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  • Earth-1175: Offspringaverse: Home to a new generation of Marvel characters, descendants of the characters you know and love. My first project: complete.
  • Earth-5: Earth-Xavier-Lehnsherr Institute: This reality is the same as Earth-616 up until the first fight between the X-Men and the Brotherhood, killing such characters as Quicksilver and Cyclops. Magneto becomes an X-Man, and the reality diverges from there.
    Post-Reboot: Earth-5's main features are re-located to Earth-166, and Earth-5 acts as the 2099 future to the subsequent reality. My second project, completed. Reboot incomplete.
  • Earth-1862: Earth-Symbiote War: Venom decides humans are unfit to populate the Earth, and infests the world with symbiotes. My third project, incomplete.
  • Earth-613: Earth-Age of Pym: Following Clint Barton's adoption of the Captain America legacy, Pym goes insane, and uses a special group including Ultron to take the world. My fourth project: incomplete.
  • Marvel NEW!: A revamp of Marvel NOW! in partnership with Dryankee17. My fifth project: incomplete.
  • Banished: An animated television series based on a new Exiles team. My sixth and current project: incomplete.
  • Dimension X: A reality featuring all of my original, not Marvel, characters. My seventh project: incomplete. Cancelled following the new copyright laws preventing ownership of our content made public.
  • Earth-166: Marvel Renaissance: My combination of Earth-616 and my original ideas. My eighth project: IN PROGRESS.
  • Earth-3083: Earth-X-Ceptionals: If the Fantastic Four were X-Men members, the mutant issue would go far out. My ninth project: incomplete.
  • Future Projects: Oh, come on, if you know me, you know they're coming!!

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