Quote1People fear what they do not understand.Quote2
--Professor X

Charles Xavier is the X-Men's leader and founder, headmaster at the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters in X-Men: The Mutant Wars.


Early Years


Meeting Magneto


Founding the X-Men


Going Public


Physical Appearance

As child Charles had shaggy blonde hair, brown pants, gray and black shoes, green suit and white undershirt along blue tie.

As teen and adult he shaved his hair, but his clothing is unchanged now he has yellow and white hoverchair.


Professor Charles Xavier is wise and understanding man. Charles takes his ideal of mutant and human peace very seriously and he thinks that everyone deserves a second chance he also would use violence as last solution. Charles' intellect has unchangeble calliber.

Powers and Abilities


  • Telepathy: Charles' mutant ability allows him to read and control the minds of others. He goes on to demonstrate the ability to what appears to be freezing time, most likely freezing thought process. Charles also seemed to have mastered the ability to take control of someone's mind as he used this multiple times. He seemingly is even capable of transferring his mind into another body. He is one of the most powerful telepaths on the planet.
    • Telepathic Illusions: Charles has the ability to create realistic telepathic illusions and cause people to experience events which are not actually occurring.
    • Telepathic Cloak: Charles can mask his presence from being detected by others. His abilities can at times go undetected or be counteracted by other more powerful telepaths depending on their level of skill in using their own psi abilities. He can extend these defenses to others around him as well.
    • Mind Link: Charles has the ability to develop a mental link with any person which remains as a connection to that individual.
    • Telepathic Camouflage: Charles has the ability to mask himself, and other peoples' presence from those around him. Also he can telepathically disguise himself, making his appearance to those around him quite different.
    • Mind Blast: Charles has the ability to place large amounts of information in another's mind.
    • Mind Control: Charles has the ability to control the minds of others upon mere concentration. This power can allow him to completely shut down several people's minds, making it appear as if time has stopped.
    • Mind Possession: Charles has the ability to possess the mind of another, and use that being's body as his own.
    • Mind Alteration: Charles has the ability to alter the minds of others by force of will.
    • Mental Amnesia: Charles has the ability to cause loss of particular memories or total amnesia in another person or group of people.
    • Mind Transferal: Charles is able to transfer both his mind and powers into other host bodies if his own physical body could be somehow killed.


  • Paraplegic: Professor X is unable to walk due to spinal damage, originally suffered while combating Lucifer.


  • Hoverchair
  • Cerebro



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