Carrie Trainer was a high-school student in Nueva York City. He was a socially awkward misfit who was the victim of regular bullying from other kids at school and even her mother. She had a crush on a popular jock named Tommy Allen though he belittled her as much of anyone else. She interfaced with and became mentally bonded with an Octobot.


Carrie Trainer had a long-standing infatuation with his classmate Tommy Allen, who didn't return her affection and couldn't even be bothered to remember her name. One time, she even volunteered to be his Robotics tutor, but before he could decline, their conversation was interrupted by Christina Thompson, the school bully, who immediately started hitting on Tommy. Christina started beating on Carrie. Fortunately, Miguel O'Hara showed up right on time to prevent a thrashing.

Carrie was constantly diminished and pushed over by her verbally abusive mother, Caroline, CEO of Octavia Constructions. This lifelong abuse and frustration drove Carrie to the edge, escalated into her stealing an Octobot to exact her revenge.

Controlling the mechanical octopush from a remote position, Carrie headed straight for Christina's house and crushed it like a can. Shortly after, Spider-Man intervened, and took on the robot. The fight ended when Carrie inadvertently plunged the Octobot's claw into an electrical cable, causing both to short-circuit. From that moment on, Carrie gained the ability to control the machine telekinetically, each reacting to the other's emotions.

Carrie tried to take revenge on Christina and Caroline. Spider-Man destroyed the Octobot and Carrie was sent to Juvenile Hall where she would discover she was mentally bonded with all the Octobots of Octavia Constructions.

Carrie attempted a prison break where she was seemingly killed. Playing along, she started using the Octobots to haunt her school as well as her mother. Spider-Man was able to defeat her. Carrie was sent back to juvie, though did get the satisfaction of traumatising Christina Thompson and ruining her mother's company when her Octobots had to be shut down.

Carrie would later became leader of the Octopus Gang and learned of a bionics designer who she blackmailed into giving upgrades to herself and her gang by kidnapping his wife. Carrie's upgrade was having robotic tentacles infused to her back, similar to the original Doctor Octopus.

Spider-Man learned that the bionic designer's wife had been kidnapped but was having an affair with a member of the gang. After Spider-Man defeated the Octopus Gang, Carrie fled. Unaware the bionics designer had learned of her deception, Carrie told him that if she repaired the tentacles, which were damaged from the fight, and made her stronger, she would let his wife go. Instead the bionic designer killed Carrie while she was under anaesthesia.


Due to his humble nature, Carrie was a frequent target of bullying, both at school and at home. This instilled in her a deep-seated desire for revenge against her tormentors. Despite this, she had a huge crush on Tommy Allen, though it was entirely one-sided.

During her time in juvenile hall, Carrie became more assertive and confident, thanks to her new abilities.

Powers and Abilities

  • Technopathy: Carrie gained the ability to control the Octobot, a giant robot normally used for construction. Following her first fight with Spider-Man, Carrie could control the robot mentally without a headset. She later found that she could control all the Octobots created by Octavia Constructions.


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