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The Marvelous Multiverse

Also known as the Marvelous Multiverse, this category page primarily serves as the collection of realities and universes in the Marvel Multiverse, made solely by MarvelousMarty.
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Marvel Cinematic Universe
(Marvelous Multiverse)
Parallel Universe
(The Dying Wish)

Parallel Universe
(The Age of Kang)

Alternate Future
(The Festering Fear)

Alternate Timeline
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(Modern Universe)

Prime Earth
(The Chitauri Conflict)

Alternate Timeline
(Dark Age Universe)

Alternate Timeline
(The Legendary Order)

Alternate Past
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(The Askani Universe)

Alternate Future
(Supreme Universe)

Parallel Universe
(Supreme Reality Crumbles)

Alternate Future
(Supreme Thanos Wins)

Alternate Future
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(World War Doom)

Alternate Timeline
(A Doomed Age)

Alternate Future

Additional Realities


An Existence, Incarnate

At a point when there's no beginnings nor ends, or a line where there's no lives nor deaths, there was a sole entity who was essentially nothing, infinitely staring at the space of the abyss as it unconsciously feeds its own solidified loneliness. Everything was around the being, yet nothing seems to give it any stimuli of enthusiasm nor feeling of euphoria being aware of that it would be searching for simply nothing. However, by the moment it used its consciousness with simply thinking, such unexpected act gave the entity an idea. Instinctively inspired by what it sees, it began to imbued it own sparks of idea and thought into words, and with those words, they become a reality, creating an existence as its first "creation." Thus, with the power that this entity's words have brought, the Firmaments of the Living Force have emerged from the abyss where the entity was. These Firmaments were their own identities and their own sentience, yet they acknowledged the entity as their "creator," finally giving it something that it never had thought of creating: a meaning. As someone who felt nothing since it has deemed itself so, the entity has now embraced its newfound essence and purpose to be the "One Above All" of everything and anything which it and its first creations would bring into the plane of existence that was once only the embodiment of nothingness.

The Firsts of the Firsts

The First Singularity collapses, combusting into the Multiverse

Overseeing and assisting the creations' behavior, the One Above All was overwhelmed with an energy of emotions within it, when the Firmaments began to unite as one static Singularity. It was good, creating what is called positivity. Everything, however was all too good right until the creator's emotions began to affect the Firmaments as well, as if they were connected as creator and creation. However, when the Firmaments' response to its creators emotions didn't receive these energy at the same flow, this instance created the first difference, fascinating the creator even more. The first difference has drastically changed the Singularity, rendering its structure of positive harmony to inevitable instability, creating the first negativity. However, instead of trying to keep themselves structurally intact, the Firmaments simply went with the flow and accepted their first fate, aware that their fates were not wither, but rather to grow. The Singularity combusted throughout the chasm, and with the Firmament's fateful unity spreads, more and more creations have emerged from every conceivable space, every "universe" that seeded from the combustion, and it will live on and die on, infinitely. Witnessing such a phenomenal rebirth, the One Above All made its first assessment on anything, remarking it was "marvelous" when the Multiverse finally came into existence. Despite its "cursed" omniscience, The One Above All would always experience all the emotions that it always feel in every instance it reminisces this miraculous moment.

Chaotic Conformities

The Seeds of Creation were the terms for the first living beings to ever exist, which consisted of the Celestials and the Aspirants, who realized their sentience as it impulsively granted them their own free will to explore and simply live out their lives universes across the multiverse as its cosmic designers. They were led by a benevolent entity the early multiverse, a being which would later be known in countless Earths as Yahweh, though for now, "he" was only known as the godly embodiment of the Unified Cosmos in order to guide the first creations in creating the construction of the still empty and mostly-lifeless universes that seeded from the first Singularity's combustion, which the first creations would call it the "Sprout of Creation." During the construction of the multiverse, the Celestials began to conceive the first living creations representing the state of life and evolution, while the Aspirants on the other hand would devolve some of the very creations of the Celestials, representing the stage of death and degeneration.

And with their unsettled and conflicted differences, the first war between the Aspirants and the Celestials arise, which resulted into the endlessly-shaken Unified Cosmos to release uncontrollable amounts of different energies as it vibrates across all of creation, and from these conflict finally gave the cycles of life death to each countless universes that it strikes, thus filling and spreading across the once empty multiverse with the miraculous certainly to oscillate a new beginning and an end. Some worlds lived on. Some died. Some mirrors the other. Some even experienced neither. The multiverse is where is a plane of existence where anything is, was, will, and won't be at the same moment.

Rises and Falls of Life

Negation Effect

From the remnants of the First War, which sprouted duotrigintillions of living beings which now and would keep dwelling and reproducing across each and every universe. While most creatures have either originated from the colorful Celestials or the abominable Aspirants, some beings would later be revealed to be from the best and worst of "both worlds," and the primordial oldest, greatest and outer ones were known to be the firsts among the many-angled hybrids, born of both Celestial and Aspirant genealogy. By the moment they first wandered the spaces of the cosmos, beings like these were neither a force of benevolence nor necessarily a wave of malevolence, at least not until newer, younger, "inferior" beings would come to surface later on which would slowly corrupt their perspective on existence itself, rendering them that their mere consciousness could easily end worlds on a whim and convert it onto their own realm. While the Aspirants were instinctively supportive, the Celestials were against the plaguing monstrosities of these beings, sending their benevolent Elder Ones (multiversal ancestors of the Titans, Olympians, Kami, and every other polytheistic deities known to all-kind) and brilliant Beyonders to banish the Oldest Ones in a silent conflict, in pursuit of balancing out the "universal equation," as something exists, so should its opposite.

The silent conflict led to the conjuration of a nearly indestructible barrier against the Old Ones and Other Ones along with their maleficent realms, sealing them from the rest of the infinitely-expanding multiverse that remains free from their corruption. Stranded within the worlds that they've conquered, some of their realms began to corrode in obscurity without having to fade out of existence, contrasting the nature of the multiverse due to their absence of exposure from the latter. As a result of this, the Old and Outer Ones have discovered the new elemental abyss beyond the observable worlds, the anti-matter. Fortunate for these beings, most of them endured the passage of time as they painfully immersed themselves within the realm that was now engulfed with the anti-matter, their reward of survival comes with the chance to rebuild the worlds that they once lost from the anti-matter wave, reconstructing them with the same essence that once destroyed in this now antimatter universe, eventually dubbed by genius mortals as the Negative Zone.

While most of the multiverse may be safe from the plaguing swarm of anti-matter, the Other Gods' hybrid lineage has given them the advantage to conveniently tear a fissure in space-time, creating the Fault as a bridge, small enough for the Celestials to detect yet big enough for the Other Gods to get through, between the Negative Zone and the rest of the multiverse. Unbeknownst to the Celestials, who were mostly occupied with commanding and overseeing the construction of boundless universes, the Fault has given way for an anti-matter force of hunger and malignancy to make its way onto the "positive universes," beginning to consume realities without much interruption. Fortunately, thanks to the observation of the non-interfering Watchers, the Celestials were able to be informed of its sudden infiltration and great devastation across the cosmos quite sooner. Sending the Beyonders to handle the threat of the Blighted Light, the former was successful in containing the anti-matter wave into their custody with the intention to study it, albeit at the cost of losing millions of lives and civilizations that were already considered to be the most advanced of its time. While all lives consumed by the Blighted Light have thought to be perished, one survivor would be given a chance by the Unified Cosmos to be reborn as a greater being whose purpose was far more significant compared to who he was in his previous life.

War in Heaven

Lucifer's angelic rebellion sparked the War in Heaven

Feeling the same loneliness as his grand creators had once felt, the Unified Cosmos (God, and the creator of all Judeo-Christian, Islam, and other Abrahamic religions known to all-kind) willingly spent a sufficient amount of its energy to create a realm of peace and tranquility, something that the rest of the Grand Divine (Builders, Celestials, Elder Ones, Watchers, and even Aspirants) would consider as heavenly, thus eventually naming it Heaven. Shortly afterwards, he had his "children," the Second and Third Cosmos, to give life to winged humanoid beings in their own likeness called Angels, whom he deemed to be his friends, warriors, messengers, and most importantly the peaceful inhabitants of Heaven, which technically make these beings one of the first civilized people in the multiverse.

At some point, a morally-corrupted and deluded archangel of the United Cosmos whose name was Lucifer Morningstar, who discovered the intrinsic dark side and hypocrisies of his creator, decided to lead a rebellion of up to one-third of the angelic host whom he deceived in an attempt to take over heaven from God, the spiritual embodiment of the entire cosmos, mainly taking place in Heaven. His revolt failed in the process of almost winning against most of God's defenders of Heaven, only to be defeated by his brother and the Second Cosmos, Jesus Christ.

In his defeat, Lucifer and his allies were exiled from their home dimension, the pocket realm Heaven, out to another pocket dimension beyond the edge of the multiverse God has dubbed Hell, as an act of punishment in which they would reflect their mistakes on for the rest of their lifetimes until they repent, or pick the easier and more rebellious alternatives of either trying to escape it, or simply rule it if they have the guts to do so. Those who did escape their banishment from Hell would be stranded in the unknown regions of deep space for the next following eons, until the prophesied "central reality" would form later on, in which the surviving fallen angels would thrive and multiply there for generations, forming one of the Ten Realms, Heven, basing it on and naming it after their birthplace and former homeworld.

The First Earth

Approximately 13.7 Billion years in terms of "standard years," the Celestials concurred to summon six singularities granted by the Six Cosmoses wherein they can store and mold some of their nigh-omnipotent energies, but the Beyonders, who were corrupted by the craving ideology of power and hatred and were secretly inspired by Lucifer's iconic mutiny years ago, also decided rebelling against the Celestials and tried to steal the cosmic energies stored in each singularity. This cosmic war was known by many as the Great Multiversal Rebellion. instead of successfully obtaining their cosmic powers in their resistant attempt, the six singularities have formed and merged into a massive singularity, leading to a Big Bang of a new reality, the creation of the central and essential reality, also known as the great prime, "modern universe." Other cosmic beings and abstract embodiment came into existence at or shortly following the beginning of this fantastically diverse universe, which would inevitably give birth to a planet considered to be exceptional and distinctive than rest of the multiverse, the first Earth was destined to be the home of the greatest seeds of life that would sprout in due time: the home to one of the first and greatest heroes this multiverse has and will ever offer, and with it, the rest of the worlds will revolve around it, just as the Unified Cosmos have planned for it.

Creation Conundrum

For the next billions of years into what mortals would call the present, the Grand Divine of the Multiverse never rested as they watch over their creation since they have seeded into existence, which each of these abstract, benevolent cosmic entities was impulsively obliged with different task in order to establish natural balance and maintain a fluid order across the boundless flow of infinite change and impermanence that was the multiverse. To those few mortals who have seen and acknowledge of their existence perceived them as gods, but even the Divine knows within themselves of their most likely fate as they were cursed with omnipresence since the dawn of nothingness, and most of the futures they foresaw would mostly end up in their downfalls at the forces of the unknown, destined for someone radical to take their place.

Expecting it would be one of their mortal creations, some of the Divine were corrupted with envy and jealousy which led them to keep their eyes on every creation that have existed, exists, and will exist, in pursuit of retaining the cosmic authority that they were losing. Having noticed of the Beyonders' disappearance since they banished the former, the fiercest of the Celestial warriors have dispatched themselves to travel the multiversal cosmos, inspecting each and every realm, dimension, and universe that they come across and if they happen to stumble across their rebellious creation, they would consider taking them back into their ranks once they repent for their transgression, though if they chose otherwise, the Celestials would remain unhesitant to take out their lives from the face of existence. Another dilemma that the Celestials and the Grand Divine would have to deal with overseeing and dealing with were mortals from Earthly realms.

A Death and a Rebirth

Everything Dies

Unbeknownst to them, however, the very perpetrator responsible for their slow and inevitable decline was caused by someone who was secretly one of their own blood and nature, someone who they already had banished into their central creation, the Modern Universe, during the Great Beyonder Mutiny. The real mastermind that made their downfall certain was none other than the last Beyonder monarch Sinnu Sarrum, but little did they know that she was also the maternal seed of Gaea herself, the Third Cosmos, thus making her a powerful hybrid; the bridge between divine creators and all of its creation. Instead of using to establish a peaceful and tranquil unity between, Sarrum took so much from the radically-nihilistic ideologies its father, the Celestial hybrid Godhead, along with the revolutionary mindset of her mother, the Third Cosmos, which eventually rendered the Beyonder monarch to continue the Beyonders' legacy of morbidly accelerating the course to destroy the multiverse and end the oscillating cycle of life and death, believing that ending all things is the true fate of the "natural order," for "life is meaningless without death," and the reality that "there is no beginning without end." Interestingly enough, the concept, and eventually the physical embodiment, of death itself rooted from Sarrum after witnessing all her fallen people "die out" during their revolt against the Grand Celestials.

After a several billion years war between the rebellious Beyonders and their multiversal creators, the Celestials, the long battle had ended on the worst note possible, with the former having to finally prove their victory against their creators during the universal conflict, their never-ending obsession with death and decay had led them deem too irresponsible in using their nigh-omnipotence throughout the known multiverse, and ultimately, they have decided to "experiment the multiverse" on a larger scale by morbidly destroying it slowly from within, starting from the tiniest of realms smaller than the atom itself as it grows rapidly as time passes. In the concurrence and the aftermath of the Ends of the Earth, the clandestine alliance of heroes on Earth in this reality known as the Illuminati had to congregate once more in order to deal with a pan-universal threat secretly planned out by the Beyonders, known as the incursions. As time went by, and other realities were destroyed, the time lapse between incursions started to decrease. Eventually, time certainly ran out and this reality ended up being one of the last two remaining realities. With no way to prevent the destruction of all of reality, the Illuminati, the Avengers, and a few joint forces of Earth's heroes and villains began working together after reaching a middle ground. They created a life raft that could survive the destruction of the universe, in order to allow the survivors to rebuild humanity in whatever was left after everything ended. Unbeknownst to the survivors, the Beyonders had their strongest but youngest member imprisoned and forcefully follow their orders, forcing him to salvage most the remnants of different realities and built their domain called "Battleworld," a patchwork planet composed of these remains and its inhabitants, which was the latest known step to their "little experiment" over the multiverse, testing whether it should be worth saving or be fated to be annihilated once more.

A New Dawn

A series of universal rafts containing the survivors of the incursions had miraculously found its way into the last multiversal realm that is Battleworld, and the heroic and villainous survivors themselves set out to defeat the tyrannical power of the Beyonders, which was secretly being led by the Great Mother, revealing to be Sinnu Sarrum. In the penultimate moments of the finale, the once oppressed and abused Beyonder (Sarrum's great begotten offspring) had willingly shared his godly powers with the geniuses Reed Richards and the Molecule Man the power that formerly belonged to the rest of the Beyonders' and even the evil genius that rivals Richards, Doctor Doom. As a result, the heroic resistance were able to gain the upper hand against the Beyonders and their forces, leading to their final defeat that unfortunately costed countless of lives to those who willingly fought for the fate of the multiverse. Still deluded to his own ego and radical ideologies, Doctor Doom deviously betrayed his situational allies and selfishly tried to claim all the powers on his own by the last moments after killing the Great Mother, although he ultimately failed and was defeated by Richards' willpower and nobility to save and restore everything, and began to use their omnipotent power to rebuild and restore the multiverse once again, starting with his own universe, along with his aim to fix every recent mistake on his reality, mistakes that can still be changed as they finally give the entire known multiverse another chance to start a new beginning to everything there is and will ever be.


The Multiverse is home to countless beings whose totality is something no mere mortal could comprehend nor dare to compute

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