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Also known as Daltron Multiverse is a collection of universes and realities created and solely made by Master DA.
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(Alpha Universe)

Alternate Universe
(Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Alternate Reality
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Alternate Reality
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(Spirit Universe)

Alternate Earth
(New Man Earth)

Alternate Earth
(Age of Heroes Universe)

Alternate Universe
(Neon Universe)

Alternate Reality
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(Cyber Universe)

Alternate Reality
(Hell Universe)

Alternate Timeline
Marvels: Daltron Multiverse
Earth Number First Appearance Reality Backstory
Earth-A129 Alpha Universe The Prime Center Universe of the DA Multiverse and the home of the Creator of the DA Multiverse.
Earth-70 Age of Heroes Universe A universe of newly made marvel characters. Going on Missions with other hero players.
Earth-97 Anthroverse/New Man Earth A universe of marvel anthropomorphic characters. Mixed traits with Counter-Earth and Larval Earth.
Earth-7000 Spirit Universe The home of the Symbiote Vengeance in the Spider-Verse.
Earth-851212 Hell Universe An Alternate Reality where Marvel heroes are the villains and have taken over the world.
Earth-199999.2 Marvel Cinematic Universe (Master DA) A remake of the current of the MCU with mixed traits of the original Marvel movies with current MCU movies.
Earth-199999.3 Marvel Filmverse (MFU) An alternate universe to Earth-199999.2 but mixed with the original Marvel Movies. Not including the MCU movies.
Earth-TF84 Cyber Universe An Alternate reality if the Marvel Characters were Transformers. Based off on Hasbro's Toyline Product "Transformers: Crossovers "
Earth-N2187 Neon Universe An Alternate universe of the Spider-Verse with mixed ideas of Earth-1048.

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