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Temporal Lad

Real Name
Christopher Xavier Summers
Current Alias
Temporal Lad

Temporal, New Charles Xavier Golden Boy



Young X-men; Formerly New Charles Xavier School X-men

Scott Summers (Father), Eva Bell (Mother), Christopher Summers (Grandfather, Deceased), Katherine Summers (Grandmother, deceased), Alex Summers (Uncle), Gabriel Summers (Uncle, Deceased), Deathbird (Aunt), Nate Grey (Paternal Half Brother), Cable (Paternal Half Brother), Rachel Summers (Paternal Half Sister), Hope Summers (Adoptive Niece), Summers Family Tree, Bell Family Tree


Base Of Operations
Unknown; Formerly New Charles Xavier School



Brown, (Glow blue when using powers)

Brown, (White streaks in hair)

Unusual Features
Eyes glow blue when using powers


Marital Status

Adventurer, Hero

High School


First appearance



Quote1 The X-men were born based on ideals to not only help mutants and humans but create peace. We were meant to fulfill a dream many hold but we fell short of that, we fell short of what our parents made and oath to do. It's time the world saw the X-men haven't abandoned that dream. Quote2
-- Chris Summers


Chris is a young man born from a short lived romance between his father, X-men leader Scott "Cyclops" Summers, and a former student of his, Eva "Tempus" Bell. Though it wouldn't be for a few years before Eva approached Scott and showed her growing feelings towards him did anything truly happen. About three years after the two started dating, Chris was born to the two mutants. Such a day was one for excitement among the Charles Xavier school X-men but it wasn't but a year after his birth that Scott and Eva found their relationship beginning to fracture due to the strains as X-men.

Eventually, Eva took time off as an active X-man and found herself more content to focus on her duties as a mother and teacher. Scott was still heavily involved with Chris's upbringing. As a child of two X-men, it was only natural that Chris began training from a young age in hand-to-hand combat, focus, and most other things children learned.

But, at the same time Chris was closely watched for signs of being a mutant. His training was rigorous and there was always watchful eyes from his parents just in case any stress triggered his abilities as it had with many in the past. As a mutant born after the dispersion of the Phoenix Force some years before there was a great anticipation that Chris too had an X-gene, one not yet activated. Though he also began to become curious of his abilities, he for a while didn't worry much for it, not until he reached roughly the age of ten before he began to do some self-testing, albeit under the watchful eyes of the teachers, especially his parents.

Though raised with love and care by his parents, by the time Chris was reaching his pre-teen years he became increasingly more aware of just what this team of X-men stood for. Being more extreme in their beliefs Chris at first followed their same ideals and trained hard to defend and fight if necessary, but he also became aware of how concerned his father was of him being human. A little before his mutation would come in at the age of twelve Chris discovered just how desperate his father was for him to be a mutant as well, seeming to have an obvious dislike towards humans as of late and it stung a little when he did turn thirteen his father became harsher on him in the hopes of triggering his mutant abilities. And sure enough, it worked.

A near-fatal training incident with energy weapons in the training room nearly caused Chris to risk serious injury, but at the last minute he was able to trigger a small time bubble around the shots, freezing them in place and allowing him enough time to scramble away. Much to Scott's relief this incident helped lessen the harshness by his father but caused Eva to become extremely furious with Scott for nearly putting their son in danger, and also causing Chris to start to change his mind.

A dream Revived

Following the incident in the training room, Chris began to train with the rest of the newer students in his powers as one by one he discovered his Chronokinesis he inherited from his mother and eventually discovered another power. Discovering his energy duplication on one field trip, Chris realized he had variations in his mother's and father's powers. But by the time he was getting into his older teen years he was drastically changing in his views, beginning to dismiss his father's ideals and feeling that he was in fact losing touch with the reality of what was really going on: the extremist actions of this X-men group were just making things worse.

Despite this though, he remained at the New Charles Xavier school while behind the scenes he began trying to reach out towards those he grew up with and trusted as friends. Slowly he worked to redirect some funds from the school towards making his own group, reaching out even to the Jean Grey School as he set out to reawaken the dream of his father's former mentor Charles Xavier and leading to the formation of the Young X-men of this generation.

Powers and Abilities


  • Chronokinesis:Like his mother, Chris has inherited the power to control time to a degree that he is considered a near-Omega level mutant. Combined with the training of his mother with some limited training by Illyana Rasputin he had learned to have a fine control of his abilities. In fact, he also has gone further in his use of his powers then his mother has resulting in the following:
    • Time Bubbles:Like his mother, Chris can create time bubbles in varying sizes. In fact, the largest he has done is the expanse of a city block like how Eva's manifested allowing him to slow time in that given area or freeze it. As a more concentrated form Chris has learned to create smaller, more localized time bubbles to stop certain groups, people, or objects. This allows him to create several at one time but the larger the bubble or the more he makes the more draining and strained he becomes mentally.
    • Time Jump:Also like Eva before him, Chris can create time bubbles to not only freeze time but also jump forward. This can be a few seconds to a few minutes at any given point or several months. So far, the longest known to the Charles Xavier School X-men has been a few months while on a personal note Chris has shown to go a few years, albeit with physical and mental strain at this current point.
    • Space Rift:Through some concentration, Chris has learned to open rifts in time and space that avoid actually time traveling in some way. This is one lesson he learned from Magik in which allows him to teleport from place to place along with many others almost instantly.
    • Temporal View:An ability akin to precognition allowing Chris to see into various futures or other universes, allowing him to see possible outcomes or future events.
  • Energy Body Duplication:Chris is able to absorb available energy from the area around himself and with the use of it can create several energy dupes. That is, he can create energy versions of himself that are made of raw energy, serving to allow him to create distractions or secondary source of help. These dupes are solid enough to give a hand in simple tasks to complex ones but are normally used in combat. HOw much energy he actually absorbs can limit to the number he can create at one time and are normally blue in color.
    • Chronokinetic Energy Body Duplication:By combining his chronokinesis powers with his energy dupes, Chris is able to send his dupes through time to his known maximum of three years and have a psionic connection to the true form. This allows him to gain knowledge of events through these dupes or allow him to send messages forward in a certain amount of time. Chris has stated this is a lot less energy consuming then jumping forward in time himself.


  • Amateur Pilot:Chris has been trained by his father to have some skill in piloting planes and jets but still has some room to grow in this skill.
  • Master Tactician:Also like his father, Chris has shown to have a natural skill for leadership and make up plans on the spot. Though not quite at the level of his father, uncles, or grandfather he has shown to be a tactician in his own right during training sessions and some missions.
  • Master Martial Artist:With being among the X-men, Chris is already considered a black belt level martial artist, having been trained in armed and unarmed combat. In particular, he knows the use of judo and aikido but also has some variation in knowing other forms.
  • Amateur Actor:Chris has also shown some skill in acting or at least an interest in it. He has learned to utilize acting skill around his fellow X-men at the New Charles Xavier school to hide his true goal among the team.

Strength level

Has the average strength of a an his age, height, and weight who engages in regular, intensive exercise.


  • Chris suffers from self-doubt often due to his young age and starting out as a new leader. This causes him to second guess himself and begin to make mistakes in the field or in training.
  • Chris's powers require great mental focus and concentration, causing him to suffer from migraines, mental fatigue, and sometimes overexertion.
  • Chris isn't totally immune to being harmed by energy of any kind. Though he can resist it for a limited time his body has a limit to what he can take into it at any time.
  • Chris, like his father and uncles before him, faces a genetic flaw in that he is immune to the powers of his cousin, Shy'ra, but is affected by his other cousin, Andrew in terms of their energy based abilities. This is a reverse of their parents before them.



  • Wrist Communicator

Transportation: His powers, X-jet
Weapons: None known.


  • Chris is an idea of what would happen if Scott and Eva Bell (Tempus) were to have a child.


  • Chris is named after the two men Scott considered a father: Consair, his biological father and Charles Xavier, the man he considered a father figure.

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