Carter Spacey was an outwardly model student at Midtown High School but stress and constant abuse from his mother drove to lead a secret life as G-Man, leader of the most notorious Green Goblin Gang in the future New York City.


At first, Carter Spacey seemed to be everything a student could be: smart, handsome, popular, star athlete, class president. Inside, he was morbidly sensitive about his reputation and his sense of achievement; this came from his cold-hearted mother, who constantly pushed him to be perfect and at the top in everything.

At some point, he adopted the alias "G-Man", along with a frightening costume resembling the original Green Goblin. Before long, he had a gang of Green Goblins under his personal command whom he dominated through his intelligence and the force of his personality. In part, this was his way of rebelling against his mother's strict authority. On the other hand, it was also his unconscious way of lashing out at a world that his mother portrayed as cold and unforgiving to anyone who wasn't "the best".

On the night of George OH'Hara's murder, G-Man's gang arrived and started wreaking havoc. Miguel O'Hara started a fight with them, but as more came, and he was forced to flee on one of their motorcycles. The gang chased Miguel down a seldom-used road where they were confronted by Mayday Parker, the owner of the property. Together, Mayday and Miguel manage to fight off the gang

However, although he fancied otherwise, he was a far cry from the real thing, something Mayday Parker himself sarcastically noted in their first meeting.

Powers and Abilities

G-Man had no superhuman powers and little in the way of fighting skills. However, he was highly intelligent and had a certain amount of skill with computers and mechanical devices. He used pumpkins bombs, though the design was inferior to Norman Osborn's.


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