Chaos is the Symbiote Overlord on the symbiote planet and the Commanding Officer of the symbiote army that invaded earth. He is the epitome of evil and chaos (hence his name 'Chaos'). He was overthrown on his home planet and thrown in the deepest pits of Tartarus, the worst and the most horrifying prison in the galaxy. Before getting admitted to the prison, he gave birth to Venom. In order to achieve his final form, Chaos broke out of prison an went on a rampage. The inhabitants sent Venom to our planet, to be safe from Chaos. Then, Chaos showed up at Earth with an army of Symbiotes, ready to conquer the planet and reunite with Venom.

Chaos base form


Strangely, Chaos is the spitting image of Carnage when he is in is base form. Unlike Carnage though, Chaos has the ability to transform, or evolve into different forms.

Carnage's Evolved Form

Chaos Evolved form has lighter reddish-orangish skin. He has tentacles waving up from his back, and has a yellowish spot on his chest, and is 5x stronger than his original form. (10x stronger than Venom).

Chaos' final form, Ultimate Chaos, is his most dangerous and most powerful form. In this form, he looks more like Venom, except Chaos is WAY taller, has red eyes, and is 50x stronger than his original form. In order to achieve this form, Chaos must consume the Venom Symbiote.

Ultimate Chaos


Chaos is pure power, and doesn't care about the weak. He is the most powerful symbiote recorded and is always seeking for more power. He only cares about himself, and is sometimes seen executing his own troops for the fun of it. The only thing he actually shows some care to is Venom, his son, and Carnage who is his grandson.


Chaos gave birth to the Venom symbiote.

I got Tartarus from Greek Mythology. It is the deepest and darkest pit of Hades and The Underworld.

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