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Real Name
Chatan Joshua Guthrie
Current Alias



Young X-men; Formerly Jean Grey School Student Body

Sam Guthrie (Father), Danielle Moonstar (Mother), Thomas Guthrie (Paternal Grandfather, deceased), Lucinda Guthrie (Paternal Grandmother)
Paige Guthrie, Melody Guthrie, Joelle Guthrie, Elizabeth Guthrie, Cissie Guthrie (Paternal Aunts)
Jay Guthrie, Jedediah Guthrie, Ray jr, (Paternal Uncles)
Black Eagle (Maternal Great Grandfather, deceased), William Lonestar (Maternal Grandfather), Peg Lonestar (Maternal Grandmother),


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Blue, (have a grayish tint)



Marital Status

Adventurer, Hero

High School


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Quote1 It's time we took action and pick up where our parents left off. Quote2
-- Chatan Guthrie


Being the son of two former New Mutants, Chatan was by no surprise brought up mainly among the Jean Grey School. It was here that Chatan, like many children of the X-men, learned the usual for any kid and having a greater acceptance of mutants due to his father still being one and his mother formerly so. But it was due to this upbringing that Chatan was also the most intuitive of what problems could befall the school despite it being rather calm majority of his childhood, making him a little more self-conscious of being a mutant in the coming future from a young age. Nevertheless, he was still trained at the Jean Grey School from a young age, especially by his parents.

During his years at the mansion, Chatan proved himself to be a rather quiet young man growing up, usually only being talkative around his family and friends. He also found an early interest in inventing and tinkering with devices, something none of his family had shown before. This interest in inventing though became something of a distraction from his other training, causing him to only become a decent use of archery and hand-to-hand much to the surprise of his family and their friends who were known strong fighters.

Because of this, Chatan became something of an oddball when it came to Sam and Danielle, but they nevertheless still encouraged him to pursue what he felt comfortable with. Glad for this the young Guthrie did focus attention towards this one hobby and dabbled a little in music much like his late uncle, for the most part keeping himself busy. During this time though Chatan did end up befriending quite a few of the children of the X-men who did reside here while at the same time befriending many students they enrolled. His quiet calmness also made Chatan almost often the default mediator among the students who were restless, bored, and trouble prone, making him something of a older brother figure among the younger students and made him early on consider a career as a counselor.

Though, when he reached the age of thirteen, Chatan would discover he was indeed a mutant during training with some of the teachers. Though he was delighted, he did show some concern since the history of mutant hate still lingered in his mind, more so when it came to considering what happened to his own family as well. Trying to shake off these feelings Chatan learned from his father how to properly use these abilities and began to consider what his future would hold.

Continuing the Work

Like many of the students, Chatan still stuck to his classes, doing rather well in Math and Science classes while partaking in activities involving Robotics, Engineering, and more. He also kept in contact with his father who returned to working with the Avengers at some point while Moonstar stayed with the X-men. For the most part though, Chatan wasn't involved in a lot of things outside the school, only making the occasional trips into town but normally sticking to places close to the school or to the newly made Mutant Town in San Francisco.

Eventually, Chatan took a trip out with Myra Shaara and Kal'dara when he found himself not doing much else. Being a rare trip though, the three decided to seek out the shops between Mutant Town and other places before fate seemed to deal them a new hand. On this fateful day, the three would come face to face with Chris Summers, leading to a tense situation between them before Chris convinced them to allow him a chance to explain himself. Giving his pitch for a new team dubbed the "Young X-men" Chatan was surprised and hesitated, sharing this with his two fellow students before Myra spoke up of joining the team and Chatan was the next to second the notion, mainly feeling it was time he carried out the mantle his mother once had in being part of the original Young X-men.

Powers and Abilities


  • Bio-kinetic Blast Field:Though he cannot propel himself with this bio-kinetic energy like that of his father Sam Guthrie, Chatan has shown he can still make use of a blast field he can manifest at will or subconsciously. However, the mechanics of this field are relatively the same. This field is relatively impenetrable, allowing Chatan to go unharmed by most impact forces or attacks and absorb outside kinetic forces. He therefore can absorb these energies to enhance his own field to strengthen his close combat, the power behind his field, or enhance the sub-powers to this main one. He can also manipulate it to encompass others in order to protect them from harm.
    • Shockwaves:By projecting the energy of his blast field outwards Chatan can create powerful shockwaves within a ten-foot radius of himself that are strong enough to crack stone. This can either be released through different parts of his body, his entire body, or through a concentrated collision with certain surfaces.
    • Bio-kinetic Arrows:As an inspiration from his mother's neural arrows she once used before being depowered during M-day, Chatan can manipulate his bio-kinetic energy to form three to four arrows and fire them as projectiles with explosive results.
    • Invulnerable:As stated above, Chatan's use of this field makes him virtually invulnerable to just about any outside force. He can take blows from great heights and withstand superhumanly strong beings without any damage. In close quarters, this field allows Chatan to fight without much concern of being harmed in return.
    • Kinetic Energy Absorption:Chatan is capable of absorbing the energy given off by motion of an object. Impacts, energy, or superhumanly strong physical attacks therefore can be absorbed by this field and channeled through Chatan to enhance his own field or greatly enhance his arrows and shockwaves.


  • Decent Hand-to-hand combatant:With his parents being X-men, Chatan was trained by them to use various hand-to-hand combat techniques.
  • Decent Archer:Chatan was trained by his mother in using archery, though he isn't exactly a master quite yet.
  • Inventing/Tinkering:Unlike most of his family though, Chatan has shown an interest in inventing and has so far shown quite an aptitude for it. He is the one so far behind the making the Young X-men's communicators and adjustments to his gloves and chest plate that help regulate his powers.
  • Music:Chatan also has shown a bit of inclination towards music like his late uncle Icarus, but he hasn't dabbled in it too much.

Strength level

Chatan has the average strength of a man his age, height, and weight.


  • Chatan is not totally invulnerable as without his blast field he is still likely to be affected by anything a human is.
  • His powers are sometimes not under his full control, leading him to have ways to regulate them and avoid harming someone unintentionally.



  • Power Gauntlets:Gauntlets created for the specific purpose of helping to regulate his abilities. Chatan has made a few adjustments to these to better suit his needs but they were made by the veteran X-men to better channel and control his explosive abilities.
  • Power Regulation Chest Plate:Like his gauntlets, Chatan had this specially made for the purpose of helping to regulate his powers. But he had more say in the design of this for personal preference of great durability but being light weight so not to hinder him.

Transportation: X-Jet, Chris's teleportation
Weapons: Bow and arrows, powers


  • Chatan is an idea for if Cannonball and Danielle Moonstar were to ever get together.


  • Chatan has been the main force behind many of the inventions for the Young X-men, mostly for their communications and use of an X-jet.
  • Chatan's name is Native American in origin meaning "hawk".

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