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Real Name
Christian Jakob Lehnsherr
Current Alias

Metal Boy, Christian Eisenhardt, Christian Frost the Second, Master of Metal



Young X-men; Formerly New Charles Xavier School

Jakob Eisenhardt (Paternal Grandfather, deceased), Edie Eisenhardt (Paternal Grandmother, deceased), Winston Frost (Maternal Grandfather, deceased), Hazel Frost (Maternal Grandmother, deceased), Erik Lehnsherr (Father), Emma Frost (Mother), Stepford Cuckoos (Maternal Half sisters), Pietro Maximoff (Paternal Half brother), Wanda Maximoff (Paternal Half Sister), Lorna Dane (Paternal Half sister), Cordelia Frost (Maternal Aunt), Adreinne Frost (Maternal Aunt, deceased), Christian Frost (Maternal Uncle), Ruth Eisenhardt (Paternal Aunt, deceased), Frost Family Tree, Eisenhardt Family Tree


Base Of Operations


5' 11" Varies





Unusual Features
Entire form is made of a malleable bio-metal though properties can change


Marital Status

Adventurer, Hero

High School Level


Place of Birth


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Quote1 I can become any shape, any density, any weapon, just call me the Master of Metal. Quote2
-- Christian Lehnsherr

Early Life

Christian was born to quite the family legacy hanging over his head from the moment he came into the world. His parents on both sides have walked the path of good and evil; his mother being involved with the Hellfire Club, the Dark X-men, Phoenix Five, and now Scott's own X-men while also being a teacher and part of the X-men when they were a single team and his father a mutant terrorist, leader of the Brotherhood, and many others before becoming an X-man and returning to more radical views. His siblings have consisted of similar walks of life but majority have remained heroes such as Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Polaris while the Three-in-One have remained with their mother.

To say the least, Christian has grown up with trying to come to terms that his family seems to walk a thin line. He was raised by Emma and Erik who both divided time from teaching to take care of their son despite the two only essentially having had the boy from a brief relationship that did not last. But like any of their students they ensured he got the best education the Charles Xavier School could offer and encouraged him to make connections and friends as he got older. Funny enough, he did grow close to his three sisters who also took time to help him learn and grow as well.

Though his family was loving though, he found it difficult to completely follow their teachings and views. Their hatred of humans and distrusting those who supposedly supported mutants made him confused since he himself was without powers, often bringing the question up if they would care if he ever actually became a mutant. But Emma and Erik assured the youngest of their children that he wouldn't have to worry about being a "flatscan" as the slang usually went for a human. With both being incredibly powerful mutants and their own older children (discounting Anya) were all mutants they had confidence Christian would grow to have them in time and were not quite as intense about discovering it as Scott was for his son.

So, during his pre-teen and most of his teen years Christian kept patiently waiting for his mutation to reveal itself and became a close friend of Chris Summers. It was Chris and later Ashe Quire, who transferred to the school, who kept his spirits up and sane enough not to consider dropping out of school and disappearing altogether. In fact, as luck would have it his parents would be proven right after all. During the harsh training session in which nearly costed Chris his own life but triggered his mutation, Christian's was also triggered when he became afraid and panicked of nearly losing his own life as well. But his metallic skin managed to deflect the oncoming fire but earned an earful from Eva Bell and Emma Frost when they saw this.

Though glad to have his mutant powers, Christian still suffered an identity crisis since he didn't know what this meant for his future. He still entertained the thoughts of leaving the school and approaching the Avengers Academy or going to the Jean Grey School.

Finding Purpose

Roughly around the time Christian was reaching the age of seventeen, Chris finally approached his best friend about his plans. At first, Christian angrily refused when realizing Chris didn't come to him first about the idea and believed his friend did not trust him. But when Summers explained about Emma and Erik watching him too closely for so long he couldn't risk it Christian calmed down and understood why. Once the misunderstanding was settled Christian did not hesitate to join the Young X-men as he saw it as the opportunity he was seeking to truly find who he was meant to be.

Powers and Abilities


  • Bio-metal Physiology:Christian's body is literally composed of malleable metal of an unknown alloy, making him a metal polymorph. This form resembles iron meteorites due to the various lines crossing across his form. Much like those of the X-man Mercury and cosmic being Silver Surfer, Christian can psionically alter his form for various purposes, being able to change to a liquid state or solid state, allowing him to change and alter his shape at will. He also has sensory organs which are a recall of his previous organs he once had with being able to feel, hear, taste, etc. but does not really need them nor does he have to feel pain unless he so chooses. Christian has also stated his form is actually inorganic in nature and likely could make him immortal but this is not yet known.
    • Near-Invulnerability:By making his form harder or softer, Christian can either withstand just about most types of attacks without facing some serious harm, usually being physical in nature and some energy based ones. His form can either stop the attack outright or he can easily just rearrange is body around unharmed.
    • Bio-metal Constructs:From his own body, Christian is capable of creating various metal constructs or altering his form to make them. He can create various kinds of armor for extra defense, weapons like spikes, clubs, hammers, swords, etc., shields, or even tools. He can also manipulate pieces that might be separate from his body and easily absorb them back if necessary.
    • Self-Sustenance:Since his form is changed on a molecular level, Christian no longer requires food, oxygen, or water to survive nor does he need sleep.
    • Superhuman Strength:By causing his body to take on a more solid state or by altering his size, Christian is capable of having greater strength then most humans. He is able to lift 2 tons in his normal size, 25 tons at 15 feet, and at his maximum of 30 feet he can lift 100 tons easy without strain.
    • Superhuman Durability:Christian's body tissue, musculature, and bone are tougher then normal, enabling him to withstand superhumanly strong individuals and great impact forces. He can also withstand most physical hits without so much as flinching.
    • Superhuman Stamina:Christian's body makes less fatigue toxins in his body, allowing him to go several hours before he becomes impaired.
    • Size Alteration:Christian is capable of altering his body's form to either shrink or grow, allowing him to become harder to find and in some cases stronger then his regular height. The smallest he can for is only 10 inches while the tallest he can reach, though tends to put a lot of strain on his body, is 30 feet.
    • Density Manipulation:As stated above, Christian can control the density of his body to make it soft to where things go through his body, leaving him unharmed and just absorb or maneuver around such things. Or, he can make his body strong as titanium, allowing him to be practically nearly invulnerable and withstand against superhumanly strong individuals and have limited resistance to extreme temperatures.
    • Regenerative Healing:With Christian's body composed of a malleable metal, his form is quickly capable of regenerating limbs, organs, and tissue at a greater rate then normal humans. He regenerates in a matter of seconds from most physical attacks but takes longer with energy-based, depending on how bad or depending on temperature. He is therefore immune to poisons, diseases, and alcohol and has been theorized to live far longer then most, though this is only a theory.


  • High Intelligence:Christian inherited both of his parents' high intelligence but not to a genius level. He is a quick learner, adept problem solver, and has shown to be able to process large bits of information.
    • Photographic Memory
  • Adept Technician:Like his mother, Christian has skill in being able to create and use various types of electronics.
  • Master Combatant:Christian has been trained in various types of close quarters combat styles and some martial arts. He is easily capable of holding his own against many of the Charles Xavier School staff or a large group of people.
  • Multilingual:Christian is fluent in multiple languages with English and German being his common used ones, but is also fluent in French, Russian, and Spanish.

Strength level

Christian's strength varies in terms of his size with at normal height he can lift 2 tons, 25 tons at 15 feet, and 100 tons at 30 feet.


  • Since his body is made up of metal he can still be affected by electricity, causing him great pain and tends to leave severe burns.
  • Temperature is also known to affect his body. Heat makes Christian's body become more malleable and softer, but makes it incredibly difficult to maintain any shape or any at all and must cool down as a result. Colder temperatures make his form more solid and heavy, causing him to become sluggish and eventually unable to move.



  • Wrist Communicator

Transportation: Chris's teleportation, X-jet
Weapons: His powers


  • Christian is a What If idea if Emma Frost and Erik Lehnsherr were to ever have a child.


  • Christian is named after his uncle, who's current situation is unclear, and his deceased grandfather, Jakob Eisenhardt.
  • Christian has stated one of his idols among the X-men is Mercury, the now veteran X-man due to the similarities of their powers.

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