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Iron Tiger

Real Name
Chris William Rand
Current Alias
Iron Tiger

Iron Fist



Young Avengers, Defenders Squad; Formerly K'un-Lun

Danny Rand (Father), Greer Grant (Mother), William Nelson Grant (Maternal half-brother), Wendall Rand-k'ai (Paternal Grandfather, deceased), Heather Duncan Rand (Paternal Grandmother, deceased), Miranda Rand-k'ai (Paternal Aunt), Gregson Grant (Maternal Grandfather, Deceased), Janet Grant (Maternal Grandmother, deceased)


Base Of Operations
Young Avengers, Los Angeles, California; Formerly K'un-Lun





Unusual Features
Feline appearance with tiger-like fur, claws, fangs, tail


Marital Status

Superhero, student; Formerly Martial arts student, Champion and protector of K'un-Lun

Taught by monks and his father in K'un-Lun



First appearance



Quote1.png To bring peace to this world, we must do what is necessary to force out the negativity. Quote2.png
-- Chris Rand


Chris Rand is the son of Danny Rand and Greer Grant, Iron Fist and Tigra respectively. Though he was born in the dimension of Earth he spent but a short time here before his father and mother broke off their short romance, leaving to K'un-Lun where Danny was to become an instructor there among new generations of it's populace. Before he would be trained by his father though, Chris often spent much of his time watching the sessions since he was too young to be taken into the training and eventually spent time playing with his new friend, Sera.

Eventually at the age of six Chris was taken under his father's tutelage, but he was also there when his father announced his retiring of the title of Iron Fist, instead seeking to train a new generation for a chance to earn the title. Hearing this though, Chris saw an early ambition to follow in the foot steps of his father and began his rigorous, harsh training in all forms of martial arts that K'un-Lun could offer, being especially trained by his father during times when it wasn't necessary. But during his down times he would often talk with Sera about his training sessions and convinced his father to allow her to watch when she wasn't with the monks studying lore or subjects in K'un-Lun's books and scrolls.

Though he martial arts was the central part of his life, Chris did find time to also begin studying K'un-Lun's history, lore, and legends. When he did reach the age of twelve though things changed when it was discovered the legend of Fongji was to come to pass once again with the appearance of the Phoenix, which was discovered to reside in Sera who revealed it by chance. In the wake of the surprise of the discovery, Sera was put under Danny's teachings alongside many others, including Chris who became her regular sparring partner while many others rejected her due to her being a female. The only thing that came between them though was the prospect of who would be the next Iron Fist.

When that time came with Chris turning fifteen, him, Sera, and a few others were chosen due to showing their exceptional skills over the years. But much to his relief, Sera decided to not go on the path of the Iron Fist since she already held concerns of taming the Phoenix as it was. This gave room for Chris to compete with the rest of the candidates, and to not much surprise coming on top in the following competition before undergoing to the journey to take on Shou-Lao. Though it took him a week, eventually Chris emerged victorious from the temple but with also a new discovery: in the wake of the fight he triggered his latent mutate genes from Tigra and transformed into a were-cat state.

Journey of his Own

In the two years to follow, Chris became a protector and the new Immortal Weapon of K'un-Lun, which often involved helping to keep the peace among the seven cities. He also handled many of their enemies that seemed to plague the mystical dimension but with help from his long time friend Sera, who made use of her chi and Phoenix powers to help in maintaining the peace. Coming to be viewed as a champion of the K'un-Lunan people, Chris seemed to grow into his role with ease and slowly learned to adapt his tiger-like form into his martial arts style while trying to maintain his humanity when he went into it.

However, when K'un-Lun made it's appearance on Earth once more Danny met with familiar faces for a short time outside the city. Once he returned, he decided to charged his son in expanding his experiences on Earth where he was already enrolled into the Avengers Academy alongside Sera, but there was one last role he had to play in watching over Sera in case she lost control. Taking this burden, the two friends came to Los Angeles on opening day where Chris met Claire Parker and almost immediately became smitten with her as she was with him much to the annoyance of Sera.

Powers and Abilities


  • Chi Manipulation:With being trained in K'un-Lun under his father, the modern day Iron Fist before the end of the age of heroes, Chris has learned to manipulate his life force energy. This energy is used to augment his physical prowess and martial arts skills with having a visible blue color compared to his father's own. He also uses it to achieve many other feats, which are listed as follows:
    • Meditation:Chris is a master in this relaxation technique, used to clear his mind and help to control his thoughts and emotions. Using this, he can ignore all pain and slow his heart rate.
    • Nervous System Control:Chris has learned, again from his father, how to deaden pain, resist drugs and poisons, and slow his bleeding through the manipulation of his nervous system.
    • Energy Absorption:Chris is able to absorb the raw forms of energy into his body and augment his chi energy. With it, he can gain greater levels then using his chi alone or use it as a secondary power source.
    • Energy Generation:Chris can create his own energy from his chi in which he can manipulate in a variety of ways to concussive blasts to empowering objects or weapons.
    • Energy Detection:Chris is capable of detecting different energy signatures, including those unique to different individuals.
    • Empathy:Chris is capable of sensing the emotions of others around him and has some influence of their emotions, using his own to broadcast his thoughts through psionic means.
    • Environmental Adaptation:Chris is capable of adapting his body to most any environment, even extreme weather conditions through focus and meditation.
    • Chi Augmentation:Chris is able to channel his chi through his entire body in which he can augment his physical blows from his martial arts, accelerate his healing, causing his durability, strength, and stamina to get to Superhuman levels, and enhance his senses beyond the normal range of a human.
      • Enhanced Healing:Chris has shown himself to be able to heal himself and others through his chi, something taught from an earlier age then that of his father and allowing him to take care of internal and external injuries and even expel poison, albeit with having to deal with extreme pain or discomfort.
    • Iron Fist Punch:With gaining the powers of the Iron Fist following the defeat of Shou-Lao, Chris is able to channel his chi and natural energy towards his fists to make them inhumanly strong as Iron Fists before him. He is able to punch through brick and stone or even steel, tear through steel plating, and hold his own against superhumanly strong individuals. As a result of this his hands go unharmed.
      • Iron Fist Claws:As a sub-form of the Iron Fist Punch, Chris can concentrate this same energy towards his fingers to create five "chi claws" in which are as powerful and strong as the original Iron Fist Punch but are also sharper and serve as a melee or projectile weapons.
  • Feline Physiology:Inherited from his mother, Tigra, Chris can change his form at will into that of a tiger-like form. He gains a fine layer of fur which is dark orange with black stripes, elongated canines, pointed ears, prehensile tail, and claws on his hands and feet. This also grants him the following abilities which can also be augmented further by his Chi manipulation:
    • Superhuman Agility:Chris' coordination, balance, and agility are far beyond the finest human athlete, allowing him to be surprisingly graceful and far more agile then most humans and perform complex maneuvers with little effort.
    • Superhuman Stamina:Chris can go for several hours at a time before his body begins to make up fatigue toxins that will impair him.
    • Superhuman Equilibrium:Though a power his mother doesn't have, Chris is capable of balancing on some of the narrowest of paths of places, even able to instinctively correct himself in the air.
    • Superhuman Reflexes:Chris has exceptional reflexes far beyond most humans which allow him to react much faster to most actions then most could hope.
    • Superhuman Speed:Chris can move at speeds far exceeding the fastest known human, being able to run at 60 mph on foot. When increased by his chi he has shown to be able to run at 75 mph max.
    • Superhuman Strength:Chris can lift 1 ton even and this can extend to his legs in being able to jump 12 feet in the air, much like his mother. This can be enhanced though to at least lifting 20 tons when he is in good physical condition but only 8-12 tons when he is feeling sick or weakened.
    • Keen Senses:Another trait he inherited is many of his mother's original senses, if some being slightly stronger when no accounting for his chi manipulation. He can see in the infrared portion or the electromagnetic spectrum and being able to see nearly perfectly at night. He can hear up to 7 decibels in sound up to 40 feet, and decipher one certain scent from several others. Though, he is highly susceptible to pheromones and certain other odors.
    • Retractable Claws:Chris can retract his claws, unlike his mother, which are on the tip of each finger and toe. They can tear through flesh, bone and sinew easily and leave scratch marks in stone but not entirely penetrate it. He can also use these claws to dig into the surface enough for climbing purposes.


  • Chris is trained extensively in K'un-Lun's martial arts, having proven to be a master combatant.
  • He is also trained to be versed in various melee based weapons, most especially bo staffs.
  • Chris has also trained himself to be an excellent tracker, making use of his keen senses in combination with his chi control.

Strength level

Chris' strength is greater then a man his age and height, being able to lift from 1 ton even, but with his chi augmentation this goes from 8-20 tons.


  • Extensive use of his Chi Manipulation can begin to wear down on Chris quickly and tire him out.
  • Chris is still effectively human, which means he can still be affected by many things a human can, including being killed.
  • Extensive time in his feline state has shown Chris to lose control at times and go into a feral state, largely due to the fact he is not use to his feline transformation.


Equipment: Occasionally those provided by the Academy
Transportation: His own powers, SHIELD Vehicles

  • K'un-Lun Bo Staff: Often, Chris can be seen carrying a bo staff with him which is his weapon of choice. He can enhance this staff by infusing his chi or energy with it and manipulate the shape of this chi/energy to create additional weapons with the staff.


  • Chris is an idea for if Iron Fist and Tigra were to ever have a child.


  • Much like his mother before him, Chris is known to lose himself to a feral state much like Tigra did in her earlier days.
  • Chris is the second Young Avenger hailing from a different dimension, the first being Tova.

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