"I am constantly amazed at your arrogance Mr. Stark. That you can sit there and act like nothing in this world is your fault?"
Christine Everhart is a political reporter for WHIH news, appearing in several films as a newscaster. Not much is known of her early life, but she did at one point work as a reporter for Vanity Fair magazine, securing two exclusive interviews with Tony Stark and one with Justin Hammer in this role (and is said to have slept with the former in the process, though that is unconfirmed rumor). After leaving Vanity Fair, she began covering the super hero community in general, reporting on events including the Thunderbolts, the arrival of the Fantastic Four, and eventually the Incursion of the Warbound.

Alternate Timeline

In the alternate timeline of Infinity War, Christine Everhart continued to provide news coverage for many of the events taking place in the world, including the aftermath of the Decimation and the Outlawing of the Avengers. She also provided a detailed look at the first free election in the United States following the Snap in 2024, an election won by Steve Danvers (who was really a Skrull in disguise).

She was killed in the destruction of this Earth by Galactus.

Powers & Abilities

Everhart possesses no special abilities or powers beyond that of a normal human being.


She has a tendency to be enamored by powerful individuals, but usually can overcome this.

Film Details

Everhart appeared in the following films in the Earth-11584 continuity, though most amount to cameo appearances. In all cases she is portrayed by actress Leslie Bibb.

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