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Current Alias

Carnage (Mistakenly by Peter Parker)



Mary San - Adoptive Mother (Deceased)
Eric San - Adoptive Father (Deceased)
Prya San - Sister
Margret Mariah Thompson - Mother (Deceased)
Allan Cecil Thompson - Father (Deceased)

Wrath - Symbiote








Marital Status

Vigilante, Former Library Employee

A former library worker bonded with a symbiote that was from the Carnage symbiote.


First appearance


Christopher Michael Thompson was born to Margret and Allan Thompson. Some point during his infant years, he was adopted by Mary San and was raised.

Early Life

During this time, he met J. Osborne, who he befriended over time. He then met Abbie Ryans and Veronica Wells. One day, his family had to evacuate from his town as the military declared that "an unknown phenomenon has occurred".

Years later, he managed to come back to his hometown, once there, he started an job at the library as an employee where his adoptive mom worked at.

Bonding with Wrath

One day, he left a party that his friend, J was hosting. However, he came across a vile that contained a red substance. Before he could investigate a military man attempted to shoot him but he later broke his knee, arm and fractured his skull. This also caused the red substance to break lose and consume him.

After last night, he wakes up to his room with a bandage over his head. This is when Christopher finds out that he's been bonded with the symbiote. During this time, he finds out more of his powers when he was walking to a abandoned warehouse, he witnessed a unnamed gang attacking someone through a alley way. The gang noticed him and attempted to attack but the symbiote managed to guide him to safety and fight off the attackers before saving the man and moving on his way. Afterwards, he tries out his powers before swing away like a familiar superhero. Later at night, he witnesses two men robbing a convenient store, they were both dispatched and later apprehended the men. This was witnessed by Betty Brant's daughter, Katrina Brant and was followed by her. However, after confronting her about this, she was taken back to his place and explained who the Life Foundation is. Katrina then asks him to look out on the street for crime, causing him to fight off bank robbers.

Days later, he was getting ready for a upcoming party involving the anniversary of the Library. After making it to the party, the Life Foundation busted in, resulted in Mary and Eric dying and Christopher captured.


Unlike the usual hosts, both Wrath and Christopher show the same views on life. Such as them not wanting to kill unless as an last resort or in self-defense. They both are harmless when it comes to crime. However, when organizations that will harm anyone anyway, they both eliminate them in order to stop them from.

They both see life as something that needs to be sacred but also takes in consideration that he'll only kill if the criminal is an danger and won't stop, in self-defense and in a last resort.

Powers and Abilities


Carnage Clone Symbiote: After being attached to the symbiote, he could transform into his suit stage, where he has the same appearance as Carnage's symbiote. He also possessed the same powers as the symbiote with some extra powers and some differences.

  • Powerful Strength: It's known that since he has the symbiote suit, he has the power levels of both Hybrid and Toxin combined. He is capable of lifting between 500 and 1,000 tons.
  • Spidey Sense Immunization: Immune Spider-Man's or any Symbiote's senses.
  • High Jumping Leaps: He seems to have the ability to across high lengths, even having the power to jump over buildings to building across long streets.
  • Camouflage: He also known to camouflage into shadow patterns
  • Shape-Shifting: Its possible for him to shape-shift into anything or anybody.
  • Resilience: It's also known that he can stand still from falling from high lengths but he can get easily thrown back by enough punching force.
  • Regeneration: He can survive mostly anything. He can die from stuff but the extent of killing him would be God like but he can mostly survive from things that are impossible to survive, such as decapitation, explosion from RPG and being ripped in half.
  • Constituent-Matter Manipulation (Blunt Weapons): He has the power to use this ability but this ability has yet to be seen


None known.

Strength level

Unlike the original Carnage, this Carnage symbiote is about to pick up 500 to 1,000 tons, however this can be a disadvantage as picking up something 1,000 tons would at least take about 2 or less minutes.

Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills


  • Nuclear Radiation: Although he is resistant to Radiation, he is able to be severely weaken by radiation. Just how symbiotes are affected by sonic sound.
  • Dizziness: Even though he can rarely be effected by Dizziness, he can become dizzy if he spins as fast as 10,000 Miles per hour. Going this fast can cause the symbiote to detach from the host but considering Wrath attached Christopher interally (such as veins, blood cells, etc.) the symbiote can still regenerate.



  • Wrath: Although not the same symbiote as Carnage's, it has the same DNA and same look at Carnage and unlike Carnage, it does not cause any harmful side effects (e.g. No accelerated aging or cancer (mainly stomach cancer) or anything dangerous). It's also noted that the Utopia Crime Industry altered it's DNA.


  • Web-Slinging
  • 2014 Ford Explorer

Weapons: None known.


  • Unlike its genetic source, this symbiote does not seem to be hostile and in fact seems to value innocent and good life, rather than Carnage's life of remorseless crime.
  • Originally, he was going to take on the appearance of Spider-Carnage.
    • The main reason why he looks like Spider-Carnage is that when Christopher made a Spider-Man suit. He didn't wear the costume, instead, he let the symbiote absorb it.
      • However this idea was scrapped.
  1. Issue 1 (WRATH)


  • Christopher's backstory will not be revealed as the story will not revolve around his life, but rather him becoming a vigilante.
    • With that being said, the creator confirmed that his mom possibly passed away.

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