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Real Name
Chris Kingsley
Current Alias

Chris Jefferson




Miles Warren (co-creator),

Roderick Kingsley (co-creator, genetic template/"father"),

Peter Parker (genetic template/"father")


Base Of Operations
New York City






Marital Status

Criminal, businessman

Clone of human mutates

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In an alternate version of the MC2 universe, two years before the Green Goblin broke Spider-Man's legs and forced him to retire, Spider-Man fought the Hobgoblin for the final time in his career, and even though Spider-Man was victorious, the Hobgoblin managed to flee. During the fight, Kingsley almost crashed into an electrical grid which could have killed him, so he started thinking about who could take on his legacy when he's gone. Then once he got back to his hideout, he noticed that there was a sample of Spider-Man's blood on his costume, so he had the idea to create a clone using his and Spider-Man's DNA, to have someone who could continue his legacy as the Hobgoblin after his death, with the abilities of both him and Spider-Man so the clone could become a better Hobgoblin than he was. So with the help of the Jackal, they managed to create the clone.

Kingsley put the clone in a pod which would accelerate his aging, but that didn't matter to him because it gave him more time to turn him into the Hobgoblin he wanted him to be. Throughout the clone's life, Kingsley treated him like he was his own son to gain his trust, so that when he gave him the opportunity to become the new Hobgoblin, the clone knew what he could expect. He taught him everything he knew, and even trained him so that way he could continue his legacy. But the only problem that Kingsley had with him was that the clone started thinking for himself, and he started thinking that he could help people, unlike Kingsley. Even though Kingsley didn't agree with this, and even abused him constantly whenever he brought up this idea, he still cared for him, and he still tried to do everything in his power to turn Chris into what he wanted him to be.

Then came the day when Kingsley was killed by Mayhem. This deeply enraged and frustrated Chris, knowing that his father was killed by a spider. This caused him to descend into madness. Then he started having nightmares, all about Kingsley abusing him, telling him that he failed him after all he has done for Chris. Then, in his insanity, he used the resources his father had before he died and took up the mantle of the Hobgoblin to take revenge and to honor his father.

But after his first defeat, he decided to analyze his own DNA to see who the original Spider-Man was, because surprisingly right after fighting Spider-Girl only once, he figured out that somehow the new Spider-Girl and Spider-Man were related. He figured this out by analyzing how the two fight and how similar their powers were, and he ended up finding out that Peter Parker was Spider-Man, then he immediately figured out that his daughter Mayday was Spider-Girl. Instead of attacking her directly, he decided to use his new alter ego "Chris Jefferson" to befriend her so he could know what makes her tick, so that when he finally struck again, the fate of Spider-Girl would look grim. In order to make sure May didn't get suspicious about him being the Hobgoblin, he hired the Chameleon to disguise himself while he was the Hobgoblin to not attract any suspicion.

After several more defeats, he decided that if he was going to kill both Spider-Girl and Mayhem, he needed some assistance. So he created the Savage Seven, a team of Spider-Girl enemies consisting of himself, Fury, the Goblin Queen, Lady Octopus, Deadspot, Dragon King, Killerwatt and Earthshaker, and although they would always be defeated by Spider-Girl, they would occasionally come back with more advanced weaponry provided by the Hobgoblin. With the team becoming stronger after every defeat, they occasionally almost defeated the new webslinger and Mayhem.

A few years later, he decided to take down her allies, starting with the new Avengers since she was a reserve member. He managed to kill off J2 and Bluestreak right before he was killed by one of the Inheritors for containing the DNA of Peter Parker, after the same Inheritor attacked May at her home and killed Peter and Mary Jane.

Powers and Abilities


Since he was created from Spider-Man's DNA, he has most of his abilities, including his enhanced abilities and his spider sense. Also being cloned from Roderick Kingsley, he possesses his same superhuman abilities as well.


Academically brilliant, Chris has expertise in the fields of applied science, mechanical engineering, and biochemistry, which has helped him make many dangerous weapons, and make improvements to Kingsley's old suit like applying wings made completely out of nano fiber to the suit to replace the Goblin Glider.

Strength level



Insanity: Chris began to lose his sanity after the death of his father at the hands of Mayhem.



  • Pumpkin Bombs
    • Normal Ones
    • Shock Pumpkins: Pumpkin Bombs that create a huge electrical blast when they come into contact with something
    • Knock Out Pumpkins: Pumpkin Bombs that release knock out gas when it comes into contact with anything
    • Hallucinogenic Pumpkins: Pumpkins that release a hallucinogenic gas that confuses the opponent on contact
    • Goblifying Pumpkins: pumpkins that can release a stronger, gaseous version of the Goblin Serum that can turn anyone into a Goblin.
    • Smoke Bombs: A perfect way for him to make his escape
  • Goblin Boomerangs: Razor sharp boomerangs that are able to cut through Spider-Girl's webs and even reinforced steel. Some are tipped with a deadly poison that can kill its target in sixteen hours unless an antidote is acquired.
    • Heat Seeking Goblin Boomerangs: Goblin Boomerangs that actually follow their targets
  • Goblin Gloves: The gloves allow him to shoot powerful electrical bolts at his enemies, contain an EMP system that can deactivate all electrical devices in a fifty-mile radius except for his own, and even without the Hobgoblin's enhanced strength, the gloves still pack quite a punch.

Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.

Creator's Note

This is a fan made character, and I know this page may be badly done, but I'm a bit of a beginner at making pages.


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