faction)


Civilian Supporters

Anti-Registration Faction

Opposed Heroes

Fantastic Four


S.H.I.E.L.D. (Phil Coulson's Faction)

Young Avengers (Patriot's Faction)

  • Patriot (defected from the pro-registration)
  • Hulkling (defected from the pro-registration)
  • Wiccan (defected from the pro-registration)
  • Hawkeye (Bishop) (defected from the pro-registration)


The Brotherhood

Civilian Opponents

Neutral & Unacknowledged Parties

Masters of the Mystic Arts

Inhuman Royal Family

Impartial Civilians


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