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The Citadel

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Earth-5680 (Formally)
Earth-160 (Current)
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The Citadel is an planetary mega-structure created by the Time Lords during the Time War and was used has an weapon of mass destruction what was against an powerful technological race called the Daleks, to which was ultimately destroyed by the hands of the Operator.

When the Operator was betrayed by his race, he went on board the Citadel again, and created 12 Nexus rings, to which he used to cause mass dimensional destruction, and destroyed the reality of Earth-5680, with the extinction of the Time Lords.

After the destruction of the reality. The Operator entered the reality of Earth-778 and declare war on every sentient, intelligent races, and the start of the First Reality War began. The reason be hide was to locate, and kill his reality counterpart, and the Operator continued to do so with realities that does. This caused there to be 20 Reality Wars. The Operator then entered Earth-616 to locate his counterpart here. When the final Reality War to start, the Operator went to combat himself, only to be badly wounded by the Avenger, Black Widow and was cellular teleported back to the Citadel to be healed so he wont start to regenerate. The Citadel's combat units was being destroyed by the combined efforts of the Avengers and many superheroes and even supervillains across the globe, forcing the robots and the Citadel itself to retreat to the outer rim of the galaxy, where the Operator was unable to heal and regenerated into the Third Operator.

Design & Functionality

The Citadel was constructed in mind of life, and as such as nano-size machinery called the Life Bots who draws power from the Reality Stone that allows them to create the oceans, grass leafs etc. The Time Lords also create their own ecosystem to maintain the life on the structure well after the decommission of the Life Bots since they will be destroyed when the Second Operator destroys them along with Earth-5680.


The environment is being maintained by artificial means. The Citadel houses many manipulation devices that allows it create it's own ecosystem on the surface, allowing it to make the atmosphere, and with the construction of the Gravity Well, it has it's own gravitational force, allowing things to stay on it.

For over the past decade after leaving the reality of Earth-5680, the Operator has been upgrading the Citadel's hardware, and software to where the Citadel can produce organic creatures. The device is one of the Infinity Stones, the Reality Stone which the Operator use as the power source to all manipulative devices.


Ever since creating the device for organic life, the oceans has been filled with many water creatures. Ranging from the Ecotrop to even the sharks originally found on Earth. The Operator enjoys swimming in the fresh waters inland.





Nexus Construction Facilities

Cooling Systems

Due to the immense heat exerted from the Nexus Construction Facilities, the cooling system was created all over the Citadel, keeping cool during an construction of an Nexus. Due to this also, the cooling systems, the area around the systems alters climate to be snowy, more colder then other parts of the Citadel.


Space Bridge

Locations & Facilities

Lifestyles & Cultures

Creation of the Humanoid Race

The Operator had created robots has to not be alone. However, for years, she's been creating advance robots that is more self-aware, acting like a true sentient creature. Soon enough, she realized she obtained DNA samples of human during the Second Reality War. Using the replication devices found in the Scientific facilities, she was able to replicate the DNA, and was successfully able to create human organs. With this, she had all humanoid-shaped robots to be reconstructed, and they were implanted with human organs, effectively having Human Physiology. The brain is the hybrid of machine and human, because she doesn't want the robots to forgot what they were before, but to act more human.

As time goes on, the Humanoids is adapting to the environment and acted like they are human. Ever since this happens, they now were mating, and having children. Seeing this, the Operator found joy knowing she is truly not alone, and now possess something to protect. Her people.


The Humanoids lives across the Citadel in "villages". The village has variety of occupation jobs anyone can take on. Farming, hunting, doing cooking and washing. They know the Operator watches them with care, and so continue to doing what they do. Sometimes, they also play as the kids, and teenagers also play. Seeing this, the Operator had the scientific facilities create gaming consoles such as the Xbox and PS. With this, the families now are more joyful.


  • Meta Time-Space Manipulation: The Citadel is able to manipulate the space-time continuum in the Multiverse. But the Operator doesn't use it has it can cause time paradoxes, and even more temporal problematic events.
  • Space-Time Travel: The Citadel can travel across space and time.
  • Cross-Dimensional Travel: The Citadel is able to travel between realities.
  • Spatial-Temporal Barrier: The Citadel's ability to exist outside of space and time and also Reality itself.
    • Note: This can only be activated if the reality in-question be being destroyed at the time the Citadel is in it. It is an defense mechanism.
  • Nexus Creation: The Citadel is also designed to create planetary mega-structures shaped rings that also has it's hold gravity, and atmosphere, and hold life. It's main purpose is to eradicate any form, type of life from anything. It was used during the Time War and to destroy reality, Earth-5680.
  • Life Support: With artificial means, the Citadel is able to hold many forms of life.
  • Artificial Gravity: The Citadel has it's own gravitational force of 1.0 G, same as Earth.


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